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  • TG I'm not the only one!

    I was looking for a site to vent my frustrations with this show. I used to love watching this show, but in the last couple of seasons, it's almost unbearable. I agree with everyone else in that she constantly interrupts & is incredibly rude when her guests try to talk. I was watching her today & the guest was James almost died when she kept interrupting him. :( She needs a wake-up call with regard to common courtesy & she is not Oprah, nor would Oprah conduct herself this way.
  • testimony

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  • general comments

    OMG!!! Today's episode she consistentl interrupted Emeril. He could barely finish a sentence without being cut off. II agree, Rachel needs to be on a makeover segment. Get something new other than a black blazer, jeans and ugly black boots/runners. How about wearing hair in a ponytail or off the face when cooking? Aren't cooks/chefs supposed to wear hats or have their hair back etc? How about some nice dresses and heels or something colourful?

    Yes I agree Rachel does interrupt her guests and then proceeds to tell us an example of her husband in that situation etc.

    Why can't the wardrobe and hair people be adventurouse and use clips and elastic bands with her hair and put something else on her other than jeans etc
  • What's wrong with her

    Why does Ray feel that every comment out of her guests mouths need to be explained and/or expanded upon for the audience. The guests come on with their schtick and it would seem that Rays audiences are dimwits because she continually interjects explanations and superfluous anecdotes for what the guests are saying. I think everyone knows what an individual guest is saying and her interjections are so disruptive that we don't bother to watch the shows. Step back Ray and allow your guests to perform their function without your ridiculous, disruptive and demeaning banter. I'm surprised the guests allow her to intimate that they are somehow not capable of presenting their area of expertise to an audience. Shame on Ray
  • Time to go, Rachael!

    So very annoying to hear her constantly interrupting her guests. She's not a chef, she's a cook just like my sister who hates to cook. Few of her recipes are anywhere near healthy. I don't care what her "husband John likes," Somehow, I think she is a very insecure person who masks that insecurity by wanting her audience to know that she knows everything her guest chefs have to say.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah and right, right, right. Please. Time to go.
  • Rude and Obnoxious

    Rachel is getting worse all the time. I watch Good Morning America and then leave the TV on sometimes, not even meaning to watch Rachel. This morning was the worst. Emiril was on, whom I love, so I left the TV on. Emiril could not even get a word out for Rachel constantly yelling over him and I think it was getting to him too. Fire Rachel, bring Emiril on - he is such a good cook and entertaining when he is able to talk. Rachel's cooking is so unhealthy anyway, I would not use her recipes.
  • I think I've figured her out!!!!!

    She doesn't really have all that much to say, so she insessantly repeats what her guests are TRYING to say and repeats her tired "wearying" antidotes all the time!!!! THE WOMAN DOESNT HAVE ALL THAT MUCH TO SAY! She found her niche with the 30 minute meals, was wildly popular, so why not milk her popularity? She's fallen for all the hype! I read a review last week where the reviewer said "thankfully she's peaked and is on the way out"! I say high time!

    She's a decent cook! Definitely nothing more! She has a bubbly personality, but no one has had the nerve to rein her in! It's time someone did!
  • She's like the female version of Jim Carrey

    I can't stand her. I don't watch her show because I can't stand talk shows to begin with. But, I can't stand to listen to her. Even when I watched her cooking show years ago I found her voice totally irritating. BTW, Rayus Interuptus, Lydia Bastianich is not a chef. She never attended culinary school of any kind. She is a cook. I can't stand her either. My family is Italian and her food is not well-made. Lydia is merely a cook. There are lots of cooks who are excellent, but not Lydia. At least RR sometimes comes up with good recipes.
  • Rachael is a true narcissist

    "I" this and "Me" that. We get it Rachael, you've experienced every single thing ANY person has done EVER and your story is more important then your guests. She is simply an awful interviewer. She talks over everyone and her voice is so straining, it's uncomfortable to listen to. I have never yelled "SHUT UP" at my tv until I watched this show. She is absolutely disrespectful to her guests, and "one upping" them, which she does constantly. Please NBC read all these reviews which say the same thing and at the very least bring to her attention and at the very most get a new CHEF to host the show or send her to classes to understand what being a gracious, respectful host entails.
  • Rayus Interruptus

