The Proud Family

Season 1 Episode 19

The Altos

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Apr 12, 2002 on Disney Channel
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The Altos
There is a scavenger hunt put on by no other, Wizard Kelly. You figure out the riddles, and then go to that place and get the object. Whoever wins gets to be Wizard Kelly for a day. Also, in association with Proud snacks.
Penny is walking down the street with her crew. The Gross sisters show up and jack their money as usual. When they turn around, there is a group of more bullies, and Sticky is right with them. They take the money from them, and Penny and her gang are shocked that Sticky would do this.
At school, Sticky gives the money back. When Penny and Zoey complain too much though, he takes it back. The crew learns from Dijoney that Sticky's parents are divorced, and he has been weird. Penny goes home, and her parents are fighting a little. She gets a little worried and asks them if they are going to get a divorce. They explain to Penny that they love each other too much, but everyone gets in fights and she shouldn't worry. Penny tells them about Sticky stealing their money, and of course, Suga Mama wants to go get him. She finally gets to the divorced part, and Trudy tells Oscar that he needs a man figure to help him out. So Oscar agrees.
Meanwhile, Oscar is getting mad because he isn't getting mentioned in any of the Wizard Kelly promotions. After all, it was all Oscar's idea, but he didn't get it in writing. He is thinking about this when Sticky comes. Penny leaves the "lab," and Oscar shows Sticky around. He shows him everything, even the "top secret" section. Sticky leaves, and tells his friends, "the Altos," which is the new bully crew, that he has all the clues. They ask him how he has them, and he tells them he has X-Ray glasses.
It is the day of competition. The hunt starts, and of course, Sticky and The Altos win. When they are about to announce the winner, Penny starts to say something and tell her Dad that they cheated. Sticky finishes it for her, and now everyone got to be Wizard Kelly for a day, except for Oscar Prune.moreless

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      • Oscar Proud: (About Wizard Kelly) "Next thing I know, he was dressed up like Elmer Fudd!"
        Elmer Fudd is a Character on the old, yet still popular show Looney Tunes who always hunted Bugs Bunny and always got outsmarted by him.

      • Penny: "Sticky and the Bone Thugs & No Harmony"
        Penny is referring to the rap group Bone thugz-N-harmony.Bone thugz-N-Harmony,(also known as BNTH) has had many hits. First discovered by the late rapper, eazy-E, started them out. He never lived to see the success. One of their first hits, Thuggish Rugghish Bone,put them on the map in early 1994. Their hit span got bigger and bigger. Losing one member and standing as 5, they had more and more hits. In 1995, they realeased Crossroads off the E.1999 Eternal album which became one of the biggest rap songs known. They also appeared with Mariah Carey on Breakdown, and they got even bigger. They are still making albums and in 2000, they realeased their first studio album since 1997(they realeased a Greatest Hits in '98)which produced the hit Paper Paper. They released a second Greatest hits album the same year. Click to go to the official site. NOTE: some of you may be blocked from this site because of parental controls.