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  • Socialist cook nazi

    I will never buy your merchandise again. How dare support Obama care and talk about your poor relatives who can't afford insurance. Your making millions and you can't buy insurance for your family but you expect me too pay for it with my taxes on an income of 40000? A yeAr. Kiss off Rachel Ray your show is history in my book
  • You Won't Miss me

    I am so disappointed. I have been watching Rachael Ray's cooking shows before she even had this daytime talk show. The question is how many times has she had Mr. Obama, Mrs. Obama The vice president, and now Regis Philbin who I consider to have no talent and I guess can't find a place for him after he retired from daytime TV and her husband is coming on more and more and more. They just don't fit here. I started watching the show for her cooking, then when she added clothing and makeovers and some crafts, especially home organization, doctors etc. Tell me how Regis Philbin fits into this. But the point is, now that she has shown the country that she is a staunch Democrat, left winger, and chooses to use HER SHOW for political agenda's, so be it, it's her show and she can do whatever she wants. I know she won't miss me, but I have better things to do like watch The Chew. They have cooking, crafts, home organization and especially COMEDY. Even my husband loves this show. Well, Regis is on today so I will be not watching this. By the way, I it is a disgrace to this country and the men fighting for this country to have Jane Fonda (a traitor) on this show. My husband was in Vietnam when she went over there and got our POW's beaten. New directors please


    How dare you support Obama care/National Health care!! I am burning your cookbook as I write this and I will NEVER watch your show AGAIN!!
  • Plugging Obamacare

    Why would you plug something that is a disgrace to our country? Because ABC made you? You just lost me and my family as viewers and many, many more. Hope ABC and your shows ratings go down to zero. Good luck with your next two year renewal because you sure will need it.
  • You've got to be kidding..

    Bad enough having Michelle Obama on your show, but plugging for Obamacare has everyone I know talking badly about your show. I think you just lost a LOT of viewers.
  • obama care

    you lost me and my wife as viewers promoting a socialist health care that will fail america is digusting i hope you and you will lose alot more viewers you are a trader to america
  • What were you thinking??? Obamacare!!!!

    You have most certainly lost my household as viewers of your show!!! We don't need you or any other celeb trying to push Obamacare down our throats!!! Will not buy any product you endorse!!!
  • Obamacare ??? REALLY !!!!!!

    You just lost this viewer, and be prepared to lose a lot more. Enjoy your fame while you have it, it won't last much longer ! Never realized you were Anti-American! You are a ZERO in my book now.
  • Obamacare will be the end of Rachael Ray

    It's how Oprah lost her following. People don't want to see celebs pushing obamacare, it's propaganda and we don't want it! People are losing their jobs, hours a cut, the LAST thing we want to see is another out of touch celeb saying how wonderful obamacare is. If its really that great, would you have to push it? Don't be a complete idiot!
  • Endorsement of ACA

    We assumed she loved America... Rachael Ray why have you sold us out to Obamacare. You will no longer be on my TV<<<<<<<<<<0

  • Sister is A HUGe fan and a RR herself

    My Sisters 25th birthday is April 27th and i have no idea what to do for her, she is my sister, best friend, mentor, and everything a sister could ask for.

    We have 10 Brother and Sisters. My sister NIKKI POWELL has been watching you forever, her kitchen is ALL RR and her food, Oh her food, its Amamzing... Well what would make it awesome is if she could meet you. She has done so much for me and everyone and this would mean the world to her and a Dream come true.

    love Brandy Lame' Detlefsen 615-517-8794
  • Part of the audience 3/19/14 taped show

    I went to a RR taped show today 3/19/14. I was all excited to be part of the audience. After going, I do not understand why Rachael feels she needs a "live" audience. She never once acknowledged the audience was even there. She really is not the nice person she portrays on camera. I guess she forgot who purchases her products and watches her on TV. The girl next door imagine is not there after seeing her in action. The fame has gone to her head and she believes she is bigger and better than the rest of us! Sorry RR, you need to be knocked down like Paula Deen. After what I saw today behind the camera, I am done with anything RR.
  • Hanoi jane

    RR you are a disgrace to the Vietnam veterans for having that evil traitor Hanoi jane on your show. Shame Shame on you. I for one will never watch your show again. You need to go on your show and apologize for having that evil despicable piece of trash on and pray for forgiveness !!!!
  • Loving Rachel Ray

    I love your show so much, the people you have on the show are so inspiring, but you are the bomb, you are short cute and can cook like an Iron chef, I have learned so much from you and I do so much love your cause for animals, that is so sweet, one thing I would like to ask being up in the Northeaster kingdom ov Vermont, where can I find the Dog food you have put out for the better health of animals..
  • Rachel Shhhhhhh when you have cooking guests on...

    Rachel I hope you get this comment .PLEASE listen when you have your wonderful COOKING GUESTS ON... please stop talking and stop repeating everything they say - you have them on as guests to tell about their recipes and procedures so let them love it when Sonny is on your show but you never allow her to say anything because you are talking all the time... perhaps you and or (your producers can sit with you) and look at ALL the play backs of your RACHEL RAY shows, and see just how RUDE it is that you talk the whole time when you guests are trying to speak and cook. It is on ALL OF YOUR GUEST COOKING SHOWS. PLEASE STOP INTERUPPTING and answering your own questions when you talk to them- TAKE A BREATH AND RELAX they are excellent chefs that is why you have them on your show, so please Shhhhhhh let them speak- or your going to lose your show and your audience-
  • Stop it its Rude

    Love the show Rachael, but I cannot handle it. Your have people on your show, who have their own show. I tell my kids stop interrupting while others speak. If you love to hear your voice then have no guest. STOP, it is most annoying. Most are Iron Chefs and you tell them how. Sometime you even ask a question and then you answer. Watch your show. you are just plain annoying. Maybe it will open your own eyes.
  • Interrupts her guests while they are talking!!

