The Proud Family

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 21, 2001 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Penny tells Oscar that dollar theater movies are dubbed in Spanish, he responds, "Adios, muchaco". Muchacho is Spanish for "boy". The Spanish word for "girl" is Muchacha.

    • Goof: Lacienaga gives Zoey a fake compliment on her brown hair at the Wizard Kelly movie theatre, but Zoey's hair is obviously red.

    • Goof:Zoey is dressed in her theater outfit when the Gross Sisters take Zoey's hat. As the sisters are walking away, Zoey is suddenly in her regular clothes. The camera pans away for a moment and when it cuts back to Zoey, she is in her theater outfit once again.

    • At one point,Penny shouts at the kids.Her mouth cel goes farther than her face area.

  • Quotes

    • Penny: What do we want?
      Kids: More money!
      Penny: How do we want it?
      Kids: In cash!

    • Penny: How do they expect me to act like a grownup on this little bit of money they give me?
      Dijonay: I don't even get the little, just the bit.
      LaCienega: I hear that, I can't do anything on the 50 my parents give me.
      Penny: Fifty cents? I guess I shouldn't feel too bad.
      LaCienega: That's fifty dollars, Penny pincher!

    • Sugar Mama: I'm taking my grandbaby a pie.
      Oscar: What? You never made me any pie. Shoot, they don't need it, hand it here. (takes a bite) Hm, tart yet sweet, crunchy yet mushy, what kind of pie is it?
      Sugar Mama: Prune.

    • Trudy: Oscar, I'm worried about Penny, she might catch cold out there.
      Oscar: She'd be catching more than that if she were in here, telling me "I'm not doing my chores", I brought her into this world...
      Trudy: Wait just a minute, I brought her into this world, and I want her back in this house, NOW!

    • Oscar: What have you learned?
      Penny: That an allowance is not a right, but a privilege...and from now on, do the negotiating with mama.
      Oscar: What? Did you hear what she just said?
      Trudy: Yes and that's my girl.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Penny: Because we've been tricked, hoodwinked, bamboozled...

      Penny quotes the famous speech Malcom X delivered in Harlem in the 60's.

    • Penny: Let's go golfing and get our Tiger Woods on!

      Tiger Woods is aprofessional golfer, who rocketed to fameafter winning the MastersTournament atage 21. Hewent on to becomeone of the most successful PGAgolfers andAfrican-American sports stars ofhisday.

    • Lacienaga: Forget about Sticky Wonder!

      Lacienaga is referring to Stevie Wonder, who is a big-hit singer back in the 1970's through the 1990's. His first hit was Superstitious,and put him on the map. Stevie Wonder is blind, and plays the harmonica. You can hear it in almost any song he has. Sticky was playing the harmonica, so that is why she said that.