The P.T.L. Club

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The P.T.L. Club

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Remember when Jim and Tammy used to come on our television everyday? The PTL Club, also called the Jim Bakker Show or the Jim and Tammy TV Ministry Hour was a program produced daily back in the 70's and 80's on the PTL Network (also called the Inspirational Network). The program, originally two hours then scaled back to an hour, would feature a variety of guests testifying. The show would also feature singing from Tammy. Here's a description of the program from the book Jim and Tammy Present the Ministries of the Heritage Village Church, "Reaching beyond the border of the Heritage Village Church, the Jim and Tammy TV Ministry Hour telecast penetrates into the homes and hearts of America with a heart-warming message of hope and unconditional love. The program...broadcasts the encouraging word to millions that, no matter what the circumstances might be in their lives, they can "make it" with God's help. Broadcast before a live congregation, the telecast features Christian music, dynamic testimonies, worship and faith-building messages. Guests include athletes, actors, authors, government leaders, evangelists, entertainers, businessmen and housewives...all testifying to the transforming power of God in their lives...This experienced and highly skilled group of producers, technicians, designers and writers prayerfully coordinate the elements of production in a format that is flexible yet always sensitive to the leading of God's Spirit. Essential to the program are the featured renditions of the PTL Orchestra and Singers, blended with the voices of the PTL Musical Family. The Jim Bakker program was nationally syndicated in 1975 and is now (remember this is a dated source which is being quoted) telecast with its new title, the Jim and Tammy TV Ministry Hour."

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  • not my favorite

    this show was once the most famous religious program to air. jim and tammy faye bakker came on and tried to deliver a message of hope and deliverance to those in turmoil. at least that is the way it looked. when the show is looked at today the only thing people seem to remember is the scandal that tore jim and tammy faye's lives apart. after charges of embezzelment jim went to prison. he and tammy divorced. jim and tammy have both apologized for all the events that took place, but many people will never forgive them. i count myself among those.moreless
  • Does God know about this show?

    I've seen many evengelists that are popular (Robert Schuller, D. James Kennedy, Billy Gahram) and that are more regional (Ernest Angely, Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyer) but P.T.L. Club made all of them much better, even Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell look better after seeing this show.

    Both Swaggart and Bakker were both scandalous preachers and even Dana Carvey and Phil Collins poked fun at them. Even Tammy Faye Bakker poked fun at herself when she was on Drew Carey as the role of Mimi's mom.

    But what made this a sad situation is that James Bakker did a lot of stuff that a preacher shouldn't be doing.moreless
  • One of the earliest and most popular shows in the world of televangelism. Also, one of its first disgraces.

    This show debuted on cable television stations around the country in the 1970s. It carried on until the 1980s, when a scandal over massive fraud, misuse of funds and other personal misconduct brought down the hosts, the Bakkers, resulting in prison time for one of them.

    The format of this show was not much different from secular talk and variety shows. Jim and Tammy Bakker would feature guests, singing, comments from the audience, and preaching from fellow ministers such as Benny Hinn and Paul Crouch. The faithful were genereous in support, contributing literally millions of dollars per year.

    Turns out much of the funds went not to help the poor or send missionaries around the world, but to buy opulent homes, drugs and companions of easy virtue for Jim, shoes, makeup and pills for Tammy Faye, and let's not forget the air conditioned doghouse for the family pooch. Meanwhile, elderly viewers emptied their savings to do what they had been given to believe would in fact be honorable work. Would that the latter had been anywhere close to the truth.

    When the scandal broke, it was crushing. The Bakkers were replaced as show hosts, and federal investigators swiftly built a compelling case against the couple. Jim netted a long prison term for mail fraud. Tammy was left to fend for herself.

    Like fungus on a lawn, however, the Bakkers are back. Tammy appears as a writer and speaker. Jim has remarried and is the host of a new nationwide religious cable show.

    Let's hope there are no air-conditioned doghouses in the future.moreless

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