    I once heard someone say that what made Johnny Carson such a great host was that he let the guests do the work and he simply reacted. Perhaps Rachael needs to take a lesson from that. Clearly I am not the only one who has noticed and gotten frustrated with her inability to let someone else be the focus of attention for more than 10 seconds. I know, it's HER show. I get it. I have seen her on some other shows and seen her being interviewed (as a guest) and she seems quieter and less egocentric. Maybe a director or someone is telling her to exaggerate her personality? I used to enjoy her show so much more, and I do still watch - but not to see her, but to see her guests or interesting segments. I do get some ideas from the cooking segments also, but it's so difficult to watch! Like so many commenters here, I think it's incredibly annoying to have her speak over her guests ALL the time. When she does let them answer, instead of following up on their response (maybe, "I didn't know that about you! How did growing up in such a big family effect your decision to become a chef?" or something like that), she jumps in with yet another anecdote about HERSELF. I saw her once ask a guest (I forget who, sorry) what was on their bucket list. As soon as they finished answering her, she went into a list of things on HER bucket list. Totally ignored their answer. You have an hour long show, 5 days a week, and can enlighten your audience to all these "fascinating" tidbits of information about yourself when you're cooking by yourself. If you have Morgan Freeman on, I want to hear HIS stories. Not yours. Also, Rachael is a COOK, NOT a trained chef. When you have Rick Bayliss, Curtis Stone, Jacques Pepin, Mario Batali, etc. - trained, successful, world-renowned chefs cooking THEIR recipes on your show, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us hear what they have to say!!! I don't think Jacques Pepin needs you to tell him how to saute mushrooms without drying them out! Or tell Lidia Bastianich to save a cup of the pasta cooking water!

    Now that I've ranted about her poor hosting skills, here are 10 things I am tired of hearing her say:

    1. Anything about her husband.... I know they were married in Italy. I know she buys him salamis for his birthday every year. I know he is a "weekend mixologist". His favorite dish is carbonara. He calls her mother "Mamacello" because she loves lemon so much. Enough already.

    2. That color = flavor in cooking.

    3. The fact that she sets bread on fire. That she needs Jeanette to be her bread toasting "stunt double". My son, who doesn't watch but will occasionally catch a few minutes if he's in the room when I'm watching, once asked me how in the world a person that can't toast bread can have a cooking show on TV. I didn't have an answer.

    4. She uses a truffle shaver to slice her garlic "Paulie-thin". You know, like Paulie from Goodfellas.

    5. She would eat her own arm if you put pretty much anything on it.

    6. It's a good thing John likes garlic, because she smells like it. All the time.

    7. When you make hamburgers, score the meat before you separate it into patties so that you don't make 3 large burgers and then end up with too little meat for the last one and have to steal some from each of the others. That last one is apparently called a "Frankenburger".

    8. "I KNOW!"

    9. How she doesn't have human kids, but has a "65 (?) pound baby", her dog Isaboo. She feels a need to reference this every time someone talks about their own children. Or children in general. Or their pets.

    10. "I love ______!" "I'm obsessed with _____!" "I'm _____'s biggest fan!" Fill in the blanks any way you want, She's said it.

    I wouldn't mind her saying these things once in a while. But she repeats them day after day, show after show, sometimes more than once in a show. That she has to keep giving us the same tired stories and the same tips over and over says she lacks the innovation and creativity it takes to make a show interesting and watchable for a long period of time. She may be a lovely person in her personal life, but this show needs a major overhaul it she wants to keep it going. I still "watch", but unless there's a guest that I really love or I see she's cooking something interesting, it's usually just background noise for me to listen to while I do other things.
  • Rude Rachael and her interruptions

    I have noticed for many years that Rachael constantly interrupts her guests. While she monitors one of her guests cooking a recipe, she constantly interrupts and cuts them off, acting like a" KNOW IT ALL". There are times that I would like to hear what her guests have to say, but they can't even finish a sentence while Rachael opens her big mouth. She is totally rude. It's hard to believe that her producers have not taken care of this problem. Also, she brags and incessantly mentions her mother, her husband, her dog, and her heritage.

    Now it's her new 2015-2016 season, and I see that she is still interrupting her guests. What's with the "sure, sure, sure" and the "right, right, right"? Also,a commercial is played in which she and some of her audience members are doing some kind of a dance around her cooking area, and she lets out a ridiculous, immature, high pitched scream. She is so immature.

