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  • Rude Rachael and her interruptions

    I have noticed for many years that Rachael constantly interrupts her guests. While she monitors one of her guests cooking a recipe, she constantly interrupts and cuts them off, acting like a "KNOW IT ALL". There are times that I would like to hear what her guests have to say, but they can't even finish a sentence while Rachael opens her big mouth. She is totally rude. It's hard to believe that her producers have not taken care of this problem. Also, she brags and incessantly mentions her mother and her heritage.

    Today I was watching her throw back Thurs. show. I actually got a headache listening to her and fast forwarded parts of the show. She constantly interrupted her guests who were making recipes. She repeats what they say right after they say it. She is so loud and animated that it is sickening. Along with being rude, obnoxious, and ill-mannered, I think she has ADHD. I cannot stand to listen to her.
  • cancel please

    Rachel is annoying always talks over her guest! TAKE HER OFF!
  • why do you interrupt all your guests

    Why do you interrupt all your guests and repeat everything they say when they're trying to talk. That is so rude and annoying to watch you do this on every show. Here's a clue. Take a look at your tapes, and see what everyone is complaining about. NOT A FAN ANYMORE
  • talking

    stop talking and interrupting your guest my god you're driving me nuts stop talking stop talking stop talking
  • Goodbye Rude Rachel Ray! Your INTERRUPTIONS are killing me!

    I would like to invite Rachel Ray to sit down and watch her own show WITHOUT saying a word! I would like for her to see how much she cuts off other people as they are talking with her own comments and NEVERending interruptions every 15 seconds or so. I have never seen a host anywhere seem to be so hungry for attention. Rachel Ray, your NAME is already on the show title, you HAVE our attention sweetie. As i have seen by these other comments, I am not the only one who is being driven away due to this problem. It's one thing to have an interactive conversation but that talking over others every 15 seconds is just too much. Once I watched a gentleman guest ignore her and continue to talk when she did this. I actually applauded in my living room! But Rachel kept on doing it and I had to turn the channel. I may tune in every now and then but I will be turning the channel once Rude Rachel" shows up which ought to take about 15 seconds after a guest begins to speak! And by the way, what's with the off-color stuff that I never remember from the old days? When did this start? So every time someone says "balls" we're going to her her comment on this and then giggle like a teenager? Seriously?

  • wrong,wrong,wrong,wrong,wrong !

    Right,right,right,right,right,right, that is just the latest in ANNOYING,rude behavior Rachael Rays show has become honestly cannot understand why producers don't do something about it !!! You're losing viewers Everyday!! I used to be a huge . fan,since way back when she started with 30 minute meals,but, I literally can't sit through a whole episode anymore. I'll tune in to see a certain guest and I don't even know why since I KNOW I will not get to hear a word from them for her constant interrupting, screaming over them and finishing their sentences!! It is SO FRUSTRATING ! It's absolutely out of control and the fact that the network does nothing about it has me completely perplexed !! I personally know people in the double digits who've stopped watching,plus I see more and more of these forums about it, can't believe it hasn't been cancelled yet !!! I can't take it anymore,so I am officially done watching. Lately,you can even see the exasperation on some of the guests faces, how do producers NOT see this ????!!!!!!
  • keeps interrupting

    I used to like her show. Not anymore. She NEVER EVER lets her guests talk. She keeps interrupting and its so annoying. You are very rude.
  • Please Let Guest Talk

    I use to really like, it started off as a good show and had great recipes but she won't shut up!! RR has always been loud but seems to be getting so out of hand that she's become down right rude & obnoxious toward guest.. Is it because they now make her have a guest host? She not only talks over other Chefs but talked over a Dr as if he knew nothing; he was attempting to talk.. I had to turn it off (freq thing anymore) but hope he got his message out...
  • She who interrupts......

    First let me start by saying, I liked her cooking shows, and like Rachael when she is in her element (the kitchen). However, when you put her on a show where she interviews celebrities' or does ANYTHING besides cooking it is the WORST. It is awkward, rude, annoying and certainly not cute to constantly interrupt the guests and talk about yourself, again and again and againnnn.

    I signed up just to type this comment, I had to get this off my chest and wanted to share a fun game. Very simple. Just have some friends over, and drink every time Rachael Ray interrupts a guest or audience member! Its great fun! And trust me.... You all will be drunk within the first twenty minutes!

