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  • Four Americans are summoned to Glendora, where they learn they are distantly related to the royal family. They compete in a quest to see who will be the next king or queen of Glendora.

    \\\"The Quest\\\" (royalist adventure, not to be confused with the western of the same name from the \\\'70s) was a wonderful show. Alas, it was on in a horrible time slot, and died prematurely. During the Middle Ages, the entire royal family of Glendora was killed by the plague. A quest was set up for knights who could claim any kinship to the royal family, no matter how distant, and the winner of the quest became the new king. In the 1980s, Glendora faces a similar situation. King Charles-Philippe has outlived his heirs. Without an heir to the throne, the country will lose its independence and be absorbed into France. Using the medieval precedent, he finds four Americans who are descended from the royal family: Carrie Welby, assistant shoe buyer for a New York department store, Dan Underwood, photojournalist, Art Henley, retired cop, and Cody Johnson, semi-retired African-American con man. The four are knighted and sent a-questing. Using clues which Sir Edward writes in bad poetry (per medieval precedent), the four heir-candidates must prove their knightly virtues and their right to occupy the throne. Lady Caroline: tough, pretty, smart, able to take care of herself, sweet on Dan, but considered him a competitor first and a possible beau second

    Sir Daniel: almost naively honest, a parfait gentil knight, except in the bedroom. Women literally fell into his lap. (This was filmed in the days before AIDS, when casual sex was merely a sin and not a death sentence.)

    Sir Cody: used his street-smarts to outwit his \\\"cousins\\\", liked teasing Art, fond of Carrie as a sister. When Sir Edward first saw him, he was running on the plane, running from the police! Sir Edward said, \\\"My God, you\\\'re Black!\\\" Cody replied, \\\"Yeah, ain\\\'t it beautiful, baby\\\" (or words to that effect -- I don\\\'t remember the exact lines after 20 years).

    Sir Arthur: distrusts Cody, as an ex-cop, he recognized him as a crook at first meeting; contemporary with the king, a widower. In fanfic he lost a son in Vietnam (or was it Korea?), but I don\\\'t remember if that was actually in the show.

    Sir Edward was never given a last name on the show. He was played by John Rhys-Davies (Sallah in Indiana Jones, Lionheart in Robin of Sherwood). Despite the fact that Glendora is bordered by the Mediterrean on one side and France on the other three, Sir Edward was educated at Oxford and spoke with a British accent. He was the king\\\'s aide-de-camp and in charge of the quest.

    Count Dardinay was the villain. He\\\'d been kicked out of the country years ago, and if France took over, he could get his estates back.

    His Majesty was King Charles-Philippe in the pilot, but just King Charles in later episodes. Has friends all over the world. He dressed himself for the first time in the show, and is very fond of pretty chambermaids. Being a bit of a rogue himself, he has a soft spot for Sir Cody, but he will not place his personal preferences above his duty to his country. The quest is the most fun he\\\'s had in years.
  • Sometimes it sucks, but it's usually okay. Course, it'll always be better than Neighbours! How can anyone watch that? It should be shot down.

    Sometimes it sucks, but it's usually okay. Course, it'll always be better than Neighbours! How can anyone watch that? It should be shot down. Anyway, The Quest (1982), it's weird at times, and usually quite unbelieveable, and sometimes everything is just too perfect, but it's cool as it is. Oh, and i'd NEVER EVER want to live there. Beach views and death on every corner!