    It's always "all about her" when she interrupts a guest and has to mention herself. She is rude, obnoxious, and immature, and she doesn't even seem to get it.
  • Show Host Talking Over Guests far Too Often and its Rude and IRRITATING

    Rachel, like many other tv show hosts seem to think that what they say is more important than the guest. As a matter of fact, many tv show hosts just talk over their guest and get louder and louder if the guest does not stop talking..... I don't know if its a need to be the center of attention or has to control all things. Unfortunately, the viewer does not get to hear much of the guests expertise. We all understand that its Rachels show (or sombodys show) but why have a guest if you are constantly going to talk over them. The interruptions are absolutely out of control and IRRITATING. I really hope the show directors start hearing these complaints and do something about it cuz its really getting in the way and show will loose look at the other comments.

  • Rachael Ray was sweet

    My daughter and I went to the 10am taping of her show today. She came out and was talking with audience members. She actually got really personal with us. She is such a sweet genuine person! During the segment breaks she brought the audience out plates of s'mores brownies and fudge brownies with potato chips baked on top. We really enjoyed ourselves!!!

    She seems to be so threatened by her guests, God forbid she isn't the center of attention. I understand that it is her show, but why bother having guests on if you are constantly going to talk over them. The interruptions are absolutely out of control. She is beyond rude and mannerless. I watched it today for about 5 minutes and had to change the channel. Its awful.

    I liked her way back when, but since the current show went on ABC, I think she changed. I CAN'T STAND HER any more. I stopped watching several months ago but just finished reading the comments below. She is unbelievably rude! Someone mentioned a makeover for HER, not for her audience. Good idea. Wear something besides the black tee shirt and jeans (which she often used to mention, "very New Yorker". I saw that another show is beginning on September 14 in her time slot on ABC. Do I dare believe this show's been cancelled? I do like her recipes and wish she would go back to the old type shows without an audience and guests. Just cook and shut up unless it's to talk about the recipe.

  • Rude, boring, not even a good chef unless you like burgers!

    I keep wondering WHY I bother to watch (peek at) this show, but guess it's like having a loose tooth but keep wiggling it.

    Too many things to critique, but here are some starters, not necessarily in order of irritations:

    1) Can she cook anything besides burgers and, once in awhile, chicken? One more burger recipe (with the hand scoring to make equal size burgers), I will yell at the TV again! Rachel, we are not stupid. And burgers get boring, no matter WHAT you do!

    2) you are a poor host to your guests, constantly interrupting about YOUR relevance.

    3) you have NO class, dress like some people do in N. New Hampshire where u live which is good when you are IN Northern NH, but not on national TV. Get a makeover!

    4) am a senior, been cooking forever, learned from Julia, which I don't expect from Rachel, but she's not even a good cook. I mean, how hard is it to cook hamburger 65 ways and try to act clever and enthusiastic about it?

    5) rude to her guests, most, of whom are chefs, and know much more than she's even close to knowing. Why Jacques Pepin bothers to slum himself out is beyond me. They must pay him a wad!

    6) not interested in your husband's tastes nor your dogs unless only OCCASIONALLY mentioned!

    7) get your set organized. You can't pre show check your utensils? How dumb is that?

    8) don't "sell" your products during the show.

    9) lose weight. You look slobby.

    10) FINALLY! You are a basic cook with a few twists. How you got a show of your own is beyond me. I prefer The Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) who knows how to cook! Really cook!

    Take this stupid show off!!

  • Irritating - for Years!

    There is only on person on TV more irritating than Rachael Ray - and that is Sunni Anderson. She is on so much, it should be the Rachael & Sunni Show. Love watching the two loud mouths try to get along in the kitchen. As others have commented, tired of hearing about John's favorite dishes, his band, her dog, her inability to conduct an interview without interrupting with personal comments and yelling for an item the staff forgot to put on the set. It happens so often, it is just not funny anymore. Just as Rachael Ray suffers from overexposure, Sunni Anderson is on the same path. Don't get me started on Food Network and the tired fare of programming there. Food Network Stars? In who's mind?
  • I pity the people...

    who choose to sit through a taping of Rachel's show. It's sooooooo hard to watch on tv, so I can only imagine what it's like to actually be in the studio. The other day Dr. Travis Stork was on the show, and every time he started to talk about various health issues, Rachel would interrupt him and say that she had this problem or that problem too; at one point it looked to me like Stork was getting agitated that she was interrupting him. Maybe if she watched tapes her show it might FINALLY dawn on her that she acts worse than a hyperactive teenager, but then again maybe not, lol!

