The Pruitts of Southampton - Season 1

ABC (ended 1967)




Episode Guide


  • The House is Not a Zoo
    Phyllis is put through a series of crazy charades by guest star Louis Nye in an attempt to try and stop a fortune hunting woman who's after the Pruitt mansion. This is the FINAL episode of the series. Guest Cast Louis Nye....Bertie Barbara Morrison...Mrs. Stuyvesant
  • Phyllis the Beauty Queen
    On the strength of her own letter of recommendation, Phyllis gets a job as a hairdresser. She treats a shaggy lawn and a beauty salon patron with the same gay abandon, with spectacular results. Guest: Mrs.Hill - Alice Nunn
  • Krump, the Playboy
    Krump, the Playboy
    Episode 28
    A spoiled young heiress is playing up to Krump for fun and profit: Her dad just might give her anything to jilt the handyman.Phyllis plots to break up the Romeo/Juliet romance. Guest Star: Nancy - Connie Hines
  • My Sister-in-Law Phyllis
    Tax man Baldwin, a battle-scarred veteran of the Pruitts' war on poverty, is again trapped in one of their insane money-making operations. This time Phyllis and Rudy scheme to get money to finance a "pizza making machine" with disasterous results.
    guest: Clark - Barry Kelley
  • Goddess of Love
    Goddess of Love
    Episode 26
    Pandemonium reigns at the Pruitt pad when Bradley’s model is caught sending short-wave messages to a submarine. Phyllis, Bradley and Krump are certain that the girl is a spy. Guest cast: Greta - Kipp Hamilton, McConnell - Del Moore
  • Marry a Million
    Marry a Million
    Episode 25
    Phyllis sees her war on poverty coming to an end and prepares for a wedding when she misreads Stephanie's friendship with a rich young man.Convinced that a rich young man loves Steffi, delighted Rudy rushes the lad’s father over to meet Phyllis. Oh Dad, poor dad: He’s met instead by a lunatic artist and a wild model called Oona Poonga. Guest cast: John Lansbury - Paul Reed, Ronnie - Randy Kirbymoreless
  • Phyllis the Bat Girl a.k.a Phyllis The Star
    Phyllis thinks her money woes may be finally coming to an end when a Hollywood movie director "discovers" her and casts her in his latest movie. Unfortunately in her never ending hunt for money,when she signed up for the role, she forgot to ask him what kind of movie she was appearing in. Guest: Maxwell - Charles Lane , Sam Harper - George Neisemoreless
  • Nobody Here But Us Chickens
    Phyllis has more than the usual quota of clucks in her odd brood: 1500 cackling hens and a deadbeat relative dodging his bookie all under the Pruitt roof for the same reason – money. Note: In addition to playing Uncle Ned, Reginald Gardiner also plays the role of Cousin Reggie in this episode.**moreless
  • How to Rob a Millionaire
    An Internal Revenue agent helps Phyllis locate a secret room in the Pruitt mansion, but robbers are watching and they're soon awash in a tide of champagne, romance, and burglars. Guest: Maxwell-Charles Lane Wally-Karl Lukas Murphy-Sid Melton
  • Portrait of Krump
    Portrait of Krump
    Episode 21
    A flaming feud threatens to deprive Phyllis of her only source of income. Handyman Krump and star boarder Bradley are at each other’s throats, and it’s up to the mad matron to effect a truce.
