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The Rachael Ray Show

Weekdays 8:00 AM on CBS Premiered Sep 18, 2006 In Season


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The Rachael Ray Show
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AIRED ON 2/28/2014

Season 8 : Episode 109

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Rachael Ray does it again. She brings her flair and zest for cooking along with her down-to-earth nature and combines it with her genuine warmth to give us a wonderful new talk show that literally makes you feel right at home. Creative and colorful sets combined with a wide variety of special guests help to make this a great show. She interacts with her audience in such a way that makes you feel as if you are spending that time with a girlfriend. Her question and answer segment where she answers questions from the viewers adds a special touch, and it's a treat to watch her prepare meals alongside her various guests and share conversation as well as culinary tips.

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  • Loud and obnoxious

    What the heck happened to Rachel RayI can barely stand watching her on TV ! Loud she interrupts people she's a know it all ! she needs to get off the TV and just stick to selling her pots and pans every day I change the channel when her show comes on!
  • You're losing fans!! Stop interrupting please!

    I started watching her show about a month ago; excited to be able to watch because I was a huge fan of her Food Network cooking shows. But WOW she is the rudest show host I've ever watched - constantly interrupting her guests who often make it apparent that they're annoyed as well because they can't finish an answer to one of Rachael's questions. One celebrity who comes to mind is Carrie Underwood - she could not get a word in when talking about her baby, album, career, etc. and was clearly bothered. I've never seen a guest on a show look like they wanted to get out of there so badly.

    There are SO many other reviews saying this same thing. Rachael, if you (or your producers) are reading these reviews, please trust us when we say that your rudeness dramatically reduces the appeal of your show. Please try to work on your listening skills/humility.

    I've never left a comment on a show before, let alone a negative one, but I just had to sign up and leave my two cents. I'd love to be able to sit through and entire episode because of the cooking ideas, but the constant interrupting making that difficult for me.moreless
  • Please stop interrupting your guests

    I only can watch when Rachel is cooking because she has no interviewing skills at all. I don't understand why "her people" don't help her with this issue. She won't shut up and let people talk when she asks them a question. I want to hear the guests not acts stupid and tries t be too cute like a little annoying kid. I like Rachel but they need to cut the interviewing out of her program and stick to cooking. I don't watch her anymore.moreless
  • RUDE.

    I use to love watching Rachael daily, but WOW she seems to interrupt every single person on her show. My GOODNESS!
  • Help

    How do I go about registering for the weight loss warrior..... Im so ready to loss this getting married I want to get healthy and look pretty for my man.

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