    WEEEEE KNOW RACHAEL, you have small boobs, you never look down in the shower, your husband loves to mix cocktails and you have a non-human child!!! Why do you feel the need to tell us these things on nearly every show???? And why do you have to interrupt every guest to tell us???? Please shut up long enough for your guests to answer questions, speak about their recipes and maintain some sense of dignity!! You are RUDE and you need to learn what the word GUEST means!!!
  • Rachael Ray: the Queen of Interruptions & Bad Manners

    Rachael - just SHUT UP when your guests are talking! There! I'm being just as rude as you..

    I just channel surfed and happened to catch you interrupting Tori Spelling as Tori was trying - I repeat, TRYING, to show how to make some Christmas crafts.

    It was so annoying, I just shut the tv off.

    How RUDE - I like her cooking and ideas she has, HATE the fact she has great guests on the show and talks over them!!! I want to hear what THEY have to say!!

    Someone has to coach this lady! Don't producers/writers see it? Is she that spoilt and arrogant that she won't listen?? Good Grief - like one reviewer said, I have never shouted SHUT up to my tv before i started watching her.

    I specifically as well signed up for this site just to voice my opinion about it as well.

    /rant off
  • STOP IT!!!!

    I really like the show but it's so annoying when she talks over everyone. She asks a good question then she answers it for them! SHUT UP for a few seconds!
  • Interruptions are getting old

    I think if youre going to interview people, you should do it respectfully and actually listen to their speak over them. If you just want to do a cooking show talking about do that and not invite anyone on the show.
  • Right, right, right

    Someone please get her off the air. I am going to scream if she says this one more time. That is the rudest thing to hear, it sounds like she is rushing what the guest had to say. I used to like her but I just can't stand her anymore. Doesn't she have a boss!
  • Please JUST COOK!!!

    This show has gotten sooooo off the mark, I can't watch anymore. RR, a reasonably good cook cannot stop talking long enough to turn a microwave on!! She interrupts EVERY GUEST, no matter what the topic, this authority on everything just wants to hear herself talk! I have often tuned in to hear how a "celebrity chef" prepares a meal, only to hear her take over and "talk over" every segment. I learned zero from the guest; my time was wasted; and I watched a rude interview in action. Enough is enough! Pull the plug on this show!! RR, stick to cooking in your personal line of cookware. I am no longer a fan!
  • No more disrespect, Rachel!

    I totally agree with all the reviewers who say they are tired of Rachel's interrupting. She interrupts EVERYBODY, Including the President!!!! How disrespectful!! Rachel, let people have their say/ You invite them to your show for a reason and I'm pretty sure they would like to be able to carry on a conversation without you interrupting them constantly. Give it a try, you'll have more viewers in you're more respectful of your guests AND your viewers.

    It would be nice to know if Rachel actually reads these reviews, probably not since she is still interrupting!
  • Unplugging Rachael Ray

    Why does Rachael even bother inviting other chefs on her show? The poor guy on today was so flustered by her he couldn't even get his segment on track. She's pushy, bossy & doesn't allow the guests to do their own recipe. It was very obvious she was irritated by her guest making mention of the fact he was being so rushed. She talks over her guests & rushes to complete anything they try to say. Today's show was a rerun show but when I heard her plug Walmart as being one of the big box stores that carry fresh fish (along with target??) I just had to chime in. I know this is one big family in the media & advertising game but this show is definitely off my morning list!!
  • Please stop talking over your guests or stop having guests, it's not a small problem anymore....

    Oh my goodness I try to watch the RR show for some ideas. It's not a good show anymore. I felt bad for getting annoyed about her over talking her guests "ALWAYS" interrupting everyone? I was thinking I was the only one that felt that way, boy am I wrong! LoL now I don't feel so bad about disliking her show. I used to enjoy her short, just cooking shows I never noticed if she interrupted herself. No wonder she has a raspy voice all the time, she can't stop even has to talk over like she knows more than him? Show business has got to her head. Maybe she is a nice person? She had a better show with no guests just cooking and only a 1/2 hour long please. I agree w/ SJNana she must not read the reviews or just does not care about her old viewers or she would listen to all the negative feedback? Her poor husband must have earplugs, her staff that has to run out to bring her a spoon or whatever it is she needs after she YELLS out at them? Oh Boy maybe she is on drugs that make her talk like it's a compulsion. Not sure the reason but seems to me the staff would take these comments into consideration since the end result will be no viewers = no show eventually. I can't believe there's only 62 reviews, most are negative?
  • Big Mouth

