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  • Great show

    This was the show that gave disney channel a name
  • One of Disney Channel's best classics

    That's all I can say.
  • Give Credit when it is due

    This was an awesome show, so many of stuff to say about this show but Family Guy and American Dad talk about raping kids, killing each other and underage sex and that show is still on. It's amazing how people take little small details and blow it out of proportion,The Proud Family had a meaning behind everything they did. It was teaching kids lessons from left to right. These comments are really pissing me off because I am a major fan of this show. Being that they took it off of Disney Channel and Centric that's my only option if I want to see the show. Nobody wants a black good cartoon show on TV because they want white people to dominate that field just like everything else. I mean what do we have for little kids nowadays as far as African American cartoons? Not much of anything. If you want to talk about race let's talk about that. You people need to go find something else to talk about
  • Stereotypical garbage

    Everyone on this show is a stereotype. Trudy is an abusive wife (this is obviously played for laughs) and sugar mama is a terrible mother who obviously plays favorites. The twins are an unnecessary addition to the show and are only there for Penny to not be allowed to go out with her friends. Everybody in their city is an idiot or an asshole or a mix of both.

    Penny has the worst friends ever who will ditch her in at the drop of a dime. Dijonay is a horrible black stereotype who is an unreliable friend. One episode had her drop off her 50 brothers and sisters to go out to a party. In one episode Penny's twin siblings once grew to her age (some wish or something) And they were assholes to her for no reason. LaCienega Is such a bitch. Zoey is also the nerdy white stereotype who tries o hang out with black people. She's also a bitch to Penny just not as many times as Dijonay or LaCienega. The only character I can tolerate is Sticky because he barely says anything. Bobby is an annoying black stereotype. Sugar mama is an annoying stereotype who is a bitch to Oscar and favors Bobby (What makes this sad is the fact that this is played for laughs) Trudy is an abusive wife (apparently, abuse is only okay when it's female on to Oscar. Oscar is no better. He is not funny and he is just a failure at everything and an asshole who shots every shot at love that penny has. even the nerdy boy Myron, is an asshole. Penny is the only okay person on the show. she can be a spoiled brat at times but she always learns her lesson. In all honestly the show has had some very good and heartwarming episodes and funny moments but it's all brought down by horrible asshole characters

    This show is garbage and a disgrace to black people

    final score 1/10 title: ASSHOLE SHOW
  • It's okay when you're a kid, but there's not always a lot to be proud of

    Back in the day, "The Proud Family" was one of the animated staples of the Disney Channel, and when you're a kid or an animation buff (I was both of those things at the time), that works. But looking back now as an adult, this show, particularly the characters' dynamics, are definitely flawed. And not flawed in a good way.

    "The Proud Family" tells the story of fourteen-year-old Penny Proud and her "wacky" family, and all the hijinks they get involved with in their everyday lives. On paper, this seems like an interesting premise. Plus, the majority of the characters are African-American; interesting idea, nice change of pace. But then you get to the actual that's where things begin to fall apart.

    For a majority of the episodes, the main premise is that Penny runs into some kind of injustice, and attempts to fight back against it with varying results. Yes, sometimes Penny doesn't necessarily succeed in what she's trying to do; that's not really a bad lesson to learn, because I think it's important for people to learn that you're not going to succeed in everything. The plots aren't what give this show problems. Like I said, the main problem lies in the characters and, characterization.

    First of all, there's Penny's family. Penny's dad, Oscar, is an aspiring food manufacturer whose signature snack, "Proud Snacks," aren't good at all. Oscar is slightly sympathetic because he's completely dominated by his wife, Trudy, and mother, Suga Mama (who also clearly favors Oscar's older brother over him), and is the main victim of slapstick in the series. Despite this, Oscar is clearly no saint either; he is way too overprotective of Penny, shooting down every potential relationship she tries to have with a boy, even claiming she can't date "until after she's Yes, dads not wanting their daughters to date is one thing, but Oscar takes it way too far. Meanwhile, Trudy can be a good mother, but she's also far from perfect. She sees nothing wrong with punching out Oscar whenever he does something she doesn't approve of. That's another problem with this show: the rampant use of double standards. If Trudy is seen with a good-looking man, that's fine, but if Oscar so much as looks at another woman, he's immediately punished for it. What?

