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Season 10 : Episode 98

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Rachael Ray does it again. She brings her flair and zest for cooking along with her down-to-earth nature and combines it with her genuine warmth to give us a wonderful new talk show that literally makes you feel right at home. Creative and colorful sets combined with a wide variety of special guests help to make this a great show. She interacts with her audience in such a way that makes you feel as if you are spending that time with a girlfriend. Her question and answer segment where she answers questions from the viewers adds a special touch, and it's a treat to watch her prepare meals alongside her various guests and share conversation as well as culinary tips.


    News Briefs: Nathan Fillion Is Heading to Greendale

    Plus: Starz is re-airing Spartacus in its entirety, a Breaking Bad alum is heading to ABC Family, and MTV has renewed The Challenge.


    General Hospital, Ellen win Daytime Emmys

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    Fan Reviews (170)

    • Rachael Ray Gives Me a Headache

      Honestly, I signed up just to comment about RR's show. I've tried watching her the past couple of weeks, but always end up turning her show off. This morning I was looking forward to seeing Emeril because I've always been a fan. But, with her constant yelling over not just Emeril, but the guests before him, as well, I couldn't take it. As soon as Emeril's part was over with I turned the tv off because her annoyance truly gave me a whopping headache! Rachael Ray, it would serve you well to respect the guests who have taken their time to come on your show. Let them finish a dang sentence without your loud interruptions, or don't have guests on at all! What's the point? And for heaven sake, use your inside voice! BAMmoreless
    • So it's not just me!!!!

      I have always been a fan of the Rachael Ray Show. Since I have retired, I have had the opportunity to watch the show more often, and I need to say that I was driven to write this review. I am absolutely appalled at how frequently Rachael interrupts her guests and finishes their sentences!! If she already knows everything, then she should just present the material herself - no need to invite guests!! If she wants to invite guests to the show, then she needs to let them speak for themselves. I'm not sure how much longer I can continue watching. Come on Rach . . . you should have enough self confidence to let your guests be the experts!!!!moreless
    • This show just needs to end

      I really liked the show, but anymore it's just hard to watch. She is constantly interrupting her guest, and you can feel the awkwardness. She's just rude. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but she is. She has gotten so obnoxious. Part of me feels like she's just not caring anyone. I liked her a lot more when she just had her thirty minute meals show.

      Update 02/03/2016

      I've been given the show another shot. Mainly because don't have cable, and it's what's on. I was watching a few minutes ago and just had to turn it off. It was unbearable. I'm not exaggerating. It felt like I was being tortured into watching it. It' sad too, because I used to really like her. I liked all her shows on food network, and I liked this one the first few seasons when it started. Something, I don't what, really went down hill. I'm done watching it.moreless
    • When did Rachael become so LARGE?

      I can recall seeing her show when it was relatively new (I believe), but have not seen it/her for quite some time... I'm at home today because of a snowstorm and was flipping through some channels; my goodness, she seems TWICE the size I remember! And she used to be such a cute lil' thang! :-(
    • Fame has made Rachael Ray- An Ugly Person

      Rachael Ray needs to learn to listen to her guests and not talk over them. She is getting very annoying.

      A friend of mine went to see her show live last week and she was appalled at how rude she is and how fake she has become. She really needs to take a good look at herself in a mirror and remember where she came from. She needs to learn how to treat her staff with respect and interact with the guests of her show.

      She is definitely not a humble person. When her show is on commercial break. She doesn't interact with her guests, which is down right rude.

      If it wasn't for her fans she would have nothing. Maybe she needs to enroll in a class that will teach her how to treat people and learn to be humble!!!! She is definitely too into her self.moreless

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