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  • confused

    why does rachael ray say that she is italian when she was born in new york
  • sniff sniff sniff

    STOP already. You keep sniffing your nose. Do you have a runny nose, a cold or allergies? If so, don't hang your stringy hair over the food and sniff. It is disgusting.
  • Enough!

    Like so many others, I wish Rachael would shut up- enough already! She admits that she is a cook, not a chef, yet can't let the professionals finish a thought- she has to jump in to prove she knows it all. Same if the guest is a doctor, beauty expert, actor, -whatever- she knows it all! Why even have any guests? She must have some fans, since the show is in its 10th season. Given that, doesn't she think they have heard her stories often enough? Like how to score meat to make the perfect burger, shaving garlic Pauley thin, living in the Adirondacks, slathering something delicious all over her arm & eating it, she & John got married in Italy, he's a lawyer, musician & a mixologist, her mama is a little Sicilian woman, she was an ice cream girl- right, right, right- sure, sure, sure!!! Enough! The show needs to be done! I saw a repeat the other day with her girlfriend G doing a few hairdos- don't know which of them says "literally" more- so annoying! And I agree that her hair needs to be pulled off her face. Her best hairstyle was on 30 Minute Meals when she had it layered/feathered & about chin/mid-neck length.

    So the show has been renewed- not sure how because she didn't learn anything over the summer- still as loud, disruptive & obnoxious as ever!

    The latest phrase she needs to drop is that "she's literally drooling" over whatever she or a guest is making! Very unappetizing to even visualize that! And again- the overuse of the word "literally".

    2/15/17-recycling at its worst: aluminum foil pants! Who is her stylist? And her comments about her pit bull daughter when the couple with 4 little adopted girls were on were inappropriate - guess she'll never learn!

    9/19/17- today's get up had to be the worst of the worst! Navy/print velvet jacket, print top, short jeans & black & white boots. Whose idea was that/did you look in the mirror before taping?
  • Classless 4.0

    Rachel Rays speech ( she's just too loud and classless) drives me bonkers. In addition her clothing and hair are just awful.

    I don't know how the show stays on the air except for the fact there are no other options in that time slot.
  • Please shut up!

    Can someone please shut her up... she is so rude and constantly interrupts. Rachael has the need to be the center of attention all the time. You really don't need to explain what chili powder is.... we are not that stupid.
  • Your rude and obnoxious

    One thing you do not let your guest speak, you interrupt them constantly about me me me , very annoying.

    Also i would like to know whats in that coffee cup of yours? always carry in your hand, seems to me you like your alcohol a lil too Just saying, dont know how you have kept yourself on the air for so long. Sincerely unnerved show watcher. Not for long. Looks like alot of other people have the same problem with you.... Zip it up. more.....
  • The 'Emperor' Wears No Clothes!

    Okay, she wears clothes, but they are dour ones! I'm not a clothes policeman or anything, but whenever I watch the Rachael Ray tv cooking show, she always seems to be wearing black or close to black outfits. I realize Rachael is a chef, not a fashion queen, but it would certainly be a welcome change to see her wear brighter and more appealing clothes for television, at least once in awhile! Of course, she is a multi-millionaire, so probably could care less what we mere minions think, but still...
  • Talks to much

    I wish Rachael would just for once stop stealing her guests thunder. She never seems to let them talk about their segment. No one knows everything. I agree with others she needs to move on with her life doing anything but TV.
  • Annoying

    Raechel:: Go back to 30 minute meals where there are NO guests and no studio audience. You are RUDE, self absorbed, CRAVE the limelight from from your guests, interrupt them consistently. You have become VERY ANNOYING. to cut you loose!!
  • Seriously its annoying

    I usually dont like to post negative posts .dont get me wrong I love to watch the show but I find myself changing the channel at times cause of this , Rachel you seem to always interrupt your guest or anyone else on the show when they are talking or being talk to by others seriously you need to stop its get disappointing and annoying at time .Im sure I may be not the only even know if this comment will reach you...

    Apparently Im not the only one that feels this way according to comments on this page and her FB fan page...
  • her control issues

    I feel bad for the guests. Show is not entertaining ,it causes me stress .when guests are cooking she talks over them and they can't their recipe across. why have guests ? Not a humble person, She seems so fake and seems to have a huge ego . Bragging on herself and "her family"

  • The Hair and Clothes!!

