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The Professionals

Season 1 Episode 4

Killer With a Long Arm

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 1978 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Killer With a Long Arm
CI5 become aware that an assassination plot on a group of visiting Greek Royals is being planned using a rifle that has a range of over two miles. But they must find out who is the gunman and what is his target - before it is too late.moreless

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  • Early episode from a show still finding it's feet

    Isn't it amazing how the world is about to be blown up yet Bodie or Doyle manage to find a girl to chat up.

    Fab shots of Wimbledon, it still looks the same today! I think I recognise the apartment block the final shoot out happens in.

    This is an interesting episode because it really shows the relationship between Bodie and Doyle and how much they like nad respect each other. Which is weird because Lewis Collins was brought in to play Doyle because he and MS did not get on. The producers wanted friction.

    Cowley is a crusty old bugger. Nice to see him keeping B&D in line.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Two famous London landmarks are shown here: firstly we see a few shots of Wimbledon, the renowned home of the annual tennis championships, and then later the Greek Royals are seen leaving Windsor Castle.

    • The super-rifle used is apparently a real weapon, a Russian-made Vostov model.

    • In the scarecrow scene, Bodie states that the villains couldn't have had time to check how accurate their shooting was, but of course Doyle had just found a Greek cigarette case directly next to the scarecrow.

    • This is a little bit of a cheat on The Pros' part: Georgi arrives in England via Dover port but the actual Hovercraft footage was said to be shot at Ramsgate instead.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Bodie: A bust in like that you're supposed to fire from the door!
      Doyle: And if I had fired from the door and missed, who was standing in the window?
      Bodie: Since when did you ever miss?

    • Cowley: Bodie, you move before I give you the go and I'll personally break both your arms.
      Bodie: ...OK. [to Doyle] Both your arms...

    • Bodie: I'm puzzled. If you thought we were off-duty, why'd you come looking for us in the rest room?
      Cowley: Because there's one thing you and I share, Bodie.
      Doyle: [muttering]: Same secretary.
      Cowley: Eh? We share an animal instinct. A nose for trouble. You too, Doyle. You can't teach it, you can't learn it. You've either got it or you haven't got it.

    • Bodie: It's a secretary's job. Or a job that needs a secretary. How 'bout Betty? Come on, let's get her along.
      Doyle: Oh, Betty's left. She left for home hours ago. Anyway, it'd ruin your concentration, starting a new romance now.
      Bodie: New? For an ex-cop you rate low in observation, Doyle.

    • Bodie: Now he didn't have to ask you to dance? I think you've offended him.
      Doyle: Should have seen me in my prime.
      Bodie: Seriously, Ray, you were great back there, you know. So cool, so in command. Good trick, that.
      Doyle: That's not a trick. It's just being… offensive.

    • Doyle: What do you know about Greeks, Bodie?
      Bodie: The fellas all dance together and the cops shave their heads.
      Doyle: They are a tight-knit community.
      Bodie: Yeah - ghetto time.
      Doyle: Don't knock it. Ghetto means being able to depend on your own kind.
      Bodie: So you and me are a mobile ghetto, eh?

    • Cowley [Threatening a prisoner with jail]: All those years wasted.
      Bodie: All those girls...

  • NOTES (2)