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  • Shut the hell up already!

    Ever thought of letting the guest complete a sentence? Try it sometime....
  • What Has Happened to Rachel Ray

    Tried to watch her show again today but once again she is loud, obnoxious, rubs her nose, hands in her hair and the most disturbing is her talking over her guests; she always has to be the centre of attention.

    Get her so called husband off this show because he obviously doesn't need the work because over and over again she says he is a lawyer by day and musician by night. Rachel yelling at the staff in the back is so beyond rude; she has no class. One more thing; she probably has a stylist but obviously doesn't listen to him/her because she needs a drastic makeover (I know that's petty but she really
  • What is happening?

    I find Rachel to be very monotone and robotic like during the cooking segments now. I liked it better when she dynamic and perky. Not sure why her husband keeps popping up.... but he ( and his scarf) can go away. I think she's burning out... which is understandable as it must be difficult to maintain a fake public persona all the time.
  • Losing interest in Rachel!!

    I noticed she has her husband "John" on there a lot! Today I find out the he is now the shows "Mixologist"! so I am assuming she hired him on! she has said that he is a musician, But apparently it isn't paying to well that he had to ask her for work! He seems like a Moocher and is only holding on to Rachael for the MONEY! and she is just thankful to have a Man who she can dominate and control!! I need to quit watching this Farce!!
  • Stop interrupting your guests

    Rachael needs to stop interrupting her guests and let them do their thing. She always has to talk over them and let them talk about their own receipes. She thinks she's all that but rude rude rude
  • Enough is enough..

    I, as so many others, used to enjoy Rachael Ray. But I can no longer tolerate her rudeness and disrespect toward her guests. I am over having to hear about her, her husband, her mother, her dog, her products and everything Rachael Ray. The fact that we have heard it all over and over again does not help this matter. She won't let her guests speak, interrupts them, takes over when they try to cook, often not even following the appropriate steps. She knows everything about everything. She knows more than doctors, actual chefs, psychology, you mame it. She even goes so far as to argue with them when she disagrees. Hollering into the back kitchen is beyond annoying. Worse than ever these days. I want to watch her guests but can't hear a word they say. Far too irritating of a show for me. Get over yourself, Rachael!

    Just watched the show for the first time in over a year. Is Rachel Ray ok? Seems sloppy, and her speech is kind of slurred. Is she sick? What have I missed? I can't believe I'm looking at the same Rachael Ray I watched a year ago.
  • Frustrating

    I used to really like this show but as the years go on Rachael has become so annoying talking over her guests constantly. I can barely watch the show anymore and only tune in if she has a guest on there that I want to see. She needs some people skills and manners. It's so rude to listen to her speaking over her guests all the time. Show is sinking like the titanic.
  • Time for 12 step program, Rachael

    Rachael loves to have her boozy hubby on. She can't grab whatever alcoholic concoction he makes fast enough. I have also noticed her "dry drunk" moments. If she thinks this show will continue with a combo of booze and menopause, she'll need to think again. This morning, John was making something with Vodka. She hung over him, staring at the glass and complaining about the amount of Vodka. She made the 2 drinks into one and grabbed it. Rachael Ray is an alcoholic. I in recovery for 18 yrs. She needs to recognize this. With all the talking over her guests, grabbing that spotlight, screeching, frustrated yelling ( dry drunk/hangover ), watching this show and hearing the words, I, Me,and My 100 times too grating to watch.
  • Needs Therapy

    Just because its your show and you help a lot of people. You have a obligation to respect the guest that are on your show. It gives people anxiety and stress just watching how you interrupt them, talk over them. and act so controlling over everything that goes on. Start watching your own shows and see how bad it is. You have a great show but your sinking it. Get Help.
  • shut up already

    The poor guests that come on this show. Rachel doesn't give anyone a chance to finish a thought. As soon as they begin to speak, she starts talking over them. Why ask the guest a question if she isn't going to let them speak? It is so annoying. I have even watched some parts of the show on mute because I just couldn't listen to her anymore. Rachel, try actually listening to your guests. You may even learn something like we would like too.
  • And I thought she couldn't ever get more obnoxious! 2/9/2018. Latersbaby

    The only reason I am watching the show today is to see is how she's going to interrupt her guests. She was so rude to Travis Stork. Every time he tried to speak she took over. But he didn't fall for her little game. He never once said to her that she was right. He let her ramble and then just went on to finish what he was saying. Then the poor guy who was cooking! She tells him to go cook and then she tells the story about her sister and the camel. REALLY!! Oh, and I forgot, she had to remind us that she could say what she wanted because it was HER SHOW!! I'm sick of her touching her nose and flicking her hair!

