The Puzzle Place - Season 2

PBS (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • Hurricane Julie
    Hurricane Julie
    Episode 25
    Julie causes problems for the others while their preparing for a pool party.
  • Cowpokes
    Episode 24
    The gang visits Skye's uncle's ranch. While there, Julie and Leon must overcome their fear of horses in order to enjoy some new experiences.
  • Leon Grows Up
    Leon Grows Up
    Episode 23
    When Leon decides he is "all grown up," he discovers that being an adult is difficult.
  • One Big, Happy Family
    A boy at school teases Jody about having divorced parents. After talking to her friends, she realizes that lots of people have different family structures.
  • It's Mine
    It's Mine
    Episode 21
    When Julie and Kiki both want to wear the same firefighter costume, Skye asks his uncle for advice on how to solve the problem. The kids establish a council to settle disagreements in the future.
  • Skye's Coat
    Skye's Coat
    Episode 20
    When Skye is teased for wearing a hand-me-down coat, the kids decorate the jacket to make him feel better.
  • I Scream, You Scream
    Jody's parents are divorced, and her dad has a new girlfriend. When the new girlfriend disrupts a tradition Jody shares with her dad, she's upset. Her friends convince her that talking to her dad will help her feel better.
  • Little Leon, Big Ben
    The children decide to host a circus. But, Leon is too small to fit into a costume. With his friends' help, he discovers that size shouldn't matter.
  • The Ballad of Davy Cricket
    When Jody's pet cricket dies, the friends share how different cultures deal with death.
  • That's Weird
    That's Weird
    Episode 16
    Ben's feelings are hurt when the gang makes fun of a traditional Norwegian dance he is trying to teach them.
  • Those Ears, Those Eyes
  • Tattle Tales
    Tattle Tales
    Episode 14
    When Leon's brother breaks a lamp, Leon must decide whether to keep the secret or tell the truth. The Puzzle Place kids get a lesson about the differences between tattle tales and truth tellers.
  • Beautiful Doll
    Beautiful Doll
    Episode 13
    Unbeknownst to Julie, Nuzzle has taken her favorite doll. Julie is understandably upset, so Leon decides to conduct an all-out search.
  • Off the Track
    Off the Track
    Episode 12
    Leon and Ben have an argument over a model train that ends with physical violence. Can they learn how to settle fights without fighting?
  • Hello, Maggie
    Hello, Maggie
    Episode 11
    Kiki's cousin Magie is coming for a visit, but she only speaks Spanish. When Kiki has to run an errand, will the other kids find a way to communicate with Maggie?
  • We Three Kings
    We Three Kings
    Episode 10
    Uncle Ray tells Leon he should be king of the kids. This goes to Leon's head immediately. He gives orders to Ben and Skye (among others). Gradually, Ben and Skye resent being ordered around, so they become kings themselves. Gradually, the three isolate themselves because of their differences. All three realize, aided by a discussion with a Los Angeles Laker, that friends are most important. It's a lesson Sizzle must learn for herself after an anonymous note prompts her to declare herself queen of cats.moreless
  • The New Adventures of Julie Woo
    While waiting for Juice Pops, Julie hangs out with the Piece Police throughout the day.
  • How Much is That Doggie in the Window?
    Kiki's mom agrees to get her a dog if Kiki can take care of Muzzle for one week.
  • The Mystery of the Fabulous Hat
    Leon is Sherlock Holmes and Ben is Watson when Jody loses her hat. Unfortunately, Leon forgets about teamwork.
  • Yellow Belt
    Yellow Belt
    Episode 6
    When Ben teases Jody that girls can't learn martial arts, she quickly teaches him lesson.
  • Helping Hands
    Helping Hands
    Episode 5
    Kiki decides to trim a large tree. Unfortunately, the job is to big for her to handle alone. She learns that its ok to ask your friends for help.
  • Oldies But Goodies
    Oldies But Goodies
    Episode 4
    Julie is torn between spending the day with her grandmother or singing in the talent show.
  • One Way
    One Way
    Episode 3
  • Dressing Up is Hard to Do
    The Puzzle Place kids are throwing a "grown up" party. However, Julie and Jody disagree on what is appropriate to wear.
  • Deck the Halls
    Deck the Halls
    Episode 1