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  • Please Get Her Off the Air

    Can't stand her. I wish she would just go away.
  • Rude Rachael

    What is with her hand in her pocket all the friggen time. It's so rude to everyone! Manners Rachael
  • "Right, Right, Right"

    Every time I hear her say "Right, Right, Right" its like finger nails on a chalkboard.
  • makeover

    Rachael's earlier shows revealed a much more "put together" host. I loved her hair shorter to frame her beautiful face. The most important issue now is that I believe she needs a new stylist. Please stop wearing black all the time, the drab tee shirts, and the jeans tucked in ankle boots that do not flatter your figure!!!! I love seeing you in brighter colors and a more figure flattering wardrobe! Please ask Greta or Stacy for some tips!!!!!

    I just read another review and that person read my mind. Stop interrupting your guests!!! it's quite rude. Rachel has become so bold and masculine over the years. The show is now a total turnoff. She's also condescending. She often insults her guests. Are you really that arrogant? You shouldn't be this full of yourself. As you often say ... my opinion is now "ggrr!!" Daily you have to torture us with the burnt bread story ? I have watched the show for years and it is changed quite a bit. Her attire leaves a lot to be dresses like a school kid or slob. You need a makeover... make up , hair, clothes and ATTITUDE! i pity her spouse because she acts like man! Turn off! Get it together! You're losing fans big time!!! I doubt she's appreciative or graceful enough to appreciate constructive criticism. The foods also need to be much healthier and you seriously need to lose some weight! Wow!

    Like many of us, I appreciate Rachel's sweet enthusiasm, however, lately I've been SO frustrated because she constantly interrupts every guest. I can't even hear what they are saying, because she interrupts, like today, with some meaningless anecdote about her mother's homemade face cleanser. Jeez! I just flipped the channel I was so disappointed. Can someone just give her a polite hint? :) I think she could be losing much of her fan base for a simple fix. Just stick to cooking, a bright personality and let your guests have the floor.
  • I enjoy the show

    Rachael is a nice lady who makes nice food
  • Loud+Rude

    I was home on July 4th and watched Rachel Ray; I cant believe she still has an audience! First she obviously has been eating too much of her own food! I really dont have much of a problem with that, but I cant believe people would enjoy watching this host standing and just shouting, blurting, yelling out comments, demands to her audience, staff, and whomever is around. God how ANNOYING do you have to be, to get your own show? The food she made looked awful. I get sick of all her comments about how great her husband is. (Not what I have read!). And she just seems to have (or developed) a loud, rude persona! There are allot better things to waste your time on, than this show!
  • Why Invite Guests?

    Tried to watch the expert explain how to grill a steak while inside. No idea because RR NEVER stopped interrupting. Poor Curtis Stone he looked so uncomfortable watching her ask questions.... Chef started to respond.... RR butted in. So I ask why pay for guests if she talks the entire time!!!!
  • Become a Gracious Hostess Rachael

    What has happened Rachael?

    You may consider cutting back on coffee taking a course on manners. I can't stand watching your show any more. Your dismissive 'right, right, rights' and your 'yeah, yeah. yeahs' are just RUDE to your guests. Your constant interruptions and incessant need to talk is making your show too loud and too off putting, you aren't a child any longer now are you? I debated if I needed to write this but after today's show I can't stomach to watch you anymore and and had to get this off my chest. Oh BTW all my friends find your rudeness and dismissive behavior off off putting as well.
  • A Little Friendly Advice

    Love the Show, however the constant interruptions of Rachael's guests are so annoying I end up not watching the rest of the show. Please just let your guests finish what they are saying and be silent a little more. I promise it will help your ratings!
  • June 19th

    She has a black blazer on. Her hair is down, yes, but she's a cook. People at home don't pull their hair back. Curtis Stone is interrupted him a few times with a few references to her husband John.

    The show is too hectic. Not enough time for the important stuff and too long on other things.
  • general comments

    I agree, Rachel needs to be on a makeover segment. Get something new other than a black blazer, jeans and ugly black boots/runners. How about wearing hair in a ponytail or off the face when cooking? Aren't cooks/chefs supposed to wear hats or have their hair back etc? How about some nice dresses and heels or something colourful?

