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  • Rachael has loyal fans.

    I don't feel like she's rude. They are all just having fun. We all interrupt sometime. Rachael is energetic and really seems to enjoy doing her show. She's positive and very good at what she does. Maybe it's a time factor that makes her have to interrupt sometime. If that's the case then she's doing very good at time management. Thanks again Rachael Ray.
  • Love u rachael, dont listen to haters! your awesome!!

    shut up haters, don't watch then! shes the best and I love the show!
  • Loving Rachel Ray

    I love your show so much, the people you have on the show are so inspiring, but you are the bomb, you are short cute and can cook like an Iron chef, I have learned so much from you and I do so much love your cause for animals, that is so sweet, one thing I would like to ask being up in the Northeaster kingdom ov Vermont, where can I find the Dog food you have put out for the better health of animals..
  • The doctor is wrong!!!

    I love this show sorry if you dont. I am watching the show about diseases re emerging and common problems like Lyme disease. I wanted to point out that you can have Lyme disease and NOT have the tale tale sign of the bullseye mark. My step son had Lyme disease as a child and never had that mark. The doctor said it is not always present. The show made it sound like it is. Just saying.
  • you are just a wonderful lady

    Rachael you are a wonderful lady watch you everyday. the wedding in 1 week wonderful just love you & you are in our family thanks
  • I enjoy the show

    Rachael is a nice lady who makes nice food
  • Laugh a lot

    I really love the show especially when Rachel has guest on that make her laugh!
  • She makes a bunch of jokes and has a lot of great guests like Jessica.

    Rachel Ray is awesome. She has a great show. She is funny. Rachel Ray is exciting. She is great herself. I love her. Everybody does. I rate this a 10.0 because it is my favorite show. Why can't they have shows like thios all the time. Everybody likes this show. The Rachel Ray show is exciting. Her food is so good. She is a excellent cook. Everybody likes her food. It is delicious. Rachel Ray is very funny. She makes everybody happy. She is very nice to everybody. You could not find a person who doesn't like her in the entire world. Go Rachel Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rachel Ray is a great show to watch, not just for people who love to cook, but a novice would feel comfortable watching this show. I feel there is one missing element. I think that more audience involvement would be nicer.

    She's a wonderful, dynamic, cooking dynamo! It's great just to watch her to wake we up and get me pumped and started in the mornings, just from her raspy-voiced, energetic cooking as a major bonus is just too much to expect, yet she delivers every morning. I love the guests and the fun they seem to have as well. It's nice to see the "stars" getting in the kitchen and doing a thing or two. The episode with John Stamos, when Mrs Ray told him to stop being a baby because he whined about his suit was hilarious, Love it!
  • Change the Channel

    I love Rachael Ray.

    So to those that must criticize, simply change the channel.

  • Rachael Ray was sweet

    My daughter and I went to the 10am taping of her show today. She came out and was talking with audience members. She actually got really personal with us. She is such a sweet genuine person! During the segment breaks she brought the audience out plates of s'mores brownies and fudge brownies with potato chips baked on top. We really enjoyed ourselves!!!
  • Who couldn't like this show? Its original and informative. Not your AVERAGE tv talk show.

    This is the most orgiginal talk show out there. Who couldn't like this show? Its original and informative. Not your AVERAGE tv talk show. Rachael is an extremly nice person and you can tell she cares alot for her fans. They don't sit on couches and cry there eyes out everyday. "Rachael Ray" is full of tips and ideas to help make your life easy and enjoyable.

    So miss watching Rachel's show after Kelly and Michael. It's time already to replace THE VIEW with Rachel Ray as it appears according to reviews that no one is liking nor watching THE VIEW. THe Rachel Ray show at 1 pm is such a poor time slot. Opinions?
  • This is a review of the Rachel Ray show aired on March 25 guest starring Christie Brinkley.

