The Professionals

Season 1 Episode 9

When the Heat Cools Off

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 1978 on ITV
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When the Heat Cools Off
The daughter of a man inprisoned by Doyle six years ago when he was a Docklands policeman turns up, claiming to have new evidence which will exonerate her father. Doyle reluctantly agrees to reopen the case, but will his budding relationship with the girl cloud his judgement, and make even himself doubt whether he jailed the right man?moreless

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    Peter Hughes

    Peter Hughes

    Bill Haydon

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    Lalla Ward

    Lalla Ward


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    Bernard Kay

    Bernard Kay

    Harry Scott

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    Bridget Brice

    Bridget Brice


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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • Eagle-eyed car enthusiasts may have noticed that Haydon's Jaguar has a registration number that would place the date of registration as between August 1972 and July 1973.

      • Look out for Lewis Collins' on-screen joke in the scene where Bodie gives Doyle a drink and Martin Shaw literally chokes on it: he obviously wasn't expecting real alcohol!

      • Doyle mentions "that gymnast" for the first time. She is referred to again in the series two episode First Night.

      • Doyle explains to Bodie how there was a 'heatwave' in 1971, although the summer of 1971 was apparently one of the coldest the country has had!

      • The murders of Fitch and Parker took six years prior to the epsiode, but throughout the story there are continual references to "seven" years.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Cowley: I back my men to the hilt.
        Minister: Even if they are wrong?
        Cowley: Until they are proved wrong.

      • Doyle: I never knew you were such an outdoor type. I mean, fishing and Bodie: they don't exactly go together, do they? You know what I mean?
        Bodie: That's very wounding. I'm a deeply sensitive man with an enduring interest in the countryside. Besides, there's a pub down the road with two beautiful barmaids.
        Doyle: Oh, that kind of fishing.

      • Bodie: You're pleased with yourself, aren't you? Yeah, of course you are... Regular bloody Sherlock Holmes.
        Doyle: Yeah all right, don't hang about, put your foot down... Watson!

      • Bodie: Look, I don't know what this is about, but to hold a grudge —
        Doyle: He killed my partner. Syd Parker. A good copper and a good friend. Bill Haydon stuck a bullet right through the middle of him. Now tell me, Bodie, how would you feel about that?
        Bodie: I don't know.
        Doyle: Sorry mate.
        Bodie: That's OK.

      • Doyle: No, this is on me.
        Bodie: You paid last week.
        Doyle: Well, then you pay.
        Doyle's girlfriend: Will you two stop arguing?
        Doyle: Well you pay, then! That's settled, then. She's gonna pay. That'll teach you to keep your mouth shut.

      • Bodie: Have I ever let you down?
        Doyle: Yes you have, as a matter of fact... Now listen, this bird... She's not that gymnast is she? The big one? I don't want that anymore. I've had enough of that.
        Bodie: Yeah, well, never mind that.

    • NOTES (2)

      • The version usually shown of this episode still contains the original 'assault course' title sequence, the only episode of the first series to still have this.

      • The line where Doyle venomously exclaims, "Haydon, you murdering bastard" was edited out of the version broadcast by Granada Plus.

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