The Proud Family

Season 3 Episode 12

The Proud Family Movie (TV Movie)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Aug 19, 2005 on Disney Channel
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The Proud Family Movie (TV Movie)
Penny is about to celebrate her sixteenth birthday, but when Oscar catches her kissing a boy, he cancels her party. While Penny & Oscar are at odds with each other about her growing up, The Proud's receive a free trip to a mysterious island, populated by peanuts that walk & talk like humans. Unbeknownst to them, the only reason Dr. Carver (their host on the island) invited them to come is he wants Oscar's new snack formula that will enable him to take over the world.moreless

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  • A perfect series finale

    Like every other girl, Penny turns 16, and urges independence and life-making decisions. But Oscar has a hard time letting go. Later on, Penny saved the world, Oscar finally accepts his daughter getting older and lastly, LPDZ reunited.

    I will give this movie an A+, and a 10 out of 10 for being one of the best series finales ever.

    your AMAZING ;)
  • I love the show but the movie needs work.

    This movie was really nutty i mean they went to far with it. So its penny's birthday and she wants to be in 15 cents video. But kisses 15 cent and her dad sees it and says she can't turn 16. For the first time penny didn't mumble out words she said them out loud. It was funny when the nutty professor as i call him start singing and trudy said i know this fool ain't bought to sing, i start cracking up it was so funny. The dance moves was interesting to say at least. It was an average movie.moreless
  • No is a was a very good series finale but it came out kind of wacky but it was good man all i got to say is it was funny,wacky,very good example of an ambitionz of a teengah and it was very good great job bruce w smith nice show lame wacky but funny fnalemoreless

    When oscar cancelled pennys 16th birthday even know that was kind of and totally f***ed the proud take a vacation on a island which is really a trap to get oscars donkey kicking formula for his proud snack plan by the evil great great great grandson of george washington carver,marcus carver the III but when oscar refuses to give him the formula he hold the prouds especially for penny who escape

    for hostage and replaces them with clones and the clones were kind of funny the clone oscar was acting all agent smith like and he even talk like agent smith from the matrix trudy was acting straight up gangsta man if da brat played the voice of her or missy elliott it would be kind of funny suga mama was talking spanish and the twins was acting very funny and the funny part is when penny change chotles for action she changed into her regular but boring

    chotles for action cuz you know oscar might say penny are you crazy boy might give you aids the series was wacky lame boring but funny great series finale man i wish they could do three mroe esipodes and thats it but hey that hollywoodmoreless
Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall

Dr. Carver

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Pete Capella

Pete Capella

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Marcy Perlson

Marcy Perlson

Peanut Head

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Phil LaMarr


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Goof: When Penny sits in the seat on the boat with the clone family, Sugar Mama and Oscar are seen with life jackets on. When it switches to Penny and back to the family they no longer have the life jackets on. When Penny turns around to start the boat and the camera goes to the family everyone now has a life jacket on.

    • Goof: When Penny and friends are racing to Fifteen Cent's yacht, they run up the side of the boat through the water. But in the next shot, they are seen on the side to walk up.

    • George Washington Carver is a famous scientist that invented hundreds of uses for the peanut. Contrary to popular belief, he did not invent peanut butter.

    • In this movie Oscar Proud finally gets some respect from Sugar Mama: she never listens to his ideas or does what he says but in this movie when he tells her to give him a pair of her drawers she initaly argues but actually listens to him and does it allowing him to save Penny.

    • Running Gag: People talking in the background.
      1. After Zoe says "Can I get an Amen?", Lacieniga says "Such a dork"!
      2. After Dr. Carver II shows his first broadcast, a guy yells "He's a peanut"!
      3. After Dr. Carver II offers Penny his evil offer, a lady yells "Penny don't do it"!

    • According to Penny's drivers license she lives at 1433 Kelly Road, Wizardville, Ca. This proves that Wizard Kelly not only owns everything in town, but the town as well.

    • In the series, Penny is 14 but in the movie she turns 16 and just skipped 15.

    • Goof:
      While Penny is onstage dancing at the stadium, she is wearing a pink top with blue jeans that have a pink vine decoration down the sides. When Penny runs over to her family to have their picture taken, her top is now purple & the design on the jeans is gone. However, in the photograph that they posed for, Penny's top is pink again, but the decoration on the jeans is still missing.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Oscar: This is the worst vacation ever. I'm tired, I'm cold, my ribs still hurt from the tickle chair and I'm hungry.

    • Sticky: Penny, slow down! You're goin' to crash into the rocks!
      Penny: Cool it Sticky! This isn't the first time I've driven a boat.
      Penny: Hee hee. It's the second... t-time.

    • Suga Mama: You said this was the grand prize! A vacation with my son is like a booby prize.
      Oscar: For once I agree with you mama, so take her away and have a nice trip! He pushes Suga Mama and Puff out the door Quick Trudy! Let's move the house before they come back!

    • Penny: A vacation with my family? Punishment, I can take but that's just cruel and unusual.

    • Dr. Carver: But I'm not wearing swimtrunks.
      Suga Mama: Neither am I.

    • Dr. Carver: I won't be able to pay you much, say about.....10 million dollars?
      Oscar: T-t-t-t-t-t-ten million dollars?
      Oscar runs out then comes back relaxed
      Oscar: Me and wife will consider your offer.

    • Trudy: Did you hear me?
      Oscar and Penny: Yeah, yeah
      Trudy: (Very deep and demonic voice) Did you hear me!
      Oscar and Penny hug
      Oscar and Penny: Yes ma'am!

  • NOTES (3)


    • goof: In the part where Zoey (in her stage clothes) & everyone are dancing on stage, if you look closely, you can see Zoey behind the Gross Sisters in her regular clothes.