    I normally try to incorporate watching The Rachel Ray show into my hectic daily schedule. When I realized that Christie Brinkley was going to be a guest on the show, I made sure to set aside time to watch. I have always admired, not only the physical beauty of Christie Brinkley but the graceful way she handled the publicity surrounding her personal life. However, I was very disappointed while listening to her talk to Rachel Ray. She made a direct point to say that she lives in the Hamptons. The way she said it was very condescending to those of us who do not live in a wealthy community like the ones that exist in The Hamptons. But the statement that really made me lose respect for her was when she said, she couldn't believe her son was 12 and had never been to Europe and went on to tell about their trip and all the things they did, like professional cooking lessions. Christie Brinkley has worked very hard for what she has accomplished. I'm sure it's not easy living in the public eye. But, has she lost sight of the fact that most "normal, everyday" people never see Europe or any foreign land. Especially with the economy the way it is today. The average American family is lucky if they can afford gas to take their families on vacation. I hope that she isn't really as arrogant and self absorbed as she came across on the show. Rachel, of course, was her witty, funny, down to earth self. She is why I watch the show anyway.
  • I do not watch cooking shows but this one is FUN & Original!

    I wanted to share because I just started watching the show here and there recently and I really like how fun and easy the recipies are. A lot of the things that she makes just seem so easy and tasty and also things you wouldn't normally think of. It is also fun to have breaks in between the cooking to hear what guests have to say & she has a great uplifting mood.

    Only thing is, I am wondering why the show isn't presented in HD here in Buffalo, NY? I watch it on the HD channel and it is the only show that does not come through on HD.. hmmm anyways..

    It is a fun watch. I do not think I would want to watch it everyday but it is a great show to watch here and there and get some great cooking tips and get in a great mood :)

    PS - Some of the negativity is just obvious hate ;)
  • enjoy your show

    Rachel I watch your shows everyday. I have been enjoyed your show especially when you have Bob food you cook try you :)
  • Rachael Ray is absolutely fabulous. She is on a roll with this show. I diffently smell a Daytime Emmy Award for Rach in the future. A

    Rachael Ray is so fantastic at hosting a talk show; she makes it look so easy and fun. She is so funny and so quirky that she has the audience laughing so hard that everyone has tears in their eyes even she laughs so much that she is at the point of tears. The best thing about her show is she mixes celebrity guests with real-life people that’s what makes her show so crazy and fun. As they say on her show "Everybody Needs a Little R&R". To sum it up Rachael is just awesome and Rachael is just Rachael.
  • When did Rachael become so LARGE?

    I can recall seeing her show when it was relatively new (I believe), but have not seen it/her for quite some time... I'm at home today because of a snowstorm and was flipping through some channels; my goodness, she seems TWICE the size I remember! And she used to be such a cute lil' thang! :-(
  • Her perky persona and sense of humor always keep the show light and entertaining.

    She has been criticised for her lack of formal culinary training, however it is nice to see someone who may not be a professional, but just enjoys cooking. She is so down-to-earth and real with her audience and fans that her goofy behavior on the set could only add to her likability. What really surprised me the most about her was her age. She acts so youthful and fun that I thought perhaps she was in her early 30s, maybe even younger. Bottom line, she is your girl-next-door with a cooking show. She has the "Bob Ross" effect...she makes you want to cook because it looks so easy.
  • I love this show. I try to make sure that I watch it everyday.

    I love this show. I try to make sure that I watch it everyday. I think that this is a really good show. I like to watch stup the Rach. She makes such interesting and yummy looking food. My favorite episode is when she went to Enterprise, Alabama after the tornado hit to give the high their prom. She did a great job and she made the families that lost someone feel better. I also liked it when John Stamos came by and they made the Stamos Burger. I wish that I could go watch it live. Great fantasic show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ray ray!

    Ray Ray's back!! ahh i loved watching 30 minute meals every day after school, and thought it was a great show, not so much a fan of the food. But now shes back with a TALK show. I think its crazy but awesome. Shes all over the place now, in magazines, with all her cook books, and her several shows. i dont know how she juggles it all, but shes doin great. After having many shows on the Food Network, she can finally move onto another network with a talk show, something she's never done. I think its successful, like she is. keep it up rachel!
  • Food Network Star Rachael Ray does a new talk show.