    She interrupts her guests while they are talking! Drives me crazy and gets on my nerves. Going to stop watching. SHE cant keep her mouth shut!

  • Down right rude

    This woman does not deserve to be on TV,today she was cooking some meatball breakfast after she was done all the guests were owwwwing and awwwwwwing the bitch Rachel yelled at her guests

    PEOPLE CALM DOWN! This is how you treat your Guests? I would have walked off her show if i was there. I would love to have thrown her in her stupid 20 dollar garbage bowl and into the trash. peice of shit that she is! One more thing i wanted to rate her show a 0 but the site didn't allow it!,,,,, phony bitch
  • Does She Ever Shut Up?

    I don't know why she has guests, she talks over everything they say. She thinks she's an expert on everything. No wonder she's always losing her voice. She never shuts up. And, COOK SHOW? She doesn't know how to cook! Hambergers, that's not cooking. She admits she can't bake. She ought to hang it up and enjoy her millions and give someone who really knows how to cook a chance.

  • Laugh a lot

    I really love the show especially when Rachel has guest on that make her laugh!
  • Rachel Ray's 30 Minute MEals

    Why is it, on the show, 30 minute meals, Rachel Ray very rarely tastes her food before the show ends? All the other chefs always tastes their food, but she often runs out of time.
  • Obnoxious

    Does RR ever listen? She is so rude by talking over her guests, finishing their sentences, repeating everything, etc. She could also use some help with dressing.
  • Unplugging Rachael Ray

    Why does Rachael even bother inviting other chefs on her show? The poor guy on today was so flustered by her he couldn't even get his segment on track. She's pushy, bossy & doesn't allow the guests to do their own recipe. It was very obvious she was irritated by her guest making mention of the fact he was being so rushed. She talks over her guests & rushes to complete anything they try to say. Today's show was a rerun show but when I heard her plug Walmart as being one of the big box stores that carry fresh fish (along with target??) I just had to chime in. I know this is one big family in the media & advertising game but this show is definitely off my morning list!!
  • Great cooking show Awful talk show

    She has some great recipes but I don't like her as an interviewer. Her guests have to talk faster and faster to say what they want to say before she interrupts them or talks over them. I find I hear more about Rachael during an interview segment than the actual guest!! Please, someone teach her how to conduct an interview properly!!! Its not all about her.
  • talking to much

    Rachel interrupts her guests especially during cooking segments. She needs to let them complete what they are saying. This morning she had Clinton Kelly, from The Chew, on. He was telling you what ingredients he was using and she would say but you could use this or that instead. What could he do but agree with her. I have noticed she does this with a lot of her guests. I use to like the show but lately I have been changing the channel to other programing in my area.
  • Shortest cooking segment for a cooking show-Please Cancel this Show

    I really don't like the Rachel ray show! Her voice irritates me, she can not do the show herself, she constantly has Greta on.... Greta is just as nosily voice irritating. Why are you mixing celebrities,fashion and doctors on a cooking show??? Pease cancel this show! I've started watching Hallmark Channel Home and Family while Rachel Ray is on. Check it out, it's really good! It's channel 255 if u are in the pittsburgh Market!
  • Rachael Ray some contest

    Rachael Ray had a cooking contest Friday January 25th 2013 with Jerry Springer as the judge there were 3 contestants the winner made a dip i went on line to try to get the recipes of the 3 contestants and i saw were others were asking for the recipes for the supper bowl contest there was no comment on how to get the recipes or why would you have a contest and not even show these peoples recipes i guess you have to be one of those food demonstrators like Rachael Ray you know the ones that ask you if you would like to try this new product in the supper market with there little hot plate that is all she knows about cooking that is why she does the 5 min. meal that is all she knows about cooking it not like she has any schooling at it you just need to marry a producer and spread them legs see how far it gets you you can suck your way to the top.
  • Rachael Ray sucks

    I tried to watch Rachael Ray but I just cant. She makes the worst food I have ever seen and o phony. You can tell that the audience is made to clap. And all the money she is making and she is always asking for free things.And why does she repeat everything. That is so annoying.And she dresses like an old woman. She shouldnt lose too much more wait because her face is getting long and drawnwhy does she have the audience clap so much. It is s
  • I do not watch cooking shows but this one is FUN & Original!

    I wanted to share because I just started watching the show here and there recently and I really like how fun and easy the recipies are. A lot of the things that she makes just seem so easy and tasty and also things you wouldn't normally think of. It is also fun to have breaks in between the cooking to hear what guests have to say & she has a great uplifting mood.

    Only thing is, I am wondering why the show isn't presented in HD here in Buffalo, NY? I watch it on the HD channel and it is the only show that does not come through on HD.. hmmm anyways..

    It is a fun watch. I do not think I would want to watch it everyday but it is a great show to watch here and there and get some great cooking tips and get in a great mood :)

    PS - Some of the negativity is just obvious hate ;)
  • I Don't Know What People See In Her

    I am being kind by rating her show "mediocre". I find her phony and too happy. It's unrealistic. She is also a bore, who cooks dumb food. The audience also claps at everything she does.
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