    Then there's Suga Mama. Now, for the most part, Suga Mama's a pretty cool character. But even so, there's no ignoring the fact that she also has no problem pushing around Oscar and making it clear that she favors Oscar's party animal brother, Bobby. This seems to play into that "abuse is okay if it's female-on-male" thing, and that's no better than the other way around.

    Finally, there's Penny's so-called friends, if they can even be called that. They claim to be Penny's friends, and yet they have no qualms about abandoning Penny and going off to their own devices. Dijonay once left Penny with all her out-of-control brothers and sisters so she could sneak into a concert. LaCienega is the resident mean girl who's just as likely to be Penny's enemy. Even shy, bookworm Zoey was willing to ditch Penny when she (Penny) was training for a spelling bee, calling her "dork" on the way out!

    Now, there are some exceptions to these examples. There are some episodes that are genuinely good and heartwarming episodes, like the Christmas episode, or the episode where Penny befriends a tiger, or when LaCienega's family has to stay with the Prouds after a fire. But still, there's no denying that these characters are far from saints. Penny's parents mean well, but they can sometimes be way too strict with her, and Suga Mama's behavior towards Oscar doesn't help. Meanwhile, Penny's friends aren't really good friends, and could very well ditch her at the drop of a hat.

    If there's nothing else on, you could probably find some enjoyment out of "The Proud Like I said, there are one or two gems to be found. But if you're looking for likable and sympathetic you're probably not going to find them in this show.
  • I hope I never see a family like this in my life

    In an attempt to make a new teen sitcom, Disney decided to change pace by instead of a live action they go for an animated teen sitcom and the results are disastrous and was such a waste. The Proud Family centers around a young girl named Penny Proud and her crazy family. She goes through typical teen problems with her family, school, and friends. So at firs the show sounds like any other teen show, but it fails in more ways then one. The show's major problem has to be the fact that most of the characters on this show are just unlikable. Penny is one of the few likable characters who tries to help others, but is always being back stabbed, and is treated miserably by her family. In every episode she's always treated so harshly by everyone. Her dad, Oscar, is never allowing her to date, the mom, Trudy, is overcritical of her, and she has her on a tight leash, and the grandma, Sugar Mama, is usually of no help most of the time. Oscar is somewhat sympathetic since he is always being bullied by his own family, and never seems to have support, but most of the time he is a jerk to everyone, and is spineless, and is pushed around easily. He is also too strict on Penny and being with a boy. He always ruins every relationship Penny tries to have with a boy, and I understand protection, but honestly he goes to far. Trudy is way too bossy most of the time. She may act nice every now and then, but is mostly a bossy woman who wants things her way. Sugar Mama is the only other likable family member. She acts really cool, and is pretty awesome with her tough attitude, but sometimes she acts harsh especially to Oscar for some reason. Penny's friends (can't remember them all) are portrayed as back stabbing jerks who never stick with Penny. Whenever Penny is in trouble her friends abandon her and run off. They also turn their back on her a lot, and are never there for her most of the time. Lacienaga is a stuck up jerk, Deejaney is a girl who thinks she's all that, but isn't and is way too sassy. Sticky is OK, but not that supportive of Penny, and Zoe is just acceptable, and rather the same as Sticky. In every episode all the characters act like jerks, and everyone comes off as selfish and whiny jerks. There is no real likability to these characters. The plots are decent, but in every episode it's pretty much the same, it's just Penny being mistreated and fights the injustice. There may be some variety every now and then, but not enough. The humor is full of one liners and gags that while some are pretty funny, most are rather dull, and come off as stupid. The artwork is OK, but the characters are drawn rather weird and their proportions are weird to look at. The animation is stiff though, and choppy most of the time. Overall The Proud Family has too many problems in it, and was just a waste of effort. I will credit it for being an animated teen show and not another live action one, but it just didn't work for many reasons. The characters are unlikable, the stories are predictable, the humor is bland, and the animation is terrible. This show may have it's merits, but this is one family that you may never want to get a chance to know or even see.
  • :) the proud family

    Please put that show back on disney channel I LOVE THE PROUD FAMILY!!!!!!!
  • It' Was OK

    It isn't the best show but It was pretty good. I didn't see the whole movie though.
  • This Show isn't for Everyone

    The Proud Family is a clever show that provides a fun balance between wit, slapstick and family issues.

