The Proud Family

Season 3 Episode 9

She Drives Me Crazy

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Visitor walking though the front door: Theotis.

    • Goof:
      Suga Mama mysteriously has her sight back when she's watching Bobby's music video.

    • Goof:
      After Penny is injured, her head has a bandage around it, then the bandage disappears for several scenes (Supposedly two weeks), however when she goes to the DMV with Suga Mama, the bandage magically reappears, only to disappear again the second Suga Mama gets her drivers license.

    • Goof:
      Before Dr.Pain stands behind the shield, there's a Band-aid on Penny's foot, but, when he steps out it's gone.

    • Goof:
      On Bobby's music video, "Disfunkshunal", he shows a clip of his car and it's pink. But in "Crouching Trudy, Hidden Penny", where we first see the car, it's blue.

  • Quotes

    • Oscar: You cant hurt anything that old! Suga Mama survived some of the greatest disasters in the history of mankind: The Hindenburg, the Titanic, that meteor that took out the dinosaurs and 30 years of "The Jefferson's" reruns.

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