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The Proud Family

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How embarrassing must it be to have a crazy family? Only 14-year-old Penny Proud knows what that's like, with her over-protective Dad Oscar, her over-loving but wacky Mom Trudy, her funny Grandma Suga Mama, and twin siblings Bee Bee and Cee Cee. Then there are her friends - her best girl Dijonay Jones, her geeky friend Zoey, her popular, yet not-all-the-time friend LaCienega, her cool, "with-it" friend Sticky, plus the Gross Sisters bullying everyone...Penny Proud has ALOT of stuff on her hands. Reruns of The Proud Family can be seen daily on Disney Channel at 3:00am EST. The Proud Family Theme Song What? You and me will always be tight Family every single day and night Even when you starts acting like a fool You know I'm loving every single thing you do I know that I can always be myself Around you more than anybody else And everyday after school You know there's no one I love just what you do Family a family Proud Family They'll make you scream Make you wanna sing Its a family thing A family Proud proud family Proud Family They'll push your buttons Make you wanna hug 'em Big family A family A proud proud familymoreless
Kyla Pratt

Kyla Pratt

Penny Proud

Tommy Davidson

Tommy Davidson

Oscar Proud

Paula Jai Parker

Paula Jai Parker

Trudy Proud

Jo Marie Payton

Jo Marie Payton

Suga Mama

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Bebe Proud/Cece Proud/Puff the Poodle

Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia

Felix Boulevardez

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  • One of Disney Channel's best classics

    That's all I can say.
  • Give Credit when it is due

    This was an awesome show, so many of stuff to say about this show but Family Guy and American Dad talk about raping kids, killing each other and underage sex and that show is still on. It's amazing how people take little small details and blow it out of proportion,The Proud Family had a meaning behind everything they did. It was teaching kids lessons from left to right. These comments are really pissing me off because I am a major fan of this show. Being that they took it off of Disney Channel and Centric that's my only option if I want to see the show. Nobody wants a black good cartoon show on TV because they want white people to dominate that field just like everything else. I mean what do we have for little kids nowadays as far as African American cartoons? Not much of anything. If you want to talk about race let's talk about that. You people need to go find something else to talk aboutmoreless
  • Stereotypical garbage

    Everyone on this show is a stereotype. Trudy is an abusive wife (this is obviously played for laughs) and sugar mama is a terrible mother who obviously plays favorites. The twins are an unnecessary addition to the show and are only there for Penny to not be allowed to go out with her friends. Everybody in their city is an idiot or an asshole or a mix of both.

    Penny has the worst friends ever who will ditch her in at the drop of a dime. Dijonay is a horrible black stereotype who is an unreliable friend. One episode had her drop off her 50 brothers and sisters to go out to a party. In one episode Penny's twin siblings once grew to her age (some wish or something) And they were assholes to her for no reason. LaCienega Is such a bitch. Zoey is also the nerdy white stereotype who tries o hang out with black people. She's also a bitch to Penny just not as many times as Dijonay or LaCienega. The only character I can tolerate is Sticky because he barely says anything. Bobby is an annoying black stereotype. Sugar mama is an annoying stereotype who is a bitch to Oscar and favors Bobby (What makes this sad is the fact that this is played for laughs) Trudy is an abusive wife (apparently, abuse is only okay when it's female on to Oscar. Oscar is no better. He is not funny and he is just a failure at everything and an asshole who shots every shot at love that penny has. even the nerdy boy Myron, is an asshole. Penny is the only okay person on the show. she can be a spoiled brat at times but she always learns her lesson. In all honestly the show has had some very good and heartwarming episodes and funny moments but it's all brought down by horrible asshole characters

    This show is garbage and a disgrace to black people

    final score 1/10 title: ASSHOLE SHOWmoreless
  • It's okay when you're a kid, but there's not always a lot to be proud of

    Back in the day, "The Proud Family" was one of the animated staples of the Disney Channel, and when you're a kid or an animation buff (I was both of those things at the time), that works. But looking back now as an adult, this show, particularly the characters' dynamics, are definitely flawed. And not flawed in a good way.

    "The Proud Family" tells the story of fourteen-year-old Penny Proud and her "wacky" family, and all the hijinks they get involved with in their everyday lives. On paper, this seems like an interesting premise. Plus, the majority of the characters are African-American; interesting idea, nice change of pace. But then you get to the actual that's where things begin to fall apart.

    For a majority of the episodes, the main premise is that Penny runs into some kind of injustice, and attempts to fight back against it with varying results. Yes, sometimes Penny doesn't necessarily succeed in what she's trying to do; that's not really a bad lesson to learn, because I think it's important for people to learn that you're not going to succeed in everything. The plots aren't what give this show problems. Like I said, the main problem lies in the characters and, characterization.