    I keep tuning in hoping one day she will surprise everyone and do something with that mop. It's so ugly and unprofessional. She can't possibly have a stylist or makeup artist on her show because if she does, they need to be fired. It's like she wakes up and pulls whatever out of her closet and out the door she goes. Tacky shoes, tacky clothes, unkempt hair. I agree about pulling the hair back or cutting it so that when she is cooking, it's not all over the place. She should try toning it down a little and be more aware of how she interrupts her guests.
  • Beyond

    I watch Rachael Ray only when there is a great guest on. I always switch channels when their segment is over. Her constant chattering and butting in drives me nuts! Today the Great Chef Pepin was on and guess totally managed to smother his presentation with her garbage! Well thats definately the last time I watch her no matter who is on.
  • Rachael ray

    I've been watching Rachael ray show for a few months now and I think today is the last day I will be watching her. She interrupts Everyone. She's a know it all. Every show she mentions her mommy. She's loud,obnoxious. No matter who is speaking she will interrupt. And she has what everyone else has. She's always looking to give herself a pat on the back. She always says "me too!" Ugh. So sick of her. And STOP with the high fives! Please producers-can you tell her that her reviews are horrible. Maybe she'll change her attitude. It's "all about her". She needs attention badly. Bye bye Rachael ray show. I get knots in my stomach watching her
  • Calm down Rachael Ray...

    Apparently I'm not the only one with the same thoughts, from reading previous reviews. You have a heart of gold, but I'm beginning to see your guests cringe when you interrupt, it's your show, but let them do their thing AND stop using your hands to push your hair back while you are cooking..... today because John was on the show, you kept slinging your hair over the your recipes are amazing, your tips are extremely helpful, but I now DVR your shows because of your constant interruptions of your guests and yelling at your staff to bring you stuff!! Your bestie who had the heart attack and almost died came on to talk about his near death experience and you even kept interrupting do you know what it's like to have a heart attack?? My point!! He needed cathartic therapy to talk about his experience but because it's your show, you took over THAT conversation too!! Go back to being charming!!
  • Stop talking over top of your guests!!!!!

    Rachel Ray you need to learn manners !!

    Stop TALKING OVER YOUR GUESTS!! It's rude!!!!!
  • Haven't watched in ...

    I haven't watched RR in years... Tuned in today and oh lawdy... I immediately went on Google and typed in "what is wrong with RR???" well all of these comments came up of exactly what my concerns were. I honestly think the woman needs to see a psychiatrist. Not even joking... She also has the Oprah Complex as well which is nauseating... She was once America's Sweetheart girl next door cook. Now she is obnoxious, compulsive, self absorbed and down right nasty as a person. I agree with other posters about sticking to what she's good at... The only thing she's good at and that's cooking! Watching the way she spoke over and acted toward her guest today.... Oooooeeeeee if that had been me, I would have been kicked out of the taping because I would have told her off straight up! Producers you need to get this taken care of!!!
  • She's obnoxious

    Rachael Ray is so rude and obnoxious. She's loud for no reason, she's says she's done everything anyone else has done, she thinks she knows more than all of her guests and speaks over them to get her point across. She has no manners hence licking her lips constantly, always says she's drooling and today she said spit is part of her pizza! Long story short she's loud and so self absorbed. needs to tie her hair back, stop touching her nose and again allow her guests to speak! No one knows everything but Rachael thinks she does. Now she's also a doctor cause she speaks for them also.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah

    If I never hear her utter those three words again, it will be a gift!

    Rachael has obviously attended the Oprah Winfrey School of Talk Show Hosts. THEY BOTH CONTINUALLY INTERRUPT THEIR GUESTS.

    I had to stop watching her show because her personality is so annoying and because most of her meals are so very unhealthy. Then, she got into furniture designing on top of her cookware stuff. Stop already!

    After months of not watching, I turn it on and see that now her show is a talk show. Quit already. How does she remain on the air? And oh, we all know by now that your husband is in a band.
  • Rachael is boring

    Has anyone noticed how much weight Rachael has gained? She is addicted to food. She wears black everyday to try to hide her weight. Its like watching an alcoholic people how to mix drinks. She never shows how to eat and cook healthy. That is because she never cares. All she does is eat and gets bigger and bigger. And she always over talks her guests. My local station removed Lets Make a a later replaced it with Rachael. I much rather have Wayne Brady.
  • needs a haircut

    Rachael should either pull her hair back off her face (in a pony tail) or get it cut short. She keeps pulling her hair back when she is cooking (can you imagine what's on the food!!!!!!) Also - STOP INTERRUPTING YOUR GUESTS ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE COOKING. Very very rude.

  • Doctors Are In---Blood Drive

    The information the doctors gave was very helpful; however, Rachel... again the expert on EVERYTHING interrupts them while they're explaining. One even gave her a 'please let me finish my statement look'. She gets on my nerves. Are these reviews even reviewed by her staff, if so, someone needs to pull her coat-tail. Everyone is saying the same thing about her. I was even shouting at the TV telling her to STHU....
  • please calm down

    She is a lovely lady, but interrupts a lot, especially when there is a professional chef demonstrating a skill. She should really let her guest shine instead of showing off. Also, I do not understand that long hair flowing over her food. Where I am from, it's illegal for cooks to prepare food without having their hair tied.
  • She needs to stick to cooking

    She is a cook and should stick with the 30 minute meals. She is not a talk show host. I stopped watching her when she became a talk show host. I did however like her cooking. I just think she needs to stick with teaching us to cook and nothing else.
  • general comments

