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  • Here she goes again

    I havent tuned in for awhile. Giving her the benefit of the doubt tune in. Theres this poor man showing how to get stains off Right Away takes the cloth away from him and talk over him should be a one woman she knows

  • Loud and Unnecessary

    Every time I've seen Rachael on a show she has done nothing but irritate me. I could not get past her personality no matter how much I wanted to learn about her recipes. She's rude to her guests on her show and on every other show she has to make it about her. Untalented as a show host, talented as a chef.
  • Why is she always screaming?

    Is there some reason she screams all the time? It is so annoying. I would watch for the recipes but I can't handle that constant screaming!

    Please never say SHUT THE DOOR again!!!!!

    Why does she think it's necessary? Is it just for show?

  • Glad I am not the only one

    I just can't watch Rachel Ray show anymore. She is too mouthy. Her constant "Right, right, right" at guests like they can't tell her anything she doesn't already know. It is so rude and annoying. She talks over everyone else. I know its her show and she can do what she wants but if she only knew how annoying she comes across to viewers.
  • So annoying had to change channel

    I have to have the TV on where I work, so I keep it on RR, no offensive language, but that is the only thing that is not offensive. She never stops talking over her guests. I simply can not watch any longer. I find myself shouting at the TV for her to Shut Up! It is so annoying. I wonder if CBS will ever move her back to the paid formats so that we don't have to listen anymore. Please do something!
  • Dear Fox 4 and RR producers

    The ability to participate in conversation, where each individual is given the time and courtesy to participate is a learned behavior. You can teach it to yourself with just a smidgeon of self awareness and self control. The person who is unable to achieve this behavior SHOULD NOT be a show host!!! It's painful and aggravating to watch. You appear lacking in self esteem and confidence as if every person is a threat to you. The louder and more vocal you become while your guest is attempting to talk RR with that purposeful scratchy, squeaky laugh has become more than I can take. I actually wanted to watch the episode where your guest was making mac n cheese variations. I felt so frustrated for him and all the guests that are paraded thru your show so that you can talk over them and beat them to death with your insatiable need to be the center of the world, know all, be all... I just can't watch your show anymore. I'm over and out!!!
  • Shut Up!!!

    Why do you keep interrupting your guests? You are so annoying. Let them talk. We don't need you finishing their sentences. Every time I watch the show I roll my eyes and comment on how annoying you are. I enjoy your guests but I can't stand you. Why can't you just let people speak?
  • WOW how annoying is RR

    How annoying is RR! Never will I attempt to watch this show again. She is rude arrogant and just unpleasant. Please get this lady some help she needs a reality check. I feel the same as all of the other comments so I am not going to repeat them. Worst show on TV!!
  • Deleted 20 shows I was behind on Rachael Ray can't handle watching her,show

    Can't stand hearing same old stories over and over. Please allow your guests a chance to speak. I know you think you are smarter than the rest of us but you are not. Your stories are boring and were not even exciting from the start but yet you continue to say the same old lines over and over.

    You always use the Big L letter on your forehead, and I felt sorry for someone who felt they needed to do that. But now I think your hand needs to be permanently stuck proving you are a loser. After 10 years can

    you not think of some new things to say? Keep the material new and are so boring. You appear to be so insecure with your self so it comes out in rudeness. What is wrong with an adult that claims they don't look down in the shower? Please, please get help for your self. You drink too much and are very self involved.

    Don't tell me I don't like anchovies and that I am wrong. Who do you think you are telling me I like something. Don't tell me not to lean the dirt off of my mushrooms and a little dirt won't hurt me. Has she never heard of food poisoning? I often wonder how many people she has made sick due to this. Pleas cancel this show, I won't be having any thing to do with any show she appears in. I am not alone most everyone I know feels the same way.

    As far as her cooking goes I can put a potato chip on a hamburger and call it a new creation too. She make sway too many burgers and hot dogs and thinks she is so creative. Well is is not creative or even a good cook. Any person can portion 4 burgers without her bragging about scoring them first. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to tell that the portions are not equal.

  • The Food Network Rachael was much better!! Where did that person go??

    The only thing I can say is that fame changes people in many ways. For RR it has not been a good change. She is rude to her guests by not allowing them to finish their thoughts or sentences. Recently Chef Curtis Stone seemed exasperated by the constant interruptions. Chef Stone showed manners by smiling when she finished his sentences but it was obvious he was annoyed. Even when she has doctors on her show, she over talks them to try to prove to her audience that she is just as smart as they are. Epic fail!! She is not that intelligent. I used to watch RR because she had some interesting guests. But she has to prove that she is the boss by over talking then and finishing their sentences. I can no longer watch her show. Where did the cute, perky 30 Min Meals girl go??

    She definitely needs a new stylist. The outfits she wears are just not made for her body type which is short and not stick thin. They make her look chubby and even shorter. Her stylist should try to elongate her short body type and slenderize her figure. She looks sloppy, shorter, and chubby in most of her outfits. Another epic fail!!