    At least that's how I see it.

    While many people may find the show tiring, boresome, annoying, cruel, etc... i personally found it a lot of fun and never found it too out of control, but I can completely see why others wouldn't like it as much.

    It's your basic family sitcom (in cartoon form) at first glance, but what seperates it from other cartoon family sitcoms is that it, as mentioned, sticks to it's cartoon roots with the use of slapstick.

    It features Penny Proud, the overprotected daughter of Oscar Proud. Trudy is the caring, laid-back wife and mother. Suga Momma is the mother of Oscar and provides numerous laughs for the show. Penny's friends are also fun to watch and, overall, the characters are fun and interesting.

    The humour can vary from pure witty, sitcom inspired humour to cartoony slapskick and blends it well in each episode. It takes everyday situations and makes them a much bigger deal than they should be, not unlike a teenager (Penny) would do. Despite what many people say, even though this family has many problems, the writers still make the viewers aware that the family loves each other. They have a lot more 'touching family moments' in the show than you would think.

    The animation is also very fun. It's very fast-paced and each character looks different from one another. I'm also a fan of the smooth lines and colours.

    To some, this show may come off as a tad grading, but I find it rather refreshing and funny.
  • Are they proud of being a bad family?

    This is one of the most stereotypical cartoon that went out of control. That family has a big problem in their sides.

    Plot: The Proud family, a one affluent family. They solve their own problems and and make stuff and fun for themselves. At school, at everywhere, they solve the problems that comes in their way. Kinda ironic that this family has their own problems. BIG problems.

    Characters: They are very irritating, some of them are talkative. The characters are noisy like they always taking some speed or stimulants. They got real problems. Some won't shut for just seconds. Voices are okay, but they are using it to annoy someone.

    Humor: Relies on noise and anything. Instead this show is agitating for it's problems.

    Art: Okay. Animation, fair.

    Overall: Due to it's EXCESSIVE annoyance, I'll give it a 2.

  • Great show

    This is a great show, but really bothers me is that I notice a bit of stereotypicalness. For example; Lacienega is lucky in her life, becuase she is beautiful and rich. Penny always stands up for herself and always ends up winning an argument or winning a battle between someone. Dijonay is a backstabber and instead, should look out more for Penny. In my opinion; I think Zoey should be Penny's best girl; she's made some mistakes, but not the kind of mistakes that Dijonay and Lacienega have made. Zoey is the one who is mostly supporting all of Penny's decisons and opinions; next to Sticky. But, her two other friends, couldn't care less. I understand Lacienega; but Dijonay should know better. Another thing that bothers me is Trudy. I know there are some Trudy fans on this forum and I'm sorry if I'm saying this that might offend anyone. But sometimes; she is the reason why problems are always getting bigger. She forces Oscar to do something that he does not want to do and just because she is the wife; Trudy thinks that she can walk all over him, just to get her own way. If Penny doesn't want to have the Gross Sisters at her party; Trudy, you do not treat your daughter badly about her opinion. If Oscar does not want to go furniture shopping; leave him alone! If Oscar says something that you don't like Trudy; get over it! If Penny does not want to babysit; leave her alone. All she wants to do is hang out with her friends. You do not threaten her to babysit, while being punished. Otherwise, all you got now are three problems. A girl complaining and two babies crying. Suga Mama; Oscar is your son, deal with it! Bobby is his older brother and could sing; big deal. Oscar tries so hard to help his family, stop insulting him! Penny; you are not a cool kid; get that out of your head. Myran might not be one of your closest friends; well you are not perfect either. In my opinion; if you think Myran is bad; than you are worse. As for Oscar; he's made mistakes and there were times where he has been a jerk. But,he has nothing in his life; all he ever gets is torture, threats and insults. I think that Oscar is not a bad person; he just needs a better environment to live in. If you want my advice, Oscar; divorce Trudy and take the kids with you. Don't give up on your Proud Snax; just continue to be yourself. Otherwise, this show is pretty good and I'm sorry if this review might be a bit harsh, so please forgive me.
  • Wasn't the best Disney Channel animated show,but was still good

