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Another good show bites the dust - why?

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    Another fun show to watch bites the dust. I need to stop watching TV, as too many shows that I start to enjoy then get canceled. Why? Is my taste so unique that no one else is watching these shows. If that was the case, then why when I talk to friends about them, they are also upset about the cancellations. Just a short list of shows I have enjoyed and then got canceled are:

    Rita Rocks
    Breaking In
    Better With You
    Nine Lives of Chloe King
    The Cape
    No Ordinary Family
    The Gates
    The Event
    The Good Guys
    Tower Prep
    Human Target
    Unnatural History
    Working Class

    and I do mean short list of these types of shows. I have probably another 50 in this category of good shows that disappear.

    Then they make shows such as Revenge or Ringer. I tried both of these, watched a couple episodes of each and found them so horrible I couldn't finish any of them before I fast forwarded and then just deleted them from the DVR. There are so many other of this type currently that are not only on but continue season after season and then they make similarly painful shows. Such as Parenthood, Gossip Girl, The Lying Game, Community, Secret Life of a Teenage Girl, Parks & Rec, The Office (one of my all time hated shows). Why must they continue to make such crap?

    Then you have the kooky shows that maybe start somewhat interesting for the first show or two, sometimes even a season, but continue to get weirder and weirder as the stories progress. You try and hang on since initially they had a spark of interest, but then after 2 or 3 seasons you wonder why you even bothered and wasted time with watching them. This type are: Big Love, Hung, The Big C, Scrubs, Pushing Daisies, Samantha Who and Brothers & Sisters.

    Then there are all the non-enjoyment shows, I believe everyone considers this as Reality TV and I consider filler and a waste of time and resources. Not only are the shows horrible, but you get to experience the worst examples of human nature, because all they want is to be a star. These shows are X-Factor, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars (and really?!? - the majority of that cast being D-List celebs, if even that good, are considered stars?), The Real World, Biggest Loser, The Bachelor (et al), and The Apprentice. YUCK! I hate any of that type of show. Then you have the bane of civilized culture, which with this example of television, are shows without any form of positive culture, such as Kendra, the Kardashians, John & Kate or Kate and ... and the list can go on.

    A similar premise are the DIY shows, and I don't mean them as the fix-it up/designer type shows. This type are shows such as: Bridezillas, The Real Housewives (et al), The Bad Girls Club, Toddlers & Tiaras, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Jersey Shore, Big Brother, and Down-sized. Here I mean the DIY to stand as example for people who watch these shows and see the worst in human nature and personal involvement with others, then think, because they have seen such horrible things happen on a show, that it entitles them to 'Do It Yourself' when dealing with society. All this has led to too many individuals having a feeling of entitlement and the usage, to excess, of poor judgment and bad behaviour. Because they have seen (if only on a TV show) this same behaviour then why shouldn't they be able to do the exact same thing in their lives? Want to sensationalize your child and start them on a life of over-zealous and inappropriate behaviour, put them on Toddlers & Tiaras. Need to take advantage of your family in the hopes that their pain and suffering will bring you fame and fortune, then you need to be on Real Housewives. Want to manipulate other people, backstab, lie and do morally deficient acts, then you should be on Survivor or Big Brother. Want to feel like a celebrity, all you have to do is get a severe drug or alcohol addiction, though you could also go for excessive plastic surgery and body issues, or become a sex-aholic, then you can be like the 'stars' of Celebrity Rehab. Want to NOT take responsibility for your own financial actions, waste your money nor take any responsibility when it comes to your family, then you really should have your own show similar to Down-Sized.

    The perfect example of how DIY shows effect the public, is the 'Balloon Boy' family from Colorado. That very expensive and morally bankrupt stunt was done because daddy was hoping to get a reality series for himself and the family. He only wanted to be a star, what was wrong with that? It only involved him having his own wife and children lie to authorities, have local companies and individuals volunteer their time and resources, have emergency services rush to the event to help with the safe recovery of the boy. Shouldn't he be entitled to that? Now can you imagine the entitlement issues these children will have being brought up by this father? Once grown and have started their own adult lives and possibly having children, what level of entitlement will that next generation expect? All of this due to the advent of the the reality series.

    The last type of show I'm going to mention is the procedural dramas. This type can go either way. I enjoy the ones that focus more on character development and interesting story lines. The bad ones are the type that focus on the violence or disturbing graphic story lines that are portrayed just because of their shocking nature. Enjoyed shows are: Castle, Hawaii Five-O, In Plain Sight, Body of Proof, Bones, The Mentalist, and Harry's Law and the occasional NCIS. These all have strong characters and focus more on the character to character actions not the crime or violence that occurred. The poor examples of this type are CSI (et al), Cold Case, Criminal Minds, and Law & Order (et al), as these just focus on the shocking and gruesome. I personally don't think going into graphic detail of how someone is killed, the violence involved, the splashes of blood across the room or watching the detailed autopsies happen make for good TV. All it makes is disturbing imagery that has to be dealt with somehow, but usually during sleep and the resulting nightmares. Real life is gruesome enough, must they add to it in this way? The worst show of this sort is Dexter. The series Dexter, as well as a similar subject matter in the movie Se7en have no redeeming qualities. All they do is show horrendous violent act and portrayed in the most graphic and disturbing way. My view of these are they were never made for enjoyment but instead should be seen as a "how-to" guide for the potential serial killer. Do we really need to know in such detail how the serial killer harms his victims, not to mention in Dexter, how to hide such crimes from the police so you won't get caught?

    I am so frustrated with the Networks, the actors, the producers, the directors and the writers. I understand they have to try to earn the all mighty dollar. Though the dollar is not as mighty as it once was - and maybe these poor choices in the entertainment industry have contributed to the drop in our financial future. It seems the shows are all written/produced to appeal to the Lowest Common Denominator of society. What ever happened to making a more intelligent show that allows society to rise to the challenge instead of having us put on the dunce cap and drop our IQ just so the show can be enjoyed to some extent What's the saying, "Stupid is as stupid does". So if you write for 'stupid', then all you'll have as an audience is the 'stupid'. How about creating something that does require a bit of thought and brain power. The Protector wasn't perfect, but at least it tried to make you think and required some analytical deduction while watching. It could have been more, but it still was higher then most shows.

    The other poor thing many shows do now is they have a show, it's good, but they decide it can be better, so they introduce change after change until they destroy the initial premise and the enjoyable features of the show, leaving something that should be cancelled. The "Jump the Shark" episode used to happen in the 4th or later season of a series to revitalize interest. Now you can see not only one 'Shark' episode within the first season, but you might even see two or three. Then the execs wonder why they have lost their initial demograph/audience member. It's no wonder they lost their audience, they are no longer writing to it, they are writing only for prospectus viewers not actual ones.

    So all of this ranting is just to state, bring back 'The Protector'. It was an enjoyable show. The characters were interesting. The potential for growth of the characters and story lines was available. I'm not a big fan of procedural cop dramas, but this one I enjoyed immensely because it showed the more personal side of its characters instead of getting caught up with the gadgets and toys of crime solving. What's wrong with a feel good cop show? Look at Castle (another show I enjoy), I would characterize that show and this one as being similar because it looks at each character and their development, not the crime or violence of the crime.

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