    Yes I agree Rachel does interrupt her guests and then proceeds to tell us an example of her husband in that situation etc.

    Why can't the wardrobe and hair people be adventurouse and use clips and elastic bands with her hair and put something else on her other than jeans etc

    Did budget cuts on the RR Show take away her stylist/wardrobe? I am so sick of seeing the same tired black blazer over everything and those stupid sneakers. I understand wanting to be comfortable, and I have problem feet. There are other alternatives for comfortable shoes, and really - why the silly black blazer so many days?

    We quit watching her on FoodTV because she was so loud and obnoxious. This show started out better, but OMG shut up for once and let your guests talk. I'm surprised any guests even want to come on her show, unless they don't watch it, so they are clueless until they try to speak!
  • Please Let Guest Talk

    I use to really like, it started off as a good show and had great recipes but she won't shut up!! RR has always been loud but seems to be getting so out of hand that she's become down right rude & obnoxious toward guest.. Is it because they now make her have a guest host? She not only talks over other Chefs but talked over a Dr as if he knew nothing; he was attempting to talk.. I had to turn it off (freq thing anymore) but hope he got his message out...
  • Time for a make over looking scruffy hair and jeans

    Time to get her looking fresh and refine.

  • She's grating on my nerves. Can't take her anymore!

    She needs to 1) shut up once in a while! quiet down and let your guests speak. 2) stop repeating the same things over and over like how you score a bowl of hamburger to make even sized patties. 3) change your hairstyle and clothes once in a sick of the same black blazer, faded jeans and sneakers. And finally, 4) JUST CALM DOWN! She's become OBNOXIOUS. I'm and EX-FAN.
  • Please stop talking

    I have always enjoyed Rachel Ray and her show but the constant talking over guests has made me stop watching. She is like a 3 year old who interrupts the adults constantly. No one can finish a sentence. I thought it was just me but many thanks to others who see her the same way. Hopefully she will change her behavior!
  • Sitting in studio.....

    After waiting outside in the rain and cold for over 3 hours my friends and I were first in line for the last show of the day. We watched 2 other groups of audience members leave the studio with gift bags of goodies, needless to say we were excited. When we were finally taken in and given a color and put in the holding area, again we were excited until they started calling the color on the were the last group to be called in and ended up in the last row! I think we should have had seats closer to the set, considering where we were in line. Rachael seemed very nice. We got all excited about what kind of goodies were going to receive after seeing the last 2 got a magazine! I personally was a little disappointed and we waited to get tickets for almost 2 years!
  • Well, I'd certainly would have liked to post a review about the show ...

    ... but we were turned away! After the great amount of time and expense of getting there (and back home later) - and arriving plenty early - we and several others at the back of the line were denied entrance to the show. We were offered guaranteed seats if we returned, but no thanks. So we took a cab to Chelsea Market and ended up later on at Eataly - probably had a nicer time anyway. I'll find better ways to spend my time and money than sitting through the RR show.

    WEEEEE KNOW RACHAEL, you have small boobs, you never look down in the shower, your husband loves to mix cocktails and you have a non-human child!!! Why do you feel the need to tell us these things on nearly every show???? And why do you have to interrupt every guest to tell us???? Please shut up long enough for your guests to answer questions, speak about their recipes and maintain some sense of dignity!! You are RUDE and you need to learn what the word GUEST means!!!
  • Right, right, right

    Someone please get her off the air. I am going to scream if she says this one more time. That is the rudest thing to hear, it sounds like she is rushing what the guest had to say. I used to like her but I just can't stand her anymore. Doesn't she have a boss!
  • The doctor is wrong!!!

    I love this show sorry if you dont. I am watching the show about diseases re emerging and common problems like Lyme disease. I wanted to point out that you can have Lyme disease and NOT have the tale tale sign of the bullseye mark. My step son had Lyme disease as a child and never had that mark. The doctor said it is not always present. The show made it sound like it is. Just saying.
  • Her Voice!

