The Proud Family

Season 2 Episode 6

Hooray for Iesha

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 03, 2003 on Disney Channel



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  • Quotes

    • Oscar: Trudy!
      Suga Mama: What now?
      Oscar: I asked for Trudy, not Howdy Doody. Haha!

    • Sunny Stevens: Look, Ramon, you may play my daddy, but you are not my daddy, and if it wasn't for me, you would still be doing "A Soldier's Story" off-off-off-OFF- Broadway!

    • Oscar: I'll deal with you later, terminator.

    • Voice: Warning these flames are real.
      Oscar: Those flames are not real!
      (Oscar sticks his hand in the flames and is burned to a crisp)
      Oscar: See,nothing happened
      (Oscar disintegrates)
      Oscar: Trudy, call the doctor.

    • Suga Mama: (After Trudy forces Oscar to get Penny off of the billboard) Trudy, this probably isn't a good time to tell you, but Oscar is scared of heights, water, his shadow...

    • Dijonay:Oh no you didn't!

  • Notes

    • The plot of this episode is about the show Iesha, which is cancelled without resolving the previous seasons cliff hanger ending, with Iesha's little brother running away. This is almost exactly how Moesha ended, with Miles (Moesha's brother) being kidnapped and one of Moesha & her three female roommates being pregnant. Also, Iesha's Dad and brother resemble Moesha's Dad & brother.

    • When Penny is on tv you see a family at home watching it. This family is the White family who appear in The Seven Days of Kwanzaa. Obviously they made their lives work out.

    • Iesha is Moesha on UPN
      My Momma and Me is The Parkers
      Two for Two is One on One
      Soul Sisters is Girlfriends
      The Hughleys

  • Allusions

    • Oscar: I'll deal with you later,terminator.
      Oscar is referring to the Terminator trilogy starring Arnold Shwarzenegger.

    • Sonny(Iesha): Let them hire Beyonce
      Beyonce Knowles is a singer in the band "Destiny's Child"