The Raccoons

CBC (ended 1992)





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  • A World of Raccoons and Their fight against Urbanization.

    Somewhere in the Evergreen Forest, is a Energetic Raccoon by the name of Bert the Raccoon, Ralph and Melissa, a happy couple (Who are also raccoons.), and Schaeffer and Broo, the Father-Son team of Sheep Dogs.

    Things would be normal in the forest except for the Tycoon, Cyril Sneer, the Aardvark, and His Yes-Pigs, Lloyd, Floyd, and Boyd. but, Cyril's son, Cedric, is the opposite of His Dad. Shy, friendly, and whatever. And at a Rare occasion, there are other Raccoons like Bentley, a Young prodigy who'd make Bert a Big Brother, Lisa, A Tall Raccoon who Bert has a crush on. and so begins their adventures in the Evergreen Forest.
  • One of the best 80's family cartoons!

    When we think about the cool 80's cartoons, we all immediately think about Transformers or Voltron or He-Man but again, there are some forgotten cartoons that we 80's kids watched that thought us about virtues and what's good and what's bad. Racoons is one fine example of that kind of shows. This is defininitely a show which would kids enjoy watching; the characters were funny, and I especialy liked the music. Today, art of making this kind of cartoons is, I'm afraid, forgotten, and it would be nice to see this great classic back on the air, or atleast on DVD. Let our kids enjoy classics like this. Don't let it be completely forgotten!
  • An awesome show that i watched as a little kid and i still miss it.

    A great show that i miss. the best episode was when cyril sneer's old buisness partner was coming back to give him what he deserved and cyril freaks out and panics about it. bottom line is this is a great show and sadly missed. hope they come out on DVD sometime.
  • A much missed show. It was absolutely astonishing.

    Well, let's say that a couple of days ago someone played "Run with us" from this TV show on an internet radio station I know. When I heard it the series came back to me. I hadn't seen it since I was 8 and now everything was flashing back to me. At the time I was a little ashamed of myself from not having heard from this show since I was 8, and being a member of the furry fandom subculture, when it came over the airwaves, I remembered a close knit group of raccons who lived in Evergreen Forest who were always foiling Cirrel Sneer's fiendish corporate tycoon plans. And I remember loving every minute of it when I was 8. I love the memories still.

    I have just explained the basic outline of the show, but it was a show that I sorely miss now that I have remembered it. I would say to anybody who has not already seen this show to go and buy the DVD. It is a must see.