    Kim Possible was one of Disney Channel's best animated shows ever,however,during that time,Disney decided to do a test and turn a teen sitcom and a black comedy into an animated sitcom,and it didn't really fail,but it wasn't great or anything. The Proud Family is about Penny Proud (Yes,their last names are Proud) and her family going through modern life itself,and Penny tries to put up with her embarrassing family. It sounds like a terrible idea,but the show's result ended up pretty good. The animation is OK,but it's not bad though. But seriously,why does it look like cutted out paper? As for the characters,while some of them are bad,the rest are good characters. Penny is the main character who is nice and friendly,but I feel sorry for her life. She can also act selfish at times,and I wouldn't blame her. Her family overprotect her waayyy too much. Oscar is the dad,and he sucks at being father. Seriously,why won't he let Penny have a date,despite the fact she's a teenager? And is annoying at times,and even gets bullied. The mom (Forgot her name) is a bit better than Oscar,and is not over protective. Suga Mama,however,was my favorite member of the family. She is the most funniest of the family,and is like a combine of Big Momma from Big Momma's House and Madea,except she is not a boy in disguise. Penny's friends may be jerks,but what's hilrailous about them is the fact that whenever Penny's in trouble,they leave her and not help. They may be jerks for doing that,but it's hilrailous how they do that. But something that's really confusing,there are characters that are the color blue. Why? Who thought it was a great idea to color these characters blue? I also love the running gag how we never see Mr Wizard's face. Overall,Proud Family was a good way for a teen sitcom to turn animated,but wasn't one of Disney Channel's best cartoons ever.
  • Great show

    The Proud Family is a great show that features an African American family's life. Penny Proud is the main character who is a 14 year old teenage girl experiencing the ordinary life events that many teenage girls must face through. School is a big deal. Getting good grades and having a good support system through family and friends and some of the messages. Although, there is bullying and disloyalty amongst friends in this show. Sometimes I would feel sorry for Penny for choosing the friends that she chose. I like Oscar Proud and Suga Momma in this show, because they often have funny skits with one another. The voice acting is good in this show.
  • It was good on the first run, but then it got downhill during the later seasons.

    The Proud Family is basically an animated sitcom of an African American family living together and dealing with life, but with some humor and animated slapstick in the mix. I kind of liked it during the first and second season because of Oscar Proud's antics always getting him into trouble, but now it seems that the Oscar bashing jokes are taking this a bit too far. I mean, he nearly got killed by some rowdy babies, for crying out loud! Also, I think the real reason behind the show's end was because every character has many demands that they always take out their frustrations on someone. Also, Trudy Proud may have been sweet in the first season, but now she has become into "the man" that she always uses Oscar as a scapegoat. Oh, and Suga Mama is pretty cool, but she should really treat Oscar as an equal rather than a punching bag. So all and all, this show is okay, but these flaws are kind of the real reason why some people hate this show so much.
  • I love this show!

    Meet the proud family! This show is always great with the neatest episodes that always catch my interest! I remember Oscar and sugar mama! Sugar mama also has a dog with her that looks to be some type of white dog. Penny (who is the main character of this show) hangs out with her friends a lot too! Sometimes there are problems though that involves the family, or there is some trouble at school, like bullies who try to mooch off other kids by collecting their cash, these three examples would be the gross sisters. Penny also has two siblings to take care of sometimes by baby sitting. Overall this is a fabulous show, i remember seeing some episodes, and all of them were great along with great characters, voice actors and settings for this show! this was another fabulous gem Disney Channel had a few years ago and more. Though this show was actually canceled a while ago, back in 2005. Another excellent (and one of the few) animated shows that is now sadly canceled. I will miss it, because this was a show that was on my favorites list (and BAMW and TBOM were great animated shows Disney Channel ha in my opinion.) An awesome animated show that should be brought back some way somehow sometime. The Proud Family is also a classic that was so much fun!
  • The Proud Family was a funny, family show that needs to be brought back.