    As for her recipes, they have become extremely long with many steps and ingredients, and expensive to make. She talks about healthy eating and cooking, but most of her recipes are loaded with fat, carbs, and calories. 10 years is a long enough run. Please cancel this show!!
  • Ignorant Blowhard

    I cringe any time I see her face on TV and quickly change channels. Very few daytime talk shows are worth watching, and her's is top on that list. It's pure garbage.

    Why would anyone want to be a guest on her show? She doesn't let you get a word in edgewise! I wish she would PLEASE stop talking about her dog, her house in the Adirondacks and her annoying scarf wearing husband! She relates every damn thing a guest says to something in her life she wants to talk about. We don't care!! We want to hear what the guests have to say. STFU RACHAEL
  • Too Many Interruptions .

    When they say, " Rachel Rey Show", they mean it ! ! she gives no one a chance to say anything ! ! !

    even AFTER asking them to explain something. WOW ! ! ! ! Almost bordering on being impolite.
  • Something has gone wrong with Rachael

    I am looking for something else to substitute watching the Rachael Ray show. Today, she has Clinton Kelley on and the guy can't get a word in edgewise. She finishes his sentences, takes pans out of his hand and always has to impart her personal experience with whatever subject is talked about. Why do people keep coming on this show. I once worked with a guy who did the same thing and I finally just UP!
  • Stop Cross Talking!!

    I can not watch this show a minute longer!! Rachael can't keep her mouth shut long enough for anyone else on the show to get two sentences out. It's so painful to watch her constantly talking over her guest, she never lets them talk without interrupting, and you can see the frustration on the guests' faces. It's awkward and uncomfortable to watch, and I can only imagine how the guests must be feeling. Why even bother having guest on the show if Rachael is going to talk the whole time any ways! I'd actually like to hear what the guests have to say, but over and over again, she never give's them time to speak. And one last thing, "day drinking" or "morning drinking" is called an alcoholic. The Rachael Ray Show should be more thoughtful to their audience when they portray that drinking alcoholic beverages during the day is okay. For some people it's not okay.

    Does she not have a producer or anyone who reads her reviews! She needs a listening/communication coach. She is absolutely so rude to her guests - I am so surprised anyone agrees to go on her show. She talks over them - she DOES NOT listen to anything her guests say - she is just waiting for them to stop talking (barely) so she can start talking again. And she was rude to Buddy today and embarrassed him on national TV! Amazing.........
  • Stop talking over your guests,

    I understand it's your show but talking over your guests is rude. I have missed so much of what your guests are saying because you love the sound of your own voice. I will no longer be watching your show. I wonder if she is aware that she is losing fans?
  • Pull the show already!

    I signed up just to give my two cents about this show...... I've watched it during my lunch hour at work, not the entire show cause I could only take so much. How many times does she have to mention that she is Italian? you could build a drinking game around it. Her voice is annoying like nails down a chalk board. I agree she is rude and some of her comments you have to roll your eyes. I could go on and on but I don't have the time.
  • Rachael Ray Gives Me a Headache

    Honestly, I signed up just to comment about RR's show. I've tried watching her the past couple of weeks, but always end up turning her show off. This morning I was looking forward to seeing Emeril because I've always been a fan. But, with her constant yelling over not just Emeril, but the guests before him, as well, I couldn't take it. As soon as Emeril's part was over with I turned the tv off because her annoyance truly gave me a whopping headache! Rachael Ray, it would serve you well to respect the guests who have taken their time to come on your show. Let them finish a dang sentence without your loud interruptions, or don't have guests on at all! What's the point? And for heaven sake, use your inside voice! BAM
  • This show just needs to end

    I really liked the show, but anymore it's just hard to watch. She is constantly interrupting her guest, and you can feel the awkwardness. She's just rude. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but she is. She has gotten so obnoxious. Part of me feels like she's just not caring anyone. I liked her a lot more when she just had her thirty minute meals show.

    Update 02/03/2016

    I've been given the show another shot. Mainly because don't have cable, and it's what's on. I was watching a few minutes ago and just had to turn it off. It was unbearable. I'm not exaggerating. It felt like I was being tortured into watching it. It' sad too, because I used to really like her. I liked all her shows on food network, and I liked this one the first few seasons when it started. Something, I don't what, really went down hill. I'm done watching it.
  • Here ya go folks

    Let's talk about Rachel Ray. As many know I went to the taping of her show yesterday. We weren't allowed to have phones on so it was quiet for a bit. You'll notice I didn't say much about it after leaving. I've really sat and thought, re-evaluated, pondered and did my best to come up with the best word to describe her. Here it is.


    ROTTEN !!!!!!!!