    You notice that when she talks to guests and when preparing meals she is perky and laughs and smiles. However when it's one on one questions with her and the audience she is very serious, unsmiling. And almost bored/mean and doesn't engage in conversation. Why does she bother. It's almost like bothering her and she rushes people along to end the forced interaction. Sometims seems mean

    OMG!!! All these comments are HILARIOUS!!!! Laughing at the "right,right, right" and "sure,sure. Also on this episode she consistently interrupted Emeril. He could barely finish a sentence without being cut of I agree, Rachel needs to be on a makeover segment. Get something new other than a black blazer, jeans and ugly black boots/runners. How about wearing hair in a ponytail or off the face when cooking? Aren't cooks/chefs supposed to wear hats or have their hair back etc? How about some nice dresses and heels or something colourful? Yes I agree Rachel does interrupt her guests and then proceeds to tell us an example of her husband in that situation etc.

    Why can't the wardrobe and hair people be adventurouse and use clips and elastic bands with her hair and put something else on her other than jeans etc And.. she says she goes to the gym? obviously just for exercise purposes and not for actual weight loss.
  • Stop Drooling!!

    Please tie the hair back looks bad hanging over the food as you talk about drooling, the visual is bad. Real appetite destroyer!
  • Rachael ALWAYS interrupts....

    I like this show for the guests and their tips on cooking and organization. I'm not fond of her loudness and her crazy unprofessional sounds, and not fond of some of her recipes because they take too many ingredients and/or aren't things I'd eat. Many recipes are unhealthy and many include ingredients that most people wouldn't already have.

    Rachael says she never watches herself on TV. She needs to start, and then MAYBE she will realize how RUDE she is to her guests. I mean, WHY even have them there if she's going to cut them off, finish all their sentences or blurt out their "tips" before they even do---just so SHE can get the credit for it?? Even my kids mentioned how rude she is and how she interrupts the guests. My sis-in-law who loves cooking said that her and her husband stopped watching the show for the exact same reason---because of how she talks over the guests. As I watch her during her own cooking segments, I wonder how SHE would like it if someone did that to her during her entire demonstration---maybe someone SHOULD. Anyhow, she's annoying, and it'd be nice if someone from the show would tell her to STOP.
  • Stop TALKING

    I know it is a talk show, but come on! Let your guests finish a sentence. Why even have guests? Just do it yourself. It would be easier to watch. I've only watched a handfull of times and she has done this on EVERY show. You would think the producers would let her know. It's rude. I'm changing the channel.
  • Rude and Not Sanitary

    Rachel Ray should not be a host of a talk show. She has a rude personality when it comes to the guests. She constantly talks over them and does not let them talk. Yeah we get that you are the host of a talk show, but it does not mean to have your guests feel uncomfortable when you talk over them. I'm surprised that they have not put her in her place when doing that. Another point I would like to make, an important one anyways, is that she is gross when it comes to food. She is now saying that she drools in her mouth from the food either she's making or another guest is making. Not only that but she double dips, plays with her hair and digs for gold in her nose, WITHOUT hand washing. This show does nothing but show people how to be rude when other people are talking and to not be sanitary. NBC or whoever owns the channel, please read these comments about this show and shut her show down.

    You are ALL correct. First and foremost... How the Networks allow her to continually INTERRUPT her Guests is the rudest thing I have ever seen in television in my life. It's disgusting. They must pay guests to come on the Show? Her appearance is that of a typical WalMart employee (I mean no offence to the employees) Not someone for national television. The other very odd thing to me is, having a Show where you continually talk about "family" , "children" and "being a "Mother". None of which Rachel is. Doesn't make any sense to me either? She talks like she's an expert. How can she? Her and her husband, who's a Lawyer/in a Rock Band/goes to permisquous places to be with women, are not a family. She has not had a Child. So, she can not speak or provide her opinion about children, yet alone talk about what it's like to be a Mother. But laughs it off and talks about her dog. Like we're idiots and it's the same. Unbelievable. Again, the Networks are blind. The Food, well, the recipes are not hers anymore. They are written for her. Even now, the Show's "Staff" comes out to cook? Everything is done for her. That's obvious. That's not the problem. All shows are that way. It's presentation or lack thereof. No Style. No Value. There no longer is any of that from Ms Ray. Or should we say Ms Scuderi. She is ALWAYS talking about how she is ITALIAN and Sicilian at that. She is no more Italian then you and I are. Her Father is from Louisiana and her Mother is from New York. Her Mother is of "Italian Descent", the records show. Neither she nor Rachael were born in Italy. Now Giada DeLaurentis was born in Italy. She can say she is Italian. She had a concept ten years ago. I'll give her that. Quick Meals from the grocery store. However, the Food World has evolved around her and surpassed her and many housewives can now outdo her, outcook her. Thank You Rachel for what you gave to it's time to pack up and go home now. Suggestions: Get a College Degree. See a Therapist to get some help on how to stop interrupting people. Go be a Mother......... It will Change your Life.
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