    Now she's cooking, and making a meatloaf. Who in the world would eat that MESS of a meatball! Her recipes don't even look good anymore. I could go on and on but won't. Literally, right right right!

    Yelling back to the kitchen for things. Janette her bread double.

    She used to be the sweetest thing over 10 yrs. ago and has turned into the most obnoxious, RUDE, self centered, know it all!! Very sad.
  • On top of everything she lies about her background!

    She has lead us all to believe that her mother is a little Sicilian woman and Rachael grew up learning cooking from her grandfather but both of those things are not 100% true. I found out from a genealogy website that her mother is only HALF Sicilian! That's why she only mentions her Sicilian grandfather - Her maternal grandmother was of English and French Canadian extraction. That really makes my blood boil as a Sicilian American! So much for this "big Sicilian family" she talks about! She is only one quarter Sicilian! Also, her grandfather died when she was only 5 years old! The way she talks about him you'd think she learned everything about cooking from him at his side growing up! What a liar she is!

    I also agree with others here that she repeats herself incessantly and that her audience is beyond tired of hearing about all the same things over and over again. Plus she is always talking over her guests and interrupting them. She is often wired on caffeine on the show because she is always sleep deprived, which makes her run off at the mouth inappropriately. It is truly mortifying for her guests! Take notice when she holds a coffee cup, that's when she is the most offensive. Plus her hands shake like she has palsy from all the caffeine she needs to keep herself awake! I notice that the show tries to hide it but every once in a while you can see it and it's alarming!
  • Literally!!

    Like so many others, I wish Rachael would shut up- enough already! She admits that she is a cook, not a chef, yet can't let the professionals finish a thought- she has to jump in to prove she knows it all. Same if the guest is a doctor, beauty expert, actor, -whatever- she knows it all! Why even have any guests? She must have some fans, since the show is in its 10th season. Given that, doesn't she think they have heard her stories often enough? Like how to score meat to make the perfect burger, shaving garlic Pauley thin, living in the Adirondacks, slathering something delicious all over her arm & eating it, she & John got married in Italy, he's a lawyer, musician & a mixologist, her mama is a little Sicilian woman, she was an ice cream girl- right, right, right- sure, sure, sure!!! Enough! The show needs to be done! I saw a repeat the other day with her girlfriend G doing a few hairdos- don't know which of them says "literally" more- so annoying! And I agree that her hair needs to be pulled off her face. Her best hairstyle was on 30 Minute Meals when she had it layered/feathered & about chin/mid-neck length.

    So the show has been renewed- not sure how because she didn't learn anything over the summer- still as loud, disruptive & obnoxious as ever!

    The latest phrase she needs to drop is that "she's literally drooling" over whatever she or a guest is making! Very unappetizing to even visualize that! And again- the overuse of the word "literally".

    2/15/17-recycling at its worst: aluminum foil pants! Who is her stylist? And her comments about her pit bull daughter when the couple with 4 little adopted girls were on were inappropriate - guess she'll never learn!

    9/19/17- today's get up had to be the worst of the worst! Navy/print velvet jacket, print top, short jeans & black & white boots. Whose idea was that/did you look in the mirror before taping?

    1/28/18 - just saw on the news that the East Village Bar, Continental, has banned the use of the word "literally". Guess Rachael & her girlfriend, Greta, won't be welcome!!
  • Viewer

    The only one negative, Rachael Ray needs to pull back her hair when preparing food. Hair sheds and can get into the food. She periodically pulls at her hair. Please check various tapes.
  • Over talking

    I love watching the show but Rachael needs to stop talking or interrupting her guests when they speak or show their projects,it's annoying, sorry but it is
  • Using essential oils in your home

    Today's show 1-3-218 talking about the benefits to add essential oils like lavender oil to a vaporizer although it smells great can be toxic to pets especially cats. Just breathing the vapors of many essential oils can be deadly so if you have pets its wise to check with your vet before using essential oils in your home.
  • Maybe it's time to reboot ...

    I thought maybe I was being a little over critical, but after reading the messages below, I see I am not the only one who is noticing. I loved Rachael Ray at one time. Truthfully, I have observed the same behavior as others have stated. She does have the habit of talking over her guests, which is rude and does come across as unappreciative of having them as guests on her show. She truly does do this more than she probably realizes. It's not fun to watch and is very unbecoming of her. I'm very disappointed. Is there something going on with her on a very personal level? We need to consider that she is a human being and we all know that daily life can be a roller coaster ride from time to time. Also, it would be nice to see more healthful options, especially when her guest is a doctor, or nutritionist. We'd always love to learn better cooking habits. I feel badly about posting this ... perhaps it can be received as a teachable moment. I hope so.
  • interrupts......