    First of all, there's Penny's family. Penny's dad, Oscar, is an aspiring food manufacturer whose signature snack, "Proud Snacks," aren't good at all. Oscar is slightly sympathetic because he's completely dominated by his wife, Trudy, and mother, Suga Mama (who also clearly favors Oscar's older brother over him), and is the main victim of slapstick in the series. Despite this, Oscar is clearly no saint either; he is way too overprotective of Penny, shooting down every potential relationship she tries to have with a boy, even claiming she can't date "until after she's Yes, dads not wanting their daughters to date is one thing, but Oscar takes it way too far. Meanwhile, Trudy can be a good mother, but she's also far from perfect. She sees nothing wrong with punching out Oscar whenever he does something she doesn't approve of. That's another problem with this show: the rampant use of double standards. If Trudy is seen with a good-looking man, that's fine, but if Oscar so much as looks at another woman, he's immediately punished for it. What?

    Then there's Suga Mama. Now, for the most part, Suga Mama's a pretty cool character. But even so, there's no ignoring the fact that she also has no problem pushing around Oscar and making it clear that she favors Oscar's party animal brother, Bobby. This seems to play into that "abuse is okay if it's female-on-male" thing, and that's no better than the other way around.

    Finally, there's Penny's so-called friends, if they can even be called that. They claim to be Penny's friends, and yet they have no qualms about abandoning Penny and going off to their own devices. Dijonay once left Penny with all her out-of-control brothers and sisters so she could sneak into a concert. LaCienega is the resident mean girl who's just as likely to be Penny's enemy. Even shy, bookworm Zoey was willing to ditch Penny when she (Penny) was training for a spelling bee, calling her "dork" on the way out!

    Now, there are some exceptions to these examples. There are some episodes that are genuinely good and heartwarming episodes, like the Christmas episode, or the episode where Penny befriends a tiger, or when LaCienega's family has to stay with the Prouds after a fire. But still, there's no denying that these characters are far from saints. Penny's parents mean well, but they can sometimes be way too strict with her, and Suga Mama's behavior towards Oscar doesn't help. Meanwhile, Penny's friends aren't really good friends, and could very well ditch her at the drop of a hat.

    If there's nothing else on, you could probably find some enjoyment out of "The Proud Like I said, there are one or two gems to be found. But if you're looking for likable and sympathetic you're probably not going to find them in this show.moreless
  • I hope I never see a family like this in my life

    In an attempt to make a new teen sitcom, Disney decided to change pace by instead of a live action they go for an animated teen sitcom and the results are disastrous and was such a waste. The Proud Family centers around a young girl named Penny Proud and her crazy family. She goes through typical teen problems with her family, school, and friends. So at firs the show sounds like any other teen show, but it fails in more ways then one. The show's major problem has to be the fact that most of the characters on this show are just unlikable. Penny is one of the few likable characters who tries to help others, but is always being back stabbed, and is treated miserably by her family. In every episode she's always treated so harshly by everyone. Her dad, Oscar, is never allowing her to date, the mom, Trudy, is overcritical of her, and she has her on a tight leash, and the grandma, Sugar Mama, is usually of no help most of the time. Oscar is somewhat sympathetic since he is always being bullied by his own family, and never seems to have support, but most of the time he is a jerk to everyone, and is spineless, and is pushed around easily. He is also too strict on Penny and being with a boy. He always ruins every relationship Penny tries to have with a boy, and I understand protection, but honestly he goes to far. Trudy is way too bossy most of the time. She may act nice every now and then, but is mostly a bossy woman who wants things her way. Sugar Mama is the only other likable family member. She acts really cool, and is pretty awesome with her tough attitude, but sometimes she acts harsh especially to Oscar for some reason. Penny's friends (can't remember them all) are portrayed as back stabbing jerks who never stick with Penny. Whenever Penny is in trouble her friends abandon her and run off. They also turn their back on her a lot, and are never there for her most of the time. Lacienaga is a stuck up jerk, Deejaney is a girl who thinks she's all that, but isn't and is way too sassy. Sticky is OK, but not that supportive of Penny, and Zoe is just acceptable, and rather the same as Sticky. In every episode all the characters act like jerks, and everyone comes off as selfish and whiny jerks. There is no real likability to these characters. The plots are decent, but in every episode it's pretty much the same, it's just Penny being mistreated and fights the injustice. There may be some variety every now and then, but not enough. The humor is full of one liners and gags that while some are pretty funny, most are rather dull, and come off as stupid. The artwork is OK, but the characters are drawn rather weird and their proportions are weird to look at. The animation is stiff though, and choppy most of the time. Overall The Proud Family has too many problems in it, and was just a waste of effort. I will credit it for being an animated teen show and not another live action one, but it just didn't work for many reasons. The characters are unlikable, the stories are predictable, the humor is bland, and the animation is terrible. This show may have it's merits, but this is one family that you may never want to get a chance to know or even see.moreless

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