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Bully for Jody Question

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    [1]Sep 15, 2007
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    Is Bully for Jody that episode where there's this one song where it starts off with Skye, Leon, Julie, Kiki, and Ben each singing a line to Jody, then Skye, Leon, Kiki, Ben, and Julie all say friends a few times and Jody sings a line in between the friends, and then the song ends. This song is a slow song, and it's one of those songs where the Puzzle Place lights go off during the song. Also in the same episode as the song, Jody performs karate in front of a karate class, and she balances on something. I only remember that I could only see Jody's shoes during that scene, and all of the other kids go Jody WOW! If it's not from Bully for Jody, what episode is it from?
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