    Personally, I loved the Proud Family. I honestly don't know why they cancelled it. It was a great family show that involved comedy and showed the life of 14-year old Penny Proud and her over-protective dad, typical mom, funny and spunky grandmother, two younger siblings, and her friends. They really should bring it back. I can't think of anything bad that you can say about the show. A lot of people watched it including me, my family, and my friends. The movie was pretty good but the show was even better. It was one of my favorite animated shows to watch and I still watch it today.
  • A horrid show.

    This is a horrid show; it negatively portrays people, especial black ones. Who ever thought of this show should take a visit to the REAL WORLD and see how wrongly they portray the characters. Whenever I catch a clip of this show, there may be a small joke that I'm embarrassed to laugh at, let alone watch. I can't believe that Disney actually approves of this show, the way it portrays people, the lowbrow humor, and the message it sends to children, all black people are poor, and mostly stupid and/or rappers. This show should be banned from television and have all positive traces of it destroyed.
  • They still show this on AFN?

    This is an okay show but if you ask me I'm really annoyed at the characters they are so friggin' annoying! Okay we'll start off with the obvious annoying

    Penny Proud: Now she is the most annoying character eva she is so stupid! Her dad asked her "If your friends jumped off a cliff would you do it too?" and she responded and I quote, "If it was fun." WTF? Jumping off a cliff is not fun at all! That's so stupid!

    Dijonay Jones: has proved several times that she is not Penny's real friend! So I guess they got the idea from so person that proved to one of the creators of one of their fake friends or something like that.

    Zoey: she is a nerd, and she is so annoying. LaCienega Boulevardez: She is so annoying and stuck up. Especially the time she could have sung with her idol Alicia Keys! I would have taken the contract, and sung with my idol instead of letting another person do it. She could've been more richer than show was before!

    Felix Boulevardez: ? That's all I got to say.

    Oscar Proud: Oscaaaaaar! Would you stop saying Trudy's name?!?

    Trudy Proud: Stop staying Oscar do this, or Oscar do this.

    Suga Mama: Ha, Ha, your son cracks jokes about how old, ugly, fat, etc. you are big deal not such a big deal to put his face in mashed potatoes.

    Sticky Webb: He seems like the cool type of person.

    Well besides the characters that's all that should be good or bad.
  • its okay.

    its an alright show, its funny sometimes then other times its really stupid. Some of the charecters are irritating but hey thats okay. the shows circles around Penny Proud a girl with horrible friends and a crazy family. Like I said the show is alright but not the best. Overall I would give it a B.
  • Hillarious!

    This show has to be one of the funniest shows I have ever seen!

    Penny is your average 14 year old girl, with 14 year old girl problems. She doesn't have the best friends, but she works things out. Her father, Oscar, owns his own snack buisness selling Proud Snacks. Let's just say that his snacks aren't selling too well! Her mother, Trudy, Is a veterinarian, helping all the animals she can.

    Penny can be related to any young teenage girl, even if it's trying to act older, dealing with dis-honest friends, or bullies.

    A must watch show for anybody who wants to have a good laugh!
  • Such a fun show!

    I absolutely love this wonderful show! I adore Penny, and I honestly wish I could adopt that precious young girl. Still, she has wonderful parents, adorable little baby siblings, a very funny and wonderful grandmother, and some wonderful friends.

    Penny is the average fourteen-year-old girl who goes through life. She deals with the everyday issues that all teen girls have to put up with, including friendship, family, and some bratty popular kids and bullies. Sometimes, she feels like she's had enough of being bullied, taken advantage of by her friends sometimes, and being told what to do by her family, but I think she's a strong girl.
  • I think it was a great show and I don't know why they stopped with the episodes. Maybe they ought to come out with another movie or some more episodes.

    The show was an all around good show, it's a cartoon, and I am grown, but I still watch it, even though the episodes are all reruns, I never get tired of Crazy Oscar and his trouble starting or Penny and her two-faced friends Dijonay. How could they not think of any more episodes for this show. I am pretty sure that there are kids that still watch this show. I am a kid at heart and I still watch the show. If there is someone out there listening, please tell the producers to come up with more on the show.
  • the best cartoon in town alongside simpsons

    the proud family is just sooooooo great and funny. i do not know why there is all this hate on it. man dijonay is so funny and oscar proud he is always getting hurt one way or the other. penny is a great character too and do not get me started on suga mama. she is such a joker and she always has tricks up her sleeve concerning oscar. and i love the twins bee bee and cee cee they are so cute and the show had some great one liners and i still remember the first advert i saw for this show!! great programme!!!!!!!
  • Why the hate? This show is decent, I suppose. I like it a bit, it gives you something to watch. My main reason for liking it is it brings back memories of before I had cable TV, watching it once every week or two on cable at my nans house.