    First let me start by saying, I liked her cooking shows, and like Rachael when she is in her element (the kitchen). However, when you put her on a show where she interviews celebrities' or does ANYTHING besides cooking it is the WORST. It is awkward, rude, annoying and certainly not cute to constantly interrupt the guests and talk about yourself, again and again and againnnn.

    I signed up just to type this comment, I had to get this off my chest.

    Update: (one year later) Rachel Ray has gotten worse! I just watched a cooking segment with Ayesha Curry as the guest and Rachel didn't let her get a word in! She cuts the guest off every time she tries to say an ingredient or method... Rachel will say 'I do it this way' or 'my family And not let guest speak!!! Rachel asks a question to the guest BUT doesn't let them answer!!! She will just go on a rant about herself.... EVERY TIME!

  • the show is losing it's appeal

    I am going to stop watching Rachel Ray since her show is less about cooking and more about interviews and crafts, etc. She is very rude when she talks over her guess and makes comments like "congratuations for being so smart and pretty" on todays show. What does being pretty have anything to do with anything. She mentioned the guest cook today was pretty too. Comments should not be about how you look. She needs to update her look because with her wieght gain. She should put her hair up when she cooks. She should learn how to toast bread. In my oppion is because she is not making heathly meals and is clearly drinking too much with her husband. She should warp up this year's show and concentrate on her other projects, like her furniture designing, dog food line, kitchen ware and charities. For her own health she should go back to cooking only 30 minutes but this time healty meals. That's my two cents! I am done with watching her on her current format.
  • Loud and Annoying

    I have stopped watching Rachel she is the rudest host I have ever watched! ALWAYS interrupting her guests! Just sickening! Her cooking has become boring, she cooks with too much cheese and to many hamburgers, a hamburger is a hamburger, it is what you put on a hamburger that makes it different! She keeps saying she is half Italian, well Rachel you cook to much pasta! I am a full blooded Italian and the Italian cuisine is full of different variety of foods and dishes that can be showcased, Italian cuisine is one of the best! She has let her obnoxious ego disappoint her viewing audience, no more for me!
  • Today"s Show 11/29

    Conversation topic, looking younger- Whats your soon to be also like a facial with Aloe Vera a leaf, the egg yolk, haven't tried AVOCADO
  • Do something with that hair!

    Anyone that cooks knows that you tie your hair back when cooking. You don't touch your hair while adding ingredients to a meal. It's disgusting! Also please do something about her clothes. She looks frumpy.

  • Please shut up the know it all

    Can someone please shut her up... she is so rude and constantly interrupts. Rachael has the need to be the center of attention all the time. You really don't need to explain what chili powder is.... we are not that stupid.
  • confused

    why does rachael ray say that she is italian when she was born in new york
  • sniff sniff sniff

    STOP already. You keep sniffing your nose. Do you have a runny nose, a cold or allergies? If so, don't hang your stringy hair over the food and sniff. It is disgusting.
  • Classless 4.0

    Rachel Rays speech ( she's just too loud and classless) drives me bonkers. In addition her clothing and hair are just awful.

    I don't know how the show stays on the air except for the fact there are no other options in that time slot.
  • Your rude and obnoxious

    One thing you do not let your guest speak, you interrupt them constantly about me me me , very annoying.

    Also i would like to know whats in that coffee cup of yours? always carry in your hand, seems to me you like your alcohol a lil too Just saying, dont know how you have kept yourself on the air for so long. Sincerely unnerved show watcher. Not for long. Looks like alot of other people have the same problem with you.... Zip it up. more.....
  • The 'Emperor' Wears No Clothes!

    Okay, she wears clothes, but they are dour ones! I'm not a clothes policeman or anything, but whenever I watch the Rachael Ray tv cooking show, she always seems to be wearing black or close to black outfits. I realize Rachael is a chef, not a fashion queen, but it would certainly be a welcome change to see her wear brighter and more appealing clothes for television, at least once in awhile! Of course, she is a multi-millionaire, so probably could care less what we mere minions think, but still...
  • Talks to much

    I wish Rachael would just for once stop stealing her guests thunder. She never seems to let them talk about their segment. No one knows everything. I agree with others she needs to move on with her life doing anything but TV.
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