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thoughts/mini review

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    Since most of my normal shows are off the air, I figured I'd give this one a whirl to fill the crime drama gaps. It's actually not too shabby as a cookie-cutter, Law & Order-esque type of show.

    It's definitely less "gritty" than some of the more modern stuff (not much blood & guts, and more family scenes for character dev)... but it still gets the job done as a typical crime drama/whodunit/find the bad guy/etc. If you are looking for a slightly more tame show and/or just something to fill the time, this should fit the bill pretty well. Just dont expect any surprises, this one is purely by-the-book as far as plotlines and interactions go.

    Another note is how Ally Walker seems to hardly change over the years - she seems exactly how I remember her from The Profiler. It also has quite a few recognizable faces as cast and/or guest stars - including actors from The Shield, Bones, Blue Bloods, Robocop, etc.

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