The Proud Family - Season 3

Disney Channel (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • The Proud Family Movie (TV Movie)
    Penny is about to celebrate her sixteenth birthday, but when Oscar catches her kissing a boy, he cancels her party. While Penny & Oscar are at odds with each other about her growing up, The Proud's receive a free trip to a mysterious island, populated by peanuts that walk & talk like humans. Unbeknownst to them, the only reason Dr. Carver (their host on the island) invited them to come is he wants Oscar's new snack formula that will enable him to take over the world.moreless
  • Psycho Duck (A.K.A. Duck Story)
    Penny saves a duck that can't swim & convinces Trudy to let her keep him. However, the waterfowl lives up to his name by terrorizing anyone & everyone that doesn't let him have his way!
  • Who you Callin' a Sissy?
    Michael gets tired of being called a sissy, so he takes matters into his own hands.
  • 8/5/05
    Suga Mama enlists Oscar to help her study when her driver's license expires and she must take the renewal exam.
  • Twins To Tweens
    Episode 8
    Penny wishes for her Bebe & Cece to be older so they can look after for themselves.
  • 2/16/04
    Oscar runs Penny's baseball team. The team includes all of Penny's friends. But when the team is on a soar losing streak the parents start to complain. So then Suga Mama is now head coach. When she gets the team she changes the team's name to The Believers. When they start to play in the games. They go on a winning streak. Until someone from Suga Mama's past comes back.moreless
  • Smackmania 6: Mongo vs. Mama's Boy
    After Mongo, a famous wrestler, takes ill at the hands of Proud Snacks, Oscar is forced to step into the ring to defend Mongo's belt. Oscar, now known as "Mama's Boy," does so with the help of his tag team partner, Suga Mama. Ironically, Mongo ends up having to fight Oscar to get his belt back.moreless
  • The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
    Wizard Kelly puts on a "Tween Idol" contest with celebrity judge Alicia Keys. Penny learns that the contest is fixed so that the beautiful LaCienega's wins over the homely - but more talented - Agatha Ordinario. Alicia Keys guest stars as herself. And Brian Dunkleman also guest-stars as himself and host of "Tween Idol."moreless
  • Election
    Episode 4
    Penny is running for school president against Wizard Kelly Jr., but unfortunately he's trying to buy everyone's vote. With the help of Zoey and the Gross sisters, Penny's friends try to sabotage Wizard Jr.'s campaign, but Penny prefers to take the high road and lose than resort to negative campaigning just to win.moreless
  • Culture Shock
    Episode 3
    Penny and her friends spend the weekend at each others houses while writing a school paper about cultural differences.
  • Thelma And Luis
    Thelma And Luis
    Episode 2
    When Papi is sent to a nursing home that turns out to be a front for an okra farm where the residents are forced to work, Penny and her friends join forces with Suga Mama to help Papi escape.
  • Monkey Business
    Monkey Business
    Episode 1
    Oscar's snack-tasting monkey accidentally eats one of the Proud snacks at the factory and gets sick. Meanwhile Mariah Carey's pet monkey, "Francois" gets sick from eating Proud snacks too. They both send the monkey's to Trudy's veterinarian office to get a check up, the monkey's accidentally get switched, and chaos ensues.moreless