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  • Classic British TV series - international intrigue and action packed into half an hour.

    I remember first seeing this series (dubbed in Spanish) on Venezuelan television (and in black and white!) when I was growing up. Very fast paced show, but at only half an hour per episode, very little was done to really flesh out the cast of characters or the Protectors Organization.

    The theme song is a personal favorite of mine. Surprisingly, it became a hit on Britain's music charts, some thirty years after the show's run ended.

    Kudos to A&E for bringing this classic - some may call it a cult - TV show from the archives. While it appears somewhat dated (1970s), the writing of the series was superb.
  • An acquired taste.

    As I wrote over at IMDB, this series almost worked. It came close. Alas, as we all know about being "close", horseshoes, and handgrenades . . . . The result is a missed opportunity. Robert Vaughn and Nyree Dawn Porter showed flashes of on screen chemistry. But the show's 25 minutes runtime meant clipped scripts, a minimum of character development, and outright indifference among the cast by the time the series ended. It's no accident that the two-parter episode, WAM, is probably the best of the The Protectors lot.

    But one thing will never be forgotten. The theme song and its lyrics:

    "In the avenues and alley-ways Where the soul of man is easy to buy, Everybody's wheelin', everybody's dealin' All the low are living high.

    "Every city's got 'em, Can we ever stop 'em? Some of us are gonna try."

    It's one of those things so annoying and yet so imprintable that once you hear it, you'll never be able to get it out of your head. I haven't, and I've been trying to do so for more than three decades.
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