    The most inconsiderate and rudest thing you can do is interrupt and talk over someone. For this Rachel is the queen. So disgusting and impolite. Used to watch, not any more. :-(
  • rachael

    i enjoy the show but rachael is so rude. her guest are talking and she cuts them off all the time. i dont know what people like about her
  • what happened to the old cutie??

    I agree with most of the reviewers that Rachael is obnoxious when she constantly talks over her guests and interupts- however even more than that is the way she looks lately- her stylist needs to be fired! What happened to the shiny dark hair? Her hair is dry and straggly looking and the wardrobe has to go- today especially- black pleated skirt with a short shirt that bared her belly every time she raised her arms - she needs help in that department. Cute still but please get a new stylist.
  • Rachael take it down a notch,or you end up with no audience!

    I notice myself screaming a the TV shut-up! My dog thinks I'm crazy. Today her one of her assistants Grant was making 60 second snacks. As he was throwing ingredients and the blender was whirling, anh was trying to tell us what he was using she is screaming out how much time he had left and how much an ingredients "delicious" in that high pitched shrill, she has adopted. Sometimes I mute her because I can't take it any more. The worst is when she asks a question, but doesn't let the person answer because her BIG EGO has to give her opinion.

    Rachael, get a grip on yourself. Where are her producers? Don't they see she's running the show into the ground?

    And by the way, I'm Italian, I don't scream and interrupt people. Please don't put that stereo-type on the rest of us. It's insulting!! No one in my family acts like that.
  • Please get a new stylist

    Black frumpy skirt with blue sweater and short black booties make her look 10 years older and 20 pounds heavier. This is just one example of her being poorly outfitted. I thought that anything would be better than those black leggings she wore ALL the time, but I was wrong! I also agree with others that it is very off-putting the way she constantly interrupts her guests, usually with a story about her or her life! It's not about you, it's about your guest!
  • Talking over her guest!!

    I find my self yelling "shut up" because I want to her what her guest are saying. I used to love her show but I must say her loud voice that drowns out the guest is to much. "I know right" that's the other thing that drives me crazy!!
  • You're losing fans!! Stop interrupting please!

    I started watching her show about a month ago; excited to be able to watch because I was a huge fan of her Food Network cooking shows. But WOW she is the rudest show host I've ever watched - constantly interrupting her guests who often make it apparent that they're annoyed as well because they can't finish an answer to one of Rachael's questions. One celebrity who comes to mind is Carrie Underwood - she could not get a word in when talking about her baby, album, career, etc. and was clearly bothered. I've never seen a guest on a show look like they wanted to get out of there so badly.

    There are SO many other reviews saying this same thing. Rachael, if you (or your producers) are reading these reviews, please trust us when we say that your rudeness dramatically reduces the appeal of your show. Please try to work on your listening skills/humility.

    I've never left a comment on a show before, let alone a negative one, but I just had to sign up and leave my two cents. I'd love to be able to sit through and entire episode because of the cooking ideas, but the constant interrupting making that difficult for me.
  • Replace Rachael

    This would be a good show if you replace loud- mouth, look at me, talking over guests Rachael. I don't understand anyone wanting to be a guest on her show. I'm waiting for someone to put their hand over her big mouth. I don't understand the producers allowing her obnoxious behavior.
  • Rachel, Rachel, Rachel......

    Please, Please, Please,,,,,,stop interrupting your guest when they talk on your show. It is sooooo annoying!

  • Interrupts her guests while they are talking!!

    She interrupts her guests while they are talking! Drives me crazy and gets on my nerves. Going to stop watching. SHE cant keep her mouth shut!

  • Loudmouth!

    I am retired and occasionally watch the Rachel Ray show. I've consistently noticed that she has a penchant to interrupt her guests when they are explaining something. Further, she needs to bring her voice down several decibels. She has gotten to the point where I am thinking of watching Dr. Oz on a competing channel.
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