The Pulitzer Prize Playhouse - Season 1

ABC (ended 1952)


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Episode Guide

  • The Big Break
    The Big Break
    Episode 39
    The story of the New York prison riot and break which took place in 1930 is told by reporter William O. Dapping who won national prominence for his coverage of the Big Break.
  • (a) The Pen, (b) You're Not the Type, (c) The Weak Spot
    Three one-act plays are performed, "The Pen" by John Hersey, "You're Not the Type" by Edna Ferber and "The Weak Spot" by George Kelly (Grace Kelly's brother).
  • The Buccaneer
    The Buccaneer
    Episode 37
    Based on the "King of Pirates", Sir Henry Morgan. His successful reign of terror made him one of the most profitable pirates in history.
  • Hostage
    Episode 36
    The story of juvenile delinquency when a boy gunman takes a hostage.
  • Detour
    Episode 35
    A farmer's wife has hoarded money away for years so that her daughter can make a clean break to the city and out of the drudgery that has been her life.
  • The Stolen City
    The Stolen City
    Episode 34
    The story of how the city of Medford, Oregon fell into the clutches of a political gang when City Hall dug into the City Treasury.
  • The Queen's Husband
    The Queen's Husband
    Episode 33
    Poor King Eric the VIII has his hands full with his domineering wife, a son who wants his throne and a daughter about to marry a peasant!
  • The Thousand Yard Look
    Hal Boyle narrates the program which shows three G.I.'s as they go into battle ... the early fears, reaction to their first battle, and even the death of one ... and their ultimate "Thousand Yard Look."
  • The Happy Journey
    The Happy Journey
    Episode 31
    The Kirby's set out on a journey with their two children from Newark to Camden in their Chevrolet. The trip to visit their married daughter is filled with life's many joys and sadnesses stemming from the tragedies of the loss of their son and then their granddaughter's.
  • Second Threshold
    Second Threshold
    Episode 30
    Josiah Bolton is considering suicide upon learning of his daughter's upcoming marriage to an Englishman much older than she. Their close bond is what has kept him going and he cannot imagine his life without Miranda.
  • Rebellion in Jackson County
    Social turmoil and political insurgence in Southern Oregon during the Great Depression and the events leading to the 1934 Pulitzer award in journalism is told.
  • Icebound
    Episode 28
    A greedy New England family circle like vultures when the matriarch dies. They await the reading of the will and are shocked when the matriarch's ward receives the bulk of her estate, with one condition, that Jane marry Ben, the wild streaked son she so dearly loved.
  • Night Over Taos
    Night Over Taos
    Episode 27
    As the rebels try to prevent Taos, New Mexico from being absorbed into the United States during 1847, the tyrannical rebel leader Pablo Montoya has his own problems. His two sons are in love with his two women.
  • The Just and the Unjust
    When the ideals of democratic justice are manipulated by the personal and social concerns of the people involved in a murder trial, a struggling attorney finds the law has its limitations and so does he.
  • Blockade
    Episode 25
    A peasant must defend his farm during the Spanish Civil War.
  • The Haunted House
    The Haunted House
    Episode 24
    A couple are convinced that they have gone to work for a houseful of ghosts, but the Rackham's soon discover that their "haunted house" is a front for the criminal activities of a crackpot scientist named Montague Love.
  • The Royal Family
    The Royal Family
    Episode 23
    A theatrical family much like the Barrymore's, Fanny Cavendish, the matriarch has never faltered in her dedication to the theater and has managed to persuade her immediate family to do so as well. Now with her failing health and worried that when she is gone her family will fail her, she sets forth a dramatic conclusion.moreless
  • The Wisdom Tooth
    The Wisdom Tooth
    Episode 22
    A hopeless clerk is lost in his fantasy world where he comes face to face with himself as a boy. There he is an active and vital kid, unlike his usual pale and pulseless self. The kid goes along with him for a while and stirs his spirit to the point of telling his boss to go to the devil and asking his girl to marry him.moreless
  • Valley Forge
    Valley Forge
    Episode 21
    The story unfolds as General George Washington, whose "shambles of an army" struggles to survive the bitter winter of 1777 at Valley Forge. Washington, determined to hold out against the British, is briefly tempted by the amnesty offer of General Howe.
  • Mary of Scotland
    Mary of Scotland
    Episode 20
    The story centers around the jealousy and hatred between the two warring sisters, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland and her sister Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England.
  • Broken Dishes
    Broken Dishes
    Episode 19
