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The Quest

NBC (ended 1976)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Incident at Drucker's Tavern
    • The Seminole Negro Indian Scouts
    • Dynasty of Evil
    • The Last Of The Mountain Men
      To make money in order to continue their search for their sister Patricia, Morgan and Quentin team up with an old mountain man hunting pelts and fur to sell at the trading post. But while they are at the last remaining trappers base camp, a half-breed son of an untrustworthy trapper challenges Morgan to a fight. Then the skins that the brothers had saved are stolen by a band of thieves.moreless
    • The Freight Train Rescue
    • Portrait Of A Gunfighter
      After teaching a young man the secrets of using a gun, Quentin begins to have second thoughts when the boy expresses his desire to become a gunfighter.
    • The Longest Drive (pt 2)
      The Baudines hit the trail for a rancher who was shot and while herding 1500 cattle to Colorado, run into all kind of maladies.
    • The Longest Drive (pt 1)
      The Baudines turn down an offer to ride a cattle drive, until the rancher is shot.
    • Welcome To America, Jade Snow
      When miners go on strike, racial strife festers to the boiling point when Chinese immigrant workers are thrown into the situation.
    • Prairie Woman
      Prairie Woman
      Episode 6
      The Beaudine brothers meet a man who says he has knowledge of where there sister Patricia is. Only problem is that the man is a murderer due to be hung soon and won't give up the information. When the man escapes custody, Morgan helps track the killer while Quentin rides out to help a settler with her dying baby.moreless
    • Seventy-Two Hours
      The Beaudines arrive in a rough and tumble cattle town that likes a good time but also is a dangerous place from the constant fighting and drunken cow drovers. They decide to do a little celebrating of their own when tragedy strikes and their friend is shot dead by a drunken man, with the town Sheriff not very concerned about it.moreless
    • Day Of Outrage
      Day Of Outrage
      Episode 4
      To escape the vicious windstorm outside, Quentin and Morgan enter another kind of storm when they seek shelter in a bawdy ranch house owned by an aggressive woman.
    • Shanklin
      Episode 3
      An unrelenting Texas Ranger will not give up on a band of Mexican outlaws who raid the southern territories and then quickly ride back over the border to safety. After catching the Beaudine brothers unknowingly lending aid to another outlaw, the lawman persuades the brothers to join his Rangers and help save lives by stopping the banditos.moreless
    • The Buffalo Hunters
      The Beaudine brothers, in their continuing search for their sister held captive by Indians, get taken captive themselves by a gang of lawless buffalo hunters.
    • The Captive
      The Captive
      Episode 1
      In the search for their sister, an army Captain tells the Beaudine brothers about another white girl who is the captive of Indians. But after she is rescued, when they try to bring her back to society, the town folk aren't very sympathetic to her plight.
    • The Quest
      Morgan Beaudine and his sister Patricia are captured by a Cheyenne raiding party who kill all in the wagon train except them. Taken back to the tribe, they are raised as Cheyenne. Eight years later, Morgan is captured by the Army and held until his brother Quentin is called in to take control of a "White" Indian. After discovering they are brothers and that their sister is still alive, the Beaudines set off on a quest to find "White Antelope".moreless
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