    Wow, wow, wow, wow this show is awesome she is so cool and funny and that revolving set wow first ever on a tv series.
    They better not cancel this one. She is so much better than opera.Plus her cool cool set and stuff just make it better. This I know will be on a time a lot of kids also like her. She is great at every thing she does. They need to definitly keep this on and if they don't I will be really mad. All them other show like marth, Maury, Oprah, and that megan lady are'nt that good. rmenmber Everybody needs a little RR in their life .
  • Rachael Ray, fantastic sets, lively audience, great guests, and yummy recipes. Who could ask for anything more? These and other "ingridients" such as Tip of the Day, Double Duty Tips, Shared Stories, and more, make up one of the best new daytime

    I am one of those who absolutely Love Rachael Ray and to me, this is her best show yet. She has such a genuine warmth to her that you really feel as if she is a friend. This warmth carries over to her audience and her guests. She is never pretentious, whether she is sharing a personal story, mingling with her audience, chatting with guests, or fixing something in the kitchen. Her segments are fun and informative and the pace of this show is just enough but you don't want it to end. In addition, her set is one of the best that I've ever seen, with it's bright colors, multi sets and fantastic stage that follows Rachael where ever she goes. It's really a good show and I hope it is going to be around for a long time. If you haven't caught it yet, but you enjoy this type of program, do yourself a favor and tune in. Your won't regret it.
  • Rachel Ray, Your new show is the best show yet, and it's good to see you talking to people instead of food and the interaction with people is spectacular.I hope they keep you around for many years to come.

    Dear Rachel Ray; I love all your shows and that includes the food network shows also my sister also loves your shows and we call each other to see who tested one of your meals first. We think you are beautiful and we like your down to earth approach your easy way of explaining how to make a meal and cheerfullness. You make us feel like a friend, instead of an idiot who can't cook.We love your new show and we think you fabulous and we are happy to watch it every week day here in Ft.Lauderdale,Fl.
  • Your rude and obnoxious

    One thing you do not let your guest speak, you interrupt them constantly about me me me , very annoying.

    Also i would like to know whats in that coffee cup of yours? always carry in your hand, seems to me you like your alcohol a lil too Just saying, dont know how you have kept yourself on the air for so long. Sincerely unnerved show watcher. Not for long. Looks like alot of other people have the same problem with you.... Zip it up. more.....
  • Rachael Ray some contest

    Rachael Ray had a cooking contest Friday January 25th 2013 with Jerry Springer as the judge there were 3 contestants the winner made a dip i went on line to try to get the recipes of the 3 contestants and i saw were others were asking for the recipes for the supper bowl contest there was no comment on how to get the recipes or why would you have a contest and not even show these peoples recipes i guess you have to be one of those food demonstrators like Rachael Ray you know the ones that ask you if you would like to try this new product in the supper market with there little hot plate that is all she knows about cooking that is why she does the 5 min. meal that is all she knows about cooking it not like she has any schooling at it you just need to marry a producer and spread them legs see how far it gets you you can suck your way to the top.
  • The 'Emperor' Wears No Clothes!

    Okay, she wears clothes, but they are dour ones! I'm not a clothes policeman or anything, but whenever I watch the Rachael Ray tv cooking show, she always seems to be wearing black or close to black outfits. I realize Rachael is a chef, not a fashion queen, but it would certainly be a welcome change to see her wear brighter and more appealing clothes for television, at least once in awhile! Of course, she is a multi-millionaire, so probably could care less what we mere minions think, but still...
  • encore

    i'm lovin every episode of south park. a lot of people find it horrbile and offensive.. and to those people i say... change the friggin channel. its awesome and i cant believe such an amazing show came from a bunch of college students and some paper. I think how some how every season they come up with a completely different situation, without losing the characters. It adds to the show when the episodes are things in the news or tabloids, i just LOVE it. theres never a dull moment, and all the jokes make me laugh. it is by far my favorite cartoon ever!
  • My tomato soup

    Hi, I just want to say that I tried RRs tomato soup with fried spaghetti, I didn't pure it and left all chopped vegetables to taste. This was the BEST soup I have made in a long time! I'm new to RR and will continue checking out new recipes. The pics of the soup r on my fb page if u would like to c them.

    Also I'd like to add that I am not a cook and rarely make things as I'm by myself and just eat what's on hand !!!!

    Hi Rachael, u had a past guest was a lady author, she wrote a book for teens i need the name to the book. Thanks
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