  • The Ghost of Pruitt Mansion
    When author Vernon Bradley (Billy DeWolfe), has car troubles, Phyllis convinces him to stay on at the mansion as a paying guest while he is writing about haunted castles. He turns out to be more than Phyllis bargained for when he causes nothing but trouble at the mansion causing Krump to retaliate. a.k.a "Short Of Pruitt Mansion"moreless
  • Learn to Be a Millonaire
    Rudy decides that the best way to regain the family fortune is to rent out the mansion's 68 bedrooms.Their first border is Norman Krump a fix-it man. Phyllis has been trying to help him as he has been immobilized by a disastrous deal with the Pruitt's.(see previous episode "Little Miss Fix-It") Phyllis sets him up in business in the basement and tries to help him do a repair job at the library.Bob Hope makes a brief appearance as a library patron. Guests: Library patron - Bob Hope(cameo) Eloise Halstead - Audrey Lowell Stock Boy - Charles B. Smithmoreless
  • Little Miss Fixit
    Little Miss Fixit
    Episode 18
    (hereafter shows title becomes “The Phyllis Diller Show”): additional regular cast include John Astin as Rudy Pruitt and Marty Ingels as Norman Krump. Phyllis and her poverty-stricken family move in to this new time spot. The Pruitt mansion needs a quick repair job for a picture spread in a home magazine. Mr. Krump, Southampton’s new repair man, is soon conned into spending a night at the Pruitts’, where he’s plunged into a frantic fix-it campaign.moreless
  • My Brother Harvey
    My Brother Harvey
    Episode 17
    Phyllis takes a fast flyer into show biz to get a hillbilly show on the road. The mountaineers are coming out of the Pruitt woodwork, thanks to Phyllis’s talent-scouting brother Harvey who arrives with a folk-singing couple and all their kinfolk, seeking an audition with a Hollywood Palace talent scout. Guests: Harvey - Paul Lynde Abner - Robert Sorrells Kate - Mitzi Sutherland Bob Vanoff - Tom Brown Grandma - Ellen Corby Uncle Willie - William Fawcett Farnsworth - Richard Colliermoreless
  • Phyllis, Queen of the Road
    Madcap Phyllis hobnobs with hobos to squeeze a few bucks out of Uncle Sam by arousing public sympathy for her thoroughly embarrassing poverty.She shakes up the IRS when she threatens to invite the press to a hobo banquet in her honor. Guests: Maxwell-Charles Lane, Montgomery-Guy Raymond, Geek- Al Checco, Pierre- William Benedict, Tom Hamilton- Warren White, Mrs. Hamilton- Barbara Morrison, Jack Howard- Harry Hickoxmoreless
  • The Hubcap Caper
    The Hubcap Caper
    Episode 15
    Phyllis turns private eye to lift a curse from the house of Pruitt. Someone has stolen the family good-luck charms: the Rolls Royce hubcaps.
  • Santa Was a Lady
    Santa Was a Lady
    Episode 14
    The Christmas episode. Before she learned she had lost her fortune, Phyllis had promised to host a sumptuous holiday dinner for 50 orphans. That now seems impossible, but Phyllis, moved by the spirit of the season, is willing to do anything to raise the money needed to hold the dinner. Guest Stars: Maxwell-Charles Lane Mrs. Fenwick-Eleanor Audley Mrs. Kimball-Mary Treen Little Boy-Michael Freeman Preebles-Jonathan Hole Frank Barnett-Eddie Qillan Tommy Winslow-Harlen Carrahermoreless
  • Phyllis Goes Arty
    Phyllis Goes Arty
    Episode 13
    Learning that a discarded painting is priceless, Phyllis swipes a museum art treasure, convinced that it’s rightfully Pruitt property. It’s all a mistake (as she soon discovers), so the wacky aristocrat sets out to sneak the masterpiece back into the well-guarded museum. Museum Curator: John Hoyt Mrs. Zippy: Gladys Holland
  • Phyllis, the Dress Maker
    Phyllis has pride, and is determined to see that her daughter Stephanie wears the best gown at Regina Wentworth's society ball, especially after an insult from Regina.