    She barely acknowledged the audience. Couldn't be bothered. Couldn't be bothered to glance our way. Was rude and standoffish with her staff and they were genuinely scared of her. When a light blew out, no fault of anyone and the camera guy pointed it out she handled herself as a true diva. Wretched. Freaked out. The poor guy was terrified of her. She was mean and over powering. The other camera man muttered "oh this isn't going to be good". Staff ran at racehorse scattered speeds to remain out of her way at all times. Always guessing her direction. The camera rolled and her friendly excited face turned on. The minute the word cut was yelled her face froze over and the cold nasty person appeared suddenly. It appeared to me she isn't who she appears to be on the show.

    So, Rachel Ray, I'm parting ways. The impression you left on me in just 2 hours was too much for me. Farewell, best wishes. I will no longer be watching your show.

  • Hag....

    She is a greedy, loud, obnoxious, schlepper of BS. Her cookbooks, cookware, and dog food is medicore. I have never bought any of her crap. I prefer not to waste my money enabling an arrogant narcissist..

    Her show is utterly nauseating to watch.

    Wish this con artist would go away.

  • Loud and Overbearing!

    I'm only going to be a repeat of what many others had complained.... RR is too loud, overbearing and obnoxious!! Her interruptions are constant and frustrating when you want to hear what the guests are saying. You never get to hear them! I don't watch her show anymore, but sometimes I see the lead-in for her show, after watching Kelly and Michael, I might tune in to watch. Of course, I never hear what the guest says, then I switch to another show. RR is a huge big mouth and very obnoxious host!! It's the reason why I don't watch her anymore.

    The show actually has potential as the content's not bad for daytime - however - she's a nightmare! She constantly contradicts, interrupts, and treats guests as though they were interns from CIA. AND THE SCREAMING - those poor people in the control room. I thought there might be help for her when she started this season and seemed to have more guests to distract the attention of the TV audience. Sadly, she attempts to and manages, in most cases, to steal the spotlight from EVERYONE around her - even Jacques Pepin and Emeril. Perhaps she has a control issue or confidence. Either way - I'm over RR as are most of my friends. Sorry CBS.
  • Bad Bad Bad

    I thought maybe I might be alone in my opinion of Rachael's behavior lately. But apparently not! I just need to add that her constant interruptions, saying right right right, yah, yah, yah, and sure, sure, sure are not only annoying but disrespectful to her guests. I think that the directors should take the time to read this very clear that many folks feel the same about Rachael. Good Lord, give us a break!

  • What's wrong with her

    Why does Ray feel that every comment out of her guests mouths need to be explained and/or expanded upon for the audience. The guests come on with their schtick and it would seem that Rays audiences are dimwits because she continually interjects explanations and superfluous anecdotes for what the guests are saying. I think everyone knows what an individual guest is saying and her interjections are so disruptive that we don't bother to watch the shows. Step back Ray and allow your guests to perform their function without your ridiculous, disruptive and demeaning banter. I'm surprised the guests allow her to intimate that they are somehow not capable of presenting their area of expertise to an audience. Shame on Ray
  • Time to go, Rachael!

    So very annoying to hear her constantly interrupting her guests. She's not a chef, she's a cook just like my sister who hates to cook. Few of her recipes are anywhere near healthy. I don't care what her "husband John likes," Somehow, I think she is a very insecure person who masks that insecurity by wanting her audience to know that she knows everything her guest chefs have to say.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah and right, right, right. Please. Time to go.
  • Rude and Obnoxious

    Rachel is getting worse all the time. I watch Good Morning America and then leave the TV on sometimes, not even meaning to watch Rachel. This morning was the worst. Emiril was on, whom I love, so I left the TV on. Emiril could not even get a word out for Rachel constantly yelling over him and I think it was getting to him too. Fire Rachel, bring Emiril on - he is such a good cook and entertaining when he is able to talk. Rachel's cooking is so unhealthy anyway, I would not use her recipes.
  • I think I've figured her out!!!!!

    She doesn't really have all that much to say, so she insessantly repeats what her guests are TRYING to say and repeats her tired "wearying" antidotes all the time!!!! THE WOMAN DOESNT HAVE ALL THAT MUCH TO SAY! She found her niche with the 30 minute meals, was wildly popular, so why not milk her popularity? She's fallen for all the hype! I read a review last week where the reviewer said "thankfully she's peaked and is on the way out"! I say high time!

    She's a decent cook! Definitely nothing more! She has a bubbly personality, but no one has had the nerve to rein her in! It's time someone did!
  • She's like the female version of Jim Carrey

    I can't stand her. I don't watch her show because I can't stand talk shows to begin with. But, I can't stand to listen to her. Even when I watched her cooking show years ago I found her voice totally irritating. BTW, Rayus Interuptus, Lydia Bastianich is not a chef. She never attended culinary school of any kind. She is a cook. I can't stand her either. My family is Italian and her food is not well-made. Lydia is merely a cook. There are lots of cooks who are excellent, but not Lydia. At least RR sometimes comes up with good recipes.
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