The Raccoons

Season 1 Episode 47

The One That Got Away

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1991 on CBC



  • Quotes

    • (Talking to Lisa about Bert, Cedric and his secret fishing hole)
      Bentley: Lisa, I can't tell you where the secret fishing hole is. Cause it's a secret.
      Lisa: (Reading a book) Uh-ha.
      Bentley: And everyone knows girls can't keep a secret.
      Lisa: Oh absolutely true, Bentley. Absolutely true.
      Bentley: Bet you'd love to know where it is, no?
      Lisa: Not really.
      Bentley: Oh sure. I bet you're dying to know.
      Lisa: Nope.
      Bentley: (Closes the tackle box) Girls! (Sees Bert and Cedric coming) Here come the only other two guys in the Universe who know where it is. Hi, guys. I'm all ready. Boy I can't wait to go to our secret fishing hole. (Bert and Cedric frown at him) Guys?
      Cedric: The secret is not a secret anymore, Bentley. Somebody told.
      Bentley: It wasn't me, guys. I'd never tell.
      Lisa: He's been trying to tell me all day.
      Bert: I knew it! I didn't tell and Cedric didn't tell and seeing that there were only three people in the Universe who know you must've told.
      Bentley: But I...
      Bert: I saw you talking to the pigs in Mr. Willow's store yesterday and today Cyril's got a humongus picture of our fishing hole hanging from the ceiling. You just had to tell someone, didn't you? Huh? Come on, Cedric. Let's go!
      (Bert and Cedric leave)
      Bentley: But, Bert! I... I didn't!

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