  • Phyllis, the General Stealer
    Phyllis opens a campaign to capture General Cannon (and his money) when she learns that another woman has laid siege to the wealthy old soldier.General Cannon:Roger C. Carmel Valerie Stamford: Elvia Allman Doctor: Olan Soule
  • Phyllis, the Upstairs Girl
    When a snobbish neighbour asks the Pruitts for a $200 charity donation Phyllis and Uncle Ned are faced with a desperate decision: Find jobs or risk exposure as paupers. Assuming new names, they take jobs as domestics. Guests: Amelia Pembroke-Mary Wickes Laura Hackett-Helen Kleeb
  • Phyllis Entertains Royalty
    The poverty stricken Pruitts undertake an expensive diplomatic mission: they plan to live it up when they learn they're going to entertain the visiting Shah of Talat government expense. Guest: Ahmed-Arte Johnson
  • Phyllis Goes Commercial
    Phyllis gets her dander up when rival Regina Wentworth ruins her chance to make 1000 dollars in a TV cheese commercial.guest stars: Fred Quigley-Tommy Farrell eric Wentworth-Brett Parker Gigi-Hope Summers Joe-Lionel Ames
  • Phyllis Saves the Day
    Cold, cold times have fallen upon the Pruitt mansion:The Pruitt mansion is a s cold as an igloo and the government is going to board up the estate as unsaleable.Phyllis concocts a scheme to con the government into fixing the conked-out furnace by hiring an actor to pose as a prospective buyer. J. Sylvester Crown: Paul Reed Hybert Muntz: Walter Reed Barker: Robert E. Nichols Sam Bennett: Jack Bernardimoreless
  • Phyllis Fires the Butler
    Sturgis, the Pruitt’s butler, has been offered a well-paying job by Phyllis’ social rival Regina Wentworth who uses a sneaky campaign to try and lure Sturgis into her employment.
  • Phyllis, the Cookie Tycoon
    The Pruitts love the immense cookie that Phyllis baked, so she thinks there’s money to be made in dough so they start a thriving but secret bakery. Barker: Robert Nichols Clark: Frank Wilcox Gigi: Hope Summers Butler: Lester Matthews
  • Phyllis Takes a Letter
    In order to make more money,Phyllis goes to work as secretary for a man who gives plenty of dictation - and has a very jealous wife. As Phyllis does not know how to take dictation she thinks she is being clever by hiding a tape recorder in her hair.With money on her mind and the tape recorder in her hair, knowing nothing of office procedure except how to sit on a lap, Phyllis sets out to "take dictation". Derwin: Parley Baer Mrs.Derwin: Ann B Davis Policeman: Robert G Anderson Secretary: Janice Carrollmoreless
  • Phyllis Beats the Rap
    Phyllis gets the repair bill for her Rolls Royce, and decides the only way to pay it is to hock some of the Pruitt family heirlooms. Putting on a disguise she heads to the pawnshop as "Harriet Hammerschlogg", only to get arrested. Desk Sargent: James Flavin Henry Evans: Jonathan Hole Trixie: Joanie Larson Pawn Broker: Eddie Quillan Mechanic: Lennie Breman Daisy: Lillian Buyeff Gordon Cumberland: Lauren Gilbert Policeman O'Brien: Judson Prattmoreless
  • Phyllis, the Milkmaid
    Phyllis has her hands full when Uncle Ned brings home a lovely Guernsey cow he won at the county fair that they name "Lady Pruitt". Jealous Regina Wentworth, unaware that "Lady" is a bovine, schemes to embarrass the Pruitt's while they are doing their entertaining. Sheriff: Harry Lauter Zaza: Hope Summersmoreless
  • Phyllis Goes Broke
    Phyllis Goes Broke
    Episode 1
    During a party, an IRS agent arrives to inform the Pruitts that they are $10 million in debt and that their possessions now belong to the United States government. But they are going to allow the Pruitts to maintain the illusion that they are wealthy, rather than risk a stock-market collapse with the news that they are bankrupt. Phyllis is forced to let the entire staff go and stand by as her priceless art is taken from their home. It isn't long before Phyllis comes up with a scheme to pay off the IRS – by marrying a wealthy general who's been pursuing her for years. The General is overjoyed, but in the end, of course, her plan backfires.moreless