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Disney Channel (ended 2005)





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  • This Show isn't for Everyone

    The Proud Family is a clever show that provides a fun balance between wit, slapstick and family issues.

    At least that's how I see it.

    While many people may find the show tiring, boresome, annoying, cruel, etc... i personally found it a lot of fun and never found it too out of control, but I can completely see why others wouldn't like it as much.

    It's your basic family sitcom (in cartoon form) at first glance, but what seperates it from other cartoon family sitcoms is that it, as mentioned, sticks to it's cartoon roots with the use of slapstick.

    It features Penny Proud, the overprotected daughter of Oscar Proud. Trudy is the caring, laid-back wife and mother. Suga Momma is the mother of Oscar and provides numerous laughs for the show. Penny's friends are also fun to watch and, overall, the characters are fun and interesting.

    The humour can vary from pure witty, sitcom inspired humour to cartoony slapskick and blends it well in each episode. It takes everyday situations and makes them a much bigger deal than they should be, not unlike a teenager (Penny) would do. Despite what many people say, even though this family has many problems, the writers still make the viewers aware that the family loves each other. They have a lot more 'touching family moments' in the show than you would think.

    The animation is also very fun. It's very fast-paced and each character looks different from one another. I'm also a fan of the smooth lines and colours.

    To some, this show may come off as a tad grading, but I find it rather refreshing and funny.
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