    This show is awful. I made an account on this site just so I could write a review. That is how bad I think this show is! I was watching the Easter episode, the guest she had was going into detail about a recipe that called for a chocolate bunny's head to be chopped off. You'd think Rachael was on 2nd grade! Not only could her guest not get a complete sentence in edge wise, she was so giddy about cutting the head off her bunny. Like "ohh look at the clean cut I got" then a recipe called for the bunnies to be placed in a blender: once again 2nd grade! Rachael screaming (yes screaming, that's all the woman knows how to do) how it's like a murder scene. Really? It's food on your show! She was so obnoxious & so rude to her guest I changed the channel. I felt bad for her guest! I'm sure he was wishing she'd shut up. Idk how adults watch this show & I'm not real sure why it's still being aired. A lot of shows that are bad are like train wrecks, really bad but can't look away. Not the case for this show. I couldn't change the channel fast enough.
  • Does anyone read her these???

    Please I hope someone is communications to her the comments her fans leave! I hope this forum is not wasted! She needs to watch one of her shows to see how how rude and loud she cones across! How she repeats everything her guest say which makes her appear insecure. She is do loud and over enthusiastic that it comes across phoney embarrassing! I fast forward,AOT but miss what the guest are says g cus if her! Does she have a medical problem? Or is it a ego problem?? The show has give to her needs to cook more and not talk to guest or interview she has NO SKILL whatsoever i talking to think cooking is her back to it!! Stop screaming please!!! The Easter show I was so embarrassed for she helped that guy make those shakes from CHOCO was unbelievable!!.
  • The show is going the way of Jerry Springer

    So the other day she had three women on to share what was bothering them about their bodies in a bathing suit. One woman's nasty daughters in the audience had pointed out to their mom that she had 'camel toe'. . On a show last week the discussion was focusing on the color of our bowel movements. She had a doctor (?) mixing what looked like chocolate pudding with other colored mush to demonstrate what happens when we eat, say, kale. UNBELIEVABLE. We needed to see props to understand this? I was excited when my work schedule changed and I could finally see this show. It took about 1-2 weeks before I was done with it. The constant squealing. The rush-to-the-bottom topics of discussion. Gross.
  • She's too loud!

    I feel the same way as the woman wrote below. I just had her show on in the background and she was grinding up the bunnies and getting such fake delight in her juvenile actions. She gets so loud and so out of control it is unbearable. I could hear her screaming in the other room. The guy put chocolate into some croissants and she was screaming, yes screaming, how brilliant he was! Really? Brilliant!? The French have been doing it forever. All the screaming they have the audience do is horrid as well. She talks over her guests all the time and has to be center stage. She is overly effusive to everyone to the point where what she says does not appear authentic or genuine. Everything is so fake, from the audience to her. Obviously no one reads this as the same comments have been presented over and over about how rude she is. I guess obviously people don't care since she stays on the air. I will not watch this show. I will look for something to watch that is more authentic and peaceful. I guess you have to be an irritating loudmouth to be successful on these shows like Carla Hall, Rachael, and Guy Fieri. All the daytime shows now seem to have constant fake clapping and the loud screaming voices of women in the audience. Makes me miss the soap operas...
  • Use to love this

    her constant interruptions is grating on my nerves. I'm trying to understand what her guests are saying, but her mouth keeps interrupting them. I don't know why people would come back for a second guest spot.

    I no longer watch the show... rather watch Pioneer woman, soothing voice and easy to follow recipes.... mmm yum. Sorry Rachael.... But your absolutely rude to your guests, your voice grates on my nerves.
  • Should be called the Rachael Ray assemblyline

    I have been repeatedly invited via email solicitations to attend the Rachael Ray Show but I went to a taping in 2007 and didn't enjoy it then so I have consistently ignored the emails. I was offered to go again and my fianc and sister thought it would be fun so we all agreed to go. I wish I would have stuck to my original instinct of deleting the emails.

