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Rachael Ray does it again. She brings her flair and zest for cooking along with her down-to-earth nature and combines it with her genuine warmth to give us a wonderful new talk show that literally makes you feel right at home. Creative and colorful sets combined with a wide variety of special guests help to make this a great show. She interacts with her audience in such a way that makes you feel as if you are spending that time with a girlfriend. Her question and answer segment where she answers questions from the viewers adds a special touch, and it's a treat to watch her prepare meals alongside her various guests and share conversation as well as culinary tips.


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  • Fan Reviews (205)

    • A sister to love!

      I tape and watch the Rachael Ray show. I enjoy the show, but have come to find her constant talking over her guests and finishing their information very annoying. Lately she has also begun to hurry her guest along in fact so much that you don't even feel that you have a chance to understand what they are trying to tell you. The episode in which her sister appeared and showed how to make her bunny cake is an excellent example. Rachael would not let her talk, she constantly interrupted, and took over making the cake. Her sister is not a tv personality, but she, as every one else on the show, should be respected and allowed to impart their information without intervention by Rachael. Please, Rachael, you need to go back to the days when you were not an expert and you showed your guests the respect they deserve - sister - or otherwise. I hold hope that you can improve and I can continue to watch your show without having to delete the show halfway though because of the annoying habits you now exhibit.moreless
    • So annoying had to change channel

      I have to have the TV on where I work, so I keep it on RR, no offensive language, but that is the only thing that is not offensive. She never stops talking over her guests. I simply can not watch any longer. I find myself shouting at the TV for her to Shut Up! It is so annoying. I wonder if CBS will ever move her back to the paid formats so that we don't have to listen anymore. Please do something!moreless
    • Disappointed

      13 years ago, Rachael taught me how to cook with 30 Minute Meals. I loved the tips she gave and how she simplified the process. She's awesome when it's just her, talking and cooking. And I think that's her downfall. She couldn't transition to having actual people with her and not doing all the talking herself. Emmitt Smith called her on it, too, right there on the show. And when her audience gets excited about the food, she tells them to calm down, in a very condescending way. I wanted so badly to like the talk show, but she just isn't cut out for that type of forum.

      I also gave up on her magazine early on when they published a "Copy Our Look" page with her and John. It featured his $60 t-shirt. For someone who used to teach her audience about stretching a buck, she's really lost touch.moreless
    • We don't need a Translator

      I thought it must be me. I hardly watch Rachael anymore, because of her constant jabbering when her guest is trying to speak! It IS annoying and I'm surprised anyone will come to be a guest. The only person to show irritation, was Flay. He pretty much walked over her, so he could talk!

      Whenever someone has a story, she feels the need to jump in with her own 'one-up' tale!

      Anyhow, I can see by the comments, that it is not just me. Thanks for posting!moreless
    • General

      She needs to let her guests talk. She constantly interrupts them and they can not finish a sentence. Very annoying

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