    Seriously, The Proud Family may not be the most peaceful or show with the most sense in it, but there's nothing wrong with it. The show's characters are Penny, the inconsiderate whiny 14 year old daughter; Trudy, the mother who hurts her husband a lot; Suga Mama, the grandmother who hurts her son a lot; Oscar, the idiot who gets hurt a lot; and Penny's friends.

    The things that I dislike about this show is the violence. While it is only comical violence and nothing serious, Suga Mama and Trudy are always whacking Oscar. Constantly. Oscar always makes these crude jokes or something, and then they hurt him badly. He's so weak, if a fly touched his nose he'd probably faint.

    I don't know why people hate the theme of episodes so much. I find them interesting. The show could do without the violence and crude humor, like I said above, but I think the basic story line and the episodes are fine. Most of them revolve around Penny dating, or something like that, but still they are great.

    This show brings back so memories, and I really hope that it remains to stay on the Disney Channel in Canada. Yes, there's probably a bit of racism in it, and stupidity since the "Gross Sisters" (the freaks that have blue skin) come around and always steal money from Penny and her friends, and Penny and her friends always give the money to the Gross Sisters without question.

    In conclusion, it's a good show but could do without the violence and crude humor.
  • Great show.

    I think that the proud family is a really great show. Almost everyone likes it, and the movie that they had was also very good. Why are all disney movis and shows good, hmm i wonder, well not really, but penny and all of her friends are all so cool, except that lasianiga girl, shes weird
  • the proud family is silly

    Penny proud has a goofy family. her dad is an underachiever who sells terrible tasting proud sancks. she has a twin brother and sister who are alaways driving her crazy. a mother who is a vet and a grandma who sleeps and watches tv and heckles her son who heckles her. her friends are a snobby rich lasienaga , the nerdy zoey ,and the trendy dijane. she goes to school and has to deal with the bullies the gross sisters and also peer pressure. she is always looking for a boyfriend and has many friends that are friend such as sticky omar and duke. a show that deals with teenage lives and portrays it well. overall a very good show.
  • I dont see anything wrong with the show so why are people hating it so much

    I dont see anything wrong with the show so why are people hating it so much Everyone is saying its portraying the characters in a black steriotype, I dont see anything black sterotype about this show at all, if you want to see a sterotype go watch thuga boo its even got a sterotype in the name. I dont understand why people are comlaing about racist either, Everbody is mixed races, blacks whites asians, hispanics. People are complaing that htere are no white people, What the heck there as much white people as asiansand hispanics The show is funny and i like it despite what you people think
  • i wonder who did this. i don't really now why i watch this anyway

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  • I think the charactors have a bad attitude.

    This show is alright for kids ages 6-10. I dislike the charators attitudes. I find it mean and wierd how the dads mother is always beating him up and calling him names. This show needs a lot of work done to it. I watched it when i was younger and now if i watch it im like why did i even waste my time with this show. In a way im glad they canceled it. I also think the main charactor "Penny" is whiny she always crys when she doesn't get it her way. I think the charactors have a bad attitude.
  • Why is everyone so stupid?

    The entire show is stupid. It's bad writting, bad casting and bad producing, creating, and directing. This is one of those shows where I say "It's lucky for it that Caillou and Maggie and the Ferocious Beast were invented. Without them, this would be my LEAST FAVOURITE SHOW". Everyone talks like they own the room they just walked into. Everyone is whiny and annoying, and if they don't get exactly what they want, they'll throw a tantrum. Then they whine even more that they already are whining. Then they blame the person not giving them what they want to be rude and unkind, but they're not; they are just making sure that nothing bad happens. This show is so bad, that I'd rather have someone scream in my ear instead of watching it.
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