The Puzzle Place

PBS (ended 1998)


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  • Production Order

    Does anybody know the production order of "The Puzzle Place"?
  • A childhood favorite.

    When I was real young, I remember watching the Puzzle Place. It caught my attention every time. For some reason, I've liked puppets. I especially liked watching this show in the morning while eating cereal. I thought this show had some good lessons to children and was educational. I really liked the diversity of puppets and how they all acted like their ethnicity. My favorite character was Leon. He often was a trouble maker but had a good heart. He also was the one who often got hurt the most. Either way, I think this was a great show for children and its been a long time since it was last on the air. Thank you.
  • Six multi-cultural puppets, deal with problems everyday children deal with in an enlightened way. Such as racial issues, teasing, and battle of the sexes.

    This show was a classic show for children. I'm sure if this show was still around children today wouldn't be so messed up. This show taught children how to deal with other cultures. Now young White children wouldn't be caught dead near Asians or Blacks. This show taught so many good life lessons using humor I still remember to this day. All in all if WHYY just brought this show back from canceled TV show limbo many people, children and adults, would be more educated and entertained.
  • Join Skye, Ben, Leon, and rest of the Puzzle Place as they learn about name-calling and self-esteem. These multiculutral puppets deal with many of children\'s social and emotional issues in positive ways.

    Best Show Ever??? I love this it just is hott!! I love ben :). I love leons green sweatshirt well ttyl i have to go watch it :) Don\'t you just love it well i am out see you later bye bye bye Well it has to be the best ever and I love it please bring it back