The Proud Family

Season 1 Episode 17

Puff's Magic Adventure


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Suga Mama needs Oscar to watch Puff. Oscar wants it to be his day off to be dubbed "Oscar Day", but Trudy wants to go shopping. She demands him too, and he quickly goes. They pawn off the twins and Puff to Penny. Later, Penny is having a waterfight. When she isn't paying attention, the stroller with the twins is gone. The Gross sisters show up with a firetruck, and Penny tells them she has her purse in the stroller. The Gross sisters tell her "What stroller?". Penny runs quick to find them at a river. Trudy is looking for new chest furniture. Oscar is watching a fake T.V. football game (the cardboard.) They agree to get an expensive case. On their way home, they see children hanging over a bridge to the river. Oscar says that they are crazy, and he wishes they were his kids so he could tell him. Trudy sees that it is Penny, and tells him. They stop, and find Penny rescuing the twins. She is about the rescue Puff, but he falls and rides down the river. They have to go home and face Suga Mama. She is heartbroken and very upset at Oscar. She blames him, but Penny knows who really lost Puff. She can't come to tell Suga Mama, but volunteers to be Suga Mama's helper. She has to clean her teeth. Meanwhile, Puff gets around everywhere. he is ported to a tribe, where they think Puff is their God.(He looks like a carved statue in the middle of their island.) He is treated with royalty, but he escapes. He rides even further. He makes it all the way to Paris, where he turns out all black because of the smoke from the volcano. He becomes a big hit on magazines and everyone thinks it is the ultimate dog. Back at the Proud house, Oscar offers a $10,000 reward. Bobby, Dijonay, LaCienega, Zoe and Sticky call and show up, but none of them have Puff. Finally, the Gross sisters show up with him. Suga Mama is delighted, and Oscar gives them the $10.00 reward. She sneezes Puff's fur, and it is a big rat covered with fake fur. Puff escapes the fashion world, and swims out to a boat. He sees Suga Mama as a cloud, and aboards. Trudy's omware arrives, and they open it up. Surprisingly, Puff is in the cabinet. Trudy is so happy because she are fed up with Suga Mama. Oscar swore he would treat Puff with royalty if he ever came back, because Suga Mama was driving him crazy. So Puff is there eating all Oscar's food, and watching Spanish soap operas. The case handlers come back to Penny's to get the reward, and he gives them Puff. They leave quick, and Puff is sitting outside waiting to get in.moreless
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