The Puzzle Place - Season 1

PBS (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • It's Magic
    It's Magic
    Episode 40
  • Willing and Able
    Willing and Able
    Episode 39
    Skye is excited that his friend Kyle is coming to visit. He brags to the kids that Kyle has won dance contests and basketball games. When Kyle arrives, the kids are shocked to see he's in a wheelchair.
  • A World of Difference
    Ben, Leon, Jody, Julie and Kiki disguise themselves as superheroes. When Skye realizes they all look alike, he has to figure out how to tell them apart. The kids learn that it clothes can't hide the real person.
  • Here's to the Winners
  • Big Boys Don't Cry
    Big Boys Don't Cry
    Episode 36
    Leon has plans to sow the kids how to make pancakes. When everyone else takes over and leaves him out, he starts to cry. The other boys tease him. But, they soon learn that it's ok for boys to show emotion.
  • Everything in Its Place
    The Piece Police are on vacation, so Kiki comes up wit ha plan to clean the place. Unfortunately, the others aren't as excited. They end up making a bigger mess than when they first started. Will they learn the joy in doing a nice deed and completing a hard task?
  • Just Kidding
    Just Kidding
    Episode 34
    The kids tease Skye when he forgets to bring a bat to a baseball game. He's upset and leaves. The others feel badly about upsetting him, even if they were just joking.
  • At the End of Our Rope
    The boys refuse to play jump rope. Instead, they challenge the girls to a more masculine game–tug-of-war. But, they lose! Will they learn that teamwork is the girls' secret strategy?
  • You Say Potato
    You Say Potato
    Episode 32
    All of the kids bring their favorite foods from home for a picnic. Unfortunately, they argue about where to have it, and then the rain comes.
  • Finders Keepers
    Finders Keepers
    Episode 31

    Julie finds Skye's lost Indian pouch but she loves it, and she's too afraid to return it.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    While a chicken pox epidemic infects everyone everyone except Skye, he finds an old guitar, but he cannot get it to play right. However he refuses to listen to others tell him that if he wants to get it to play right, he has to keep practicing and working to get better.

  • Baffled Ben
    Baffled Ben
    Episode 29
  • Owning It
    Owning It
    Episode 28
    Leon gets a new watch. But the other kids aren't nearly as excited as he is. They are annoyed by his bragging and the fact that he likes the watch more than them.
  • Bread and Matzoh
    Bread and Matzoh
    Episode 27
    Skye is insulted when Jody refuses to try his Apache fry bread. Jody explains that it's Passover, so she's limited to a specific type of bread because she's Jewish.
  • All Weather Friends
    All Weather Friends
    Episode 26
    Because of a large thunderstorm, the kids learn that Leon is afraid of thunder and lightening. He fears they will tease, but instead the kids support him and make him feel better.
  • Ben's Bad Hair Day
    Ben's Bad Hair Day
    Episode 25
    When Ben appears with bag on his head, the kids are determined to find out what's wrong. He finally admits that his brothers gave him a haircut that didn't turn out the way he wanted it to.
  • Bully for Jody
    Bully for Jody
    Episode 24
    Jody learns that you must stand up for yourself against a bully. She also discovers different strategies work for different people.
  • Donuts and Dithering
    A simple plate of donuts causes problems for the children when they want the same ones. Julie wins the game to determine who chooses first, but the decision isn't so easy with everyone trying to influence her.
  • Maiden Voyages
    Maiden Voyages
    Episode 22
  • Picture Perfect
    Picture Perfect
    Episode 21
    All the children are having their picture made, so they all want to look their best. For Ben that means discarding his glasses. Will he learn that it's ok to look different?
  • Dancing Dragon
    Dancing Dragon
    Episode 20
    When a mysterious package covered in Chinese symbols arrives at Puzzle Place, Skye and Kiki discover it first. Because they can't read Chinese lettering, they don't know that the gift belongs to Julie. The two manage to rip open the package, upsetting Julie by invading her privacy.
  • Party of One
    Party of One
    Episode 19
    Leon is excited to attend a birthday party for his friend, Jimmy. But, Jimmy's mom refuses to let Leon in the house because he is African-American. The other kids try to cheer him up and vow to never treat others the way Leon was treated.
  • Mad Music Magic
    Mad Music Magic
    Episode 18
    When the children find a treasure chest of musical instruments, Kiki assigns herself the role of conductor. She becomes very bossy and eventually everyone stops listening to her.
  • Going by the Book
    Going by the Book
    Episode 17
    The kids want to play pretend based off of a story in their picture book. Julie wants to be the princess, and Leon wants to be the prince. But, they don't look like the picture in their book. The kids finally find a book that has pictures from different cultures. They also learn that you don't have to look like the picture to play pretend.moreless
  • Real Horses
    Real Horses
    Episode 16
  • Leon's Pizza
    Leon's Pizza
    Episode 15
    Leon wants to bake a pizza for everyone. What he doesn't know is how to satisfy everyone's tastes.
  • Cute Is as Cute Does
    Julie is obsessed with her desire to enter a contest to meet who she thinks is the cutest person ever. But there are other things to worry about at The Puzzle Place, especially when Skye's plant goes into overdrive after too much plant food.
  • True Colors
    True Colors
    Episode 13
    When the children decide to paint portraits, they discover that their paint set has only one skin color–neon green. After some debate, the kids use chalk to create different shades of skin.
  • I Love Kiki
    I Love Kiki
    Episode 12
    When Julie gets a new toy horse, she allows Kiki to play with it...on one condition. Kiki can't pull a red string. Unfortunately, Kiki's curiosity overwhelms her, and the toy falls apart. Will Julie forgive her?
  • Different Drummer
    Different Drummer
    Episode 11
    Leon wears dashiki and kufi for the African Street Festival. He also has his djembe, which he thinks is the best drum. But Skye is quick to defend his Apache water drum.
  • Spud Buds
    Spud Buds
    Episode 10
    Leon invents a remote control that will operate a TV. The wide assortment of channels attracts his and others' attentions, much to Skye's regret.
  • Roamantics
    Episode 9
    Leon doesn't take seriously the warning about the "super ants" in the ant farm. Thinking the ants need fresh air, Leon opens the lid of the ant farm and instantly, the super ants escape, ready to cause trouble.
  • Rock Dreams
    Rock Dreams
    Episode 8
    Skye feels he'll pursue a musical career when he grows up, but he is unsure of what specific music to pursue.
  • Butterfingers
    Episode 7
    When Ben drops a baton in a relay race, Leon derides him with a rotten name, and everyone else grasps to use it.
  • Rudy One
    Rudy One
    Episode 6
    A robot has been sent to The Puzzle Place on a mission: befriend one of the kids and turn mean on the others.
  • Gotta Dance
    Gotta Dance
    Episode 5
    When four of the kids uncover a dance-step sheet, no one can figure out the dance it is designed for.
  • Accentuate the Positive
    Kiki helps the Puzzle Place kids learn everyone has an accent – and that bilingualism can be a very good thing!
  • Rip Van Wrinkle
    Rip Van Wrinkle
    Episode 3
    The kids discuss various ways they prepare for a good night's sleep.
  • Train Drivin' Kids
    Train Drivin' Kids
    Episode 2
    The boys quickly turn the girls off when they say a model train set is a "guy thing."
  • Tippy Woo
    Tippy Woo
    Episode 1
    When Julie turns a teddy bear into a puppet, everyone else implores her to give the bear a name. Because the bear tips over easily (and because "Woo" is her last name), Julie calls it Tippy Woo. But it could be a name susceptible to teasing.