    It's not fun, it's an unpaid job that you take on many expenses to attend and are treated like part of an assembly line.

    Initially you stand outside regardless of the weather and once you're invited inside, you endure their robotic process and after security, you enter a room where you are invited to have a bottle of water and to stand on more lines. They know that they will have an audience of 140 but only have seating for maybe 100 the most. Unfortunately after standing on line for so long, you more than likely will have to use the restroom and it's disgusting and the ladies room had 4 stalls but only 3 worked, it makes your elementary school's bathroom in Brooklyn look like a palace.

    Once you get inside, please be prepared to work, you are the puppet and they need you to fake laugh, clap constantly until you feel like your arms will give, moan and groan, and be a part of their robotic production. You will more than likely have to watch just as you do at home, on the TV. The entire time I was at the show, I looked at the TV's from the ceiling to see what was going on. Rachael is a talented woman and I am very happy that she is as successful as she is but the production was so emotionless and staged, she looked tired and not interested, genuinely burnt out. After you are told what to do for hours, smell great food that you don't eat, you are instructed you can finally leave- trust me that was the best part of the show. Then you can go and pay for parking, pay for the train, and go buy lunch- to visit the show it's expensive even if the ticket is free.

    My suggestions to the good folks who make so much money from this show off of people like us:

    Renovate the bathrooms; it doesn't hurt to treat the ones who keep you all in business with a little class. We shouldn't have to be ushered into those dreary nonworking disgusting holes.

    Have seating that could actually accommodate your guest, if you anticipate 140, create seating for 150 giving people room and a rest after standing on line to be in this show.

    Offer a substantial snack before the taping, it is hard to sit for 3 hours after standing for 1 hour during lunch hours, typically it blocks your time from 11am-3pm and you smell food cooking, your hungry, and you have to remain a clapping puppet. If you offer food ahead of time, it wouldn't feel so torturous.

    I understand that you all don't have giveaways everyday but it would be an amazing gesture to at least have an autographed thank you from Rachael with maybe the recipes from that taping on it. Or with the entire cross promotion you do, why not get some of those companies to cover the expense of a snack.

    Allow the audience to ask Rachael a few questions and maybe even her guest. Obviously you couldn't do it for every audience member but if you even allowed 3 questions per segment (off camera) just to give us an experience instead of a job.

    Work out a deal with the parking garage that maybe your audience members who show a ticket pay $20 for the taping, that would give the nearest garage an opportunity to keep all of your guest as business and it would lower our expenses to be your audience. Many of us have to take off of work, pay gas, tolls, parking, LIRR, metro, etc, get lunch because of the amount of hours, it would be nice to see that our expenses to support you were thought about.

    I understand not all of us will get prime seating, we actually had the worst. We were in the back row with people, cameras, lighting, etc blocking our view. For your guests who obviously have to fill that spot, maybe make sure they have an experience that isn't so horrific even if it's Rachael walking up just to say hi.

    Rachael and the staff with the exception of Joey Cola (honestly felt like I came to the Joey Cola show, he was great, I almost forgot it was the Rachael Ray show) look so tired, maybe you all should consider taping less segments per day. Walking away from there, I wouldn't even want to watch the show nevermind ever attend again. It was just exhausting for us, and they showed they were exhausted.

    Play a game, maybe a Rachael Q&A for randomly selected guest and allow them to be the taste testers of the food she cooks. It sucks for the audience to sit and watch her cook and watch them shoo it away. If a guest comes to your house, you offer them something to eat or drink, don't treat your guest so badly.

    Lastly, remember the words that Rachael says at the ending of every show. We do keep you working, we do support, watch, attend, purchase, google, etc to make sure that this show is a success. Your treatment of your guest should reflect that. It shouldn't be such an assembly line puppeteer type of feeling.

  • Rachel Interrupt show

    Used to love her show buy why can't she let her guests talk or explain a recipe without her constant interruption, Just now she screamed out that a timer was going off during an interview. how rude I'm sure someone knew the alarm went off, RR didn't have to scare her guest.
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