    A young couple are forced to deal with the girl's overbearing mother, who rules the lives of her family, until the sudden appearance of the mother's old flame.
  • Alison's House
    Alison's House
    Episode 18
    The Stanhope family is in an uproar upon finding out that the deceased Alison Stanhope an accomplished poet has more unpublished poems hidden in the house. Things get out of hand quickly as the family secrets uncover conflicts.
  • The Silver Cord
    The Silver Cord
    Episode 17
    A domineering matriarch is distraught when one of her two sons brings home a new bride. She is an emasculating monster who can't stand to have any other woman come between her and her offspring.
  • Light Up the Sky
    Light Up the Sky
    Episode 16
    An experienced theater director gives hope to a frustrated playwright whose fear of failure put enough pressure on him to quit altogether. The backer believes the play will be a flop and so with disgust the playwright fed up with those he thought were his friends decides to confront them.
  • Ned McCobb's Daughter
    A strong-willed young woman has her hands full with a cheating husband, a thieving brother-in-law and a dead prohibition agent.
  • Portrait of a President
    A historical look at Andrew Jackson and his launch on the campaign that made him seventh U.S. President of the United States of America.
  • Mrs. January and Mr. Ex
    An immensely rich, three-times-married, Mrs. January with her Communist leanings decides to get set for the Revolution by practicing poverty in advance. She rents a house in a New England town and discovers that her widowed landlord is a former Republican President.
  • The Pharmacist's Mate
    The story of a U.S. Navy Pharmacist's Mate who in enemy waters in a submarine performed an operation for appendicitis saving a sailor's life.
  • Bethel Merriday
    Bethel Merriday
    Episode 11
    A stage-struck young actress with a passion for the theater, finds she will do whatever it takes to succeed.
  • The Ponzi Story
    The Ponzi Story
    Episode 10
    Schemer and con man Carlo Ponzi started his own company, the Securities Exchange Company, to promote his scheme he canvassed friends and associates, offering them big payoffs for their cash.
  • Our Town
    Our Town
    Episode 9
    A small town girl falls for a boy and want to marry. George has second thoughts leaving Emily distraught. The family works hard to calm everyone down and the marriage continues as planned. Nine years the family is gathered together again but not for a wedding, this time it is for Emily's funeral.moreless
  • The End Game
    The End Game
    Episode 8
    The head of the family is dismayed that his intelligent daughter brings home a bohemian with no class or manners.
  • Knickerbocker Holiday
    In New Amsterdam in 1647, Brom, a young man, falls in love with the Town Councillor's daughter, Tina. The Town Councillor, however, is furious and tries to have him hanged but the arrival of Peter Stuyvesant, the new Governor, saves Brom's neck. Stuyvesant reveals himself as a dictator, and Brom, protesting, is carted off to jail. Stuyvesant then announces that the country shall go to war, as a peaceful country is a stagnant one. This is stopped when it is pointed out that he had better change his ways if he is going to be remembered kindly in history and all ends happily with Brom and Tina getting married.moreless
  • The Raven
    The Raven
    Episode 6
    The legendary Sam Houston and the story of the making of Texas. The journey unfolds as the historical frontier is built upon by democracy and nationalism all in the American spirit of freedom by those like Sam Houston, Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett and Ethan Allen.
  • The Magnificent Ambersons
    Isabel Amberson is humiliated in public by her boyfriend Eugene Morgan and breaks off their relationship. She marries the boring Wilbur Minafer someone her father deems more suitable. She bears him a son whom she spoils and he grows up to be an arrogant mama's boy. After Wilbur's death her past love Eugene asks for her hand in marriage, her son manipulates his mother into rejecting him.moreless
  • The Late Christopher Bean
    The Haggetts extended asylum to a stranger, artist Christopher Bean, fifteen years ago. He left behind many paintings which were used to patch up leaks in the roof. Now people are asking for his paintings and only one portrait painting still exists.
  • Abe Lincoln in Illinois
    From Lincoln's early beginnings as a Kentucky woodsman turned lawyer, to his marriage and rise in politics with the eventual election to the Presidency in 1860 is depicted in this story of courage and inspiration.
  • The Canton Story
    The Canton Story
    Episode 2
    Donald Ring Mellett's story began in Canton, Ohio as a newspaper publisher. His expose on crime and corruption in the upper echelon of government brought about his own demise in a hail of bullets.
  • You Can't Take It with You
    An eccentric old man having never paid income tax receives a letter from the United States government but his granddaughter misplaces them.
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