  • Be quiet Rachael!

    I keep trying to watch her show but I can't stand her constant interrupting the guests with her own comments and experiences. Every time the guest is about to make a point she interjects her own comment. At that point I don't really want to hear her interruption. Let her talk after. So annoying. Plus I'm getting tired of hearing about what her "John" likes. It get it. He likes Carbonara. If you don't want the guests to talk don't have them on.
  • Please Get Her Off the Air

    Can't stand her. I wish she would just go away.
  • Rude Rachael

    What is with her hand in her pocket all the friggen time. It's so rude to everyone! Manners Rachael
  • "Right, Right, Right"

    Every time I hear her say "Right, Right, Right" its like finger nails on a chalkboard.
  • makeover

    Rachael's earlier shows revealed a much more "put together" host. I loved her hair shorter to frame her beautiful face. The most important issue now is that I believe she needs a new stylist. Please stop wearing black all the time, the drab tee shirts, and the jeans tucked in ankle boots that do not flatter your figure!!!! I love seeing you in brighter colors and a more figure flattering wardrobe! Please ask Greta or Stacy for some tips!!!!!

    I just read another review and that person read my mind. Stop interrupting your guests!!! it's quite rude. Rachel has become so bold and masculine over the years. The show is now a total turnoff. She's also condescending. She often insults her guests. Are you really that arrogant? You shouldn't be this full of yourself. As you often say ... my opinion is now "ggrr!!" Daily you have to torture us with the burnt bread story ? I have watched the show for years and it is changed quite a bit. Her attire leaves a lot to be dresses like a school kid or slob. You need a makeover... make up , hair, clothes and ATTITUDE! i pity her spouse because she acts like man! Turn off! Get it together! You're losing fans big time!!! I doubt she's appreciative or graceful enough to appreciate constructive criticism. The foods also need to be much healthier and you seriously need to lose some weight! Wow!

    Like many of us, I appreciate Rachel's sweet enthusiasm, however, lately I've been SO frustrated because she constantly interrupts every guest. I can't even hear what they are saying, because she interrupts, like today, with some meaningless anecdote about her mother's homemade face cleanser. Jeez! I just flipped the channel I was so disappointed. Can someone just give her a polite hint? :) I think she could be losing much of her fan base for a simple fix. Just stick to cooking, a bright personality and let your guests have the floor.
  • I enjoy the show

    Rachael is a nice lady who makes nice food
  • Loud+Rude

    I was home on July 4th and watched Rachel Ray; I cant believe she still has an audience! First she obviously has been eating too much of her own food! I really dont have much of a problem with that, but I cant believe people would enjoy watching this host standing and just shouting, blurting, yelling out comments, demands to her audience, staff, and whomever is around. God how ANNOYING do you have to be, to get your own show? The food she made looked awful. I get sick of all her comments about how great her husband is. (Not what I have read!). And she just seems to have (or developed) a loud, rude persona! There are allot better things to waste your time on, than this show!
  • Why Invite Guests?

    Tried to watch the expert explain how to grill a steak while inside. No idea because RR NEVER stopped interrupting. Poor Curtis Stone he looked so uncomfortable watching her ask questions.... Chef started to respond.... RR butted in. So I ask why pay for guests if she talks the entire time!!!!
  • Become a Gracious Hostess Rachael

    What has happened Rachael?

    You may consider cutting back on coffee taking a course on manners. I can't stand watching your show any more. Your dismissive 'right, right, rights' and your 'yeah, yeah. yeahs' are just RUDE to your guests. Your constant interruptions and incessant need to talk is making your show too loud and too off putting, you aren't a child any longer now are you? I debated if I needed to write this but after today's show I can't stomach to watch you anymore and and had to get this off my chest. Oh BTW all my friends find your rudeness and dismissive behavior off off putting as well.
  • A Little Friendly Advice

    Love the Show, however the constant interruptions of Rachael's guests are so annoying I end up not watching the rest of the show. Please just let your guests finish what they are saying and be silent a little more. I promise it will help your ratings!
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