The Raccoons

CBC (ended 1992)





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  • A much missed show. It was absolutely astonishing.

    Well, let's say that a couple of days ago someone played "Run with us" from this TV show on an internet radio station I know. When I heard it the series came back to me. I hadn't seen it since I was 8 and now everything was flashing back to me. At the time I was a little ashamed of myself from not having heard from this show since I was 8, and being a member of the furry fandom subculture, when it came over the airwaves, I remembered a close knit group of raccons who lived in Evergreen Forest who were always foiling Cirrel Sneer's fiendish corporate tycoon plans. And I remember loving every minute of it when I was 8. I love the memories still.

    I have just explained the basic outline of the show, but it was a show that I sorely miss now that I have remembered it. I would say to anybody who has not already seen this show to go and buy the DVD. It is a must see.