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Rachael Ray does it again. She brings her flair and zest for cooking along with her down-to-earth nature and combines it with her genuine warmth to give us a wonderful new talk show that literally makes you feel right at home. Creative and colorful sets combined with a wide variety of special guests help to make this a great show. She interacts with her audience in such a way that makes you feel as if you are spending that time with a girlfriend. Her question and answer segment where she answers questions from the viewers adds a special touch, and it's a treat to watch her prepare meals alongside her various guests and share conversation as well as culinary tips.

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Fan Reviews (140)

  • Rude, boring, not even a good chef unless you like burgers!

    I keep wondering WHY I bother to watch (peek at) this show, but guess it's like having a loose tooth but keep wiggling it.

    Too many things to critique, but here are some starters, not necessarily in order of irritations:

    1) Can she cook anything besides burgers and, once in awhile, chicken? One more burger recipe (with the hand scoring to make equal size burgers), I will yell at the TV again! Rachel, we are not stupid. And burgers get boring, no matter WHAT you do!

    2) you are a poor host to your guests, constantly interrupting about YOUR relevance.

    3) you have NO class, dress like some people do in N. New Hampshire where u live which is good when you are IN Northern NH, but not on national TV. Get a makeover!

    4) am a senior, been cooking forever, learned from Julia, which I don't expect from Rachel, but she's not even a good cook. I mean, how hard is it to cook hamburger 65 ways and try to act clever and enthusiastic about it?

    5) rude to her guests, most, of whom are chefs, and know much more than she's even close to knowing. Why Jacques Pepin bothers to slum himself out is beyond me. They must pay him a wad!

    6) not interested in your husband's tastes nor your dogs unless only OCCASIONALLY mentioned!

    7) get your set organized. You can't pre show check your utensils? How dumb is that?

    8) don't "sell" your products during the show.

    9) lose weight. You look slobby.

    10) FINALLY! You are a basic cook with a few twists. How you got a show of your own is beyond me. I prefer The Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) who knows how to cook! Really cook!

    Take this stupid show off!!

  • Irritating - for Years!

    There is only on person on TV more irritating than Rachael Ray - and that is Sunni Anderson. She is on so much, it should be the Rachael & Sunni Show. Love watching the two loud mouths try to get along in the kitchen. As others have commented, tired of hearing about John's favorite dishes, his band, her dog, her inability to conduct an interview without interrupting with personal comments and yelling for an item the staff forgot to put on the set. It happens so often, it is just not funny anymore. Just as Rachael Ray suffers from overexposure, Sunni Anderson is on the same path. Don't get me started on Food Network and the tired fare of programming there. Food Network Stars? In who's mind?moreless
  • I pity the people...

    who choose to sit through a taping of Rachel's show. It's sooooooo hard to watch on tv, so I can only imagine what it's like to actually be in the studio. The other day Dr. Travis Stork was on the show, and every time he started to talk about various health issues, Rachel would interrupt him and say that she had this problem or that problem too; at one point it looked to me like Stork was getting agitated that she was interrupting him. Maybe if she watched tapes her show it might FINALLY dawn on her that she acts worse than a hyperactive teenager, but then again maybe not, lol!

  • Be quiet Rachael!

    I keep trying to watch her show but I can't stand her constant interrupting the guests with her own comments and experiences. Every time the guest is about to make a point she interjects her own comment. At that point I don't really want to hear her interruption. Let her talk after. So annoying. Plus I'm getting tired of hearing about what her "John" likes. It get it. He likes Carbonara. If you don't want the guests to talk don't have them on.moreless
  • Please Get Her Off the Air

    Can't stand her. I wish she would just go away.

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