The Proud Family

Season 2 Episode 13

There's Something about Rene

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM May 23, 2003 on Disney Channel

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  • Trudy has to leave for a meeting, and hires a nanny to help around the house while she is gone. Everyone's feelings change about her once they meet her, including Trudy, who feels like she is replacing her in the family.

    When Trudy has to leave for a meeting, she hires a nanny, Rene, but no one likes the idea of it. However, once Rene is introduced to the family, everyone is charmed by her. Penny likes her spirited personality and that she is young and hip, Suga Mama likes that she cleans up after her, and of course, Oscar is charmed by her dazzling beauty. However, once Trudy leaves, she has a daydream that everyone in the family likes Rene more than her, including Oscar who is having an affair with her in the dream. Trudy rushes home thinking that the family is in trouble, but once she gets there, everyone is perfectly fine. She becomes jealous that the family seems happier than usual. They go out to dinner and Rene sings "Respect" at the restaraunt, and she seems to be seducing Oscar when she sings directly to him and pulls him on stage with her. The next day, Trudy spies on Rene to see if she is evil, but can't find anything wrong with her, so she goes to the nanny agency and the agency director says that they get a lot of complaints about Rene, but that she is truly a sweet girl. Trudy then learns to accept her.