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  • Shut Her Up!!

    First off I created this account this morning,after watching the "poop" segement. The Dr. Who is an expert in poop for lack of a better word could not say anything with out being interrupted,why would you deprive your viewers of the important information he was giving,just so you could run your have guests if you are going to constantly over talk and interrupt them??? I never watched RR before she came to ABC,and now I know why,she is so rude and loud all the time,how insulting to her again will watch her and her rude behavior all week she has done nothing but overshadow her ABC will find a new show to follow GMA,because RR just ruins my mornings!!

    How RUDE - I like her cooking and ideas she has, HATE the fact she has great guests on the show and talks over them!!! I want to hear what THEY have to say!!

    Someone has to coach this lady! Don't producers/writers see it? Is she that spoilt and arrogant that she won't listen?? Good Grief - like one reviewer said, I have never shouted SHUT up to my tv before i started watching her.

    I specifically as well signed up for this site just to voice my opinion about it as well.

    /rant off
  • She who interrupts......

    First let me start by saying, I liked her cooking shows, and like Rachael when she is in her element (the kitchen). However, when you put her on a show where she interviews celebrities' or does ANYTHING besides cooking it is the WORST. It is awkward, rude, annoying and certainly not cute to constantly interrupt the guests and talk about yourself, again and again and againnnn.

    I signed up just to type this comment, I had to get this off my chest and wanted to share a fun game. Very simple. Just have some friends over, and drink every time Rachael Ray interrupts a guest or audience member! Its great fun! And trust me.... You all will be drunk within the first twenty minutes!
  • Disgusted with yesterday's show

    I really have enjoyed the show, until yesterday's. She turned her show into a strip club. Not necessary! There are kids who love to cook who watch it, how could she be so ignorant? And I agree with everyone else about her interrupting. What happened to sweet Rachael?

    So miss watching Rachel's show after Kelly and Michael. It's time already to replace THE VIEW with Rachel Ray as it appears according to reviews that no one is liking nor watching THE VIEW. THe Rachel Ray show at 1 pm is such a poor time slot. Opinions?
  • Replace Rachael

    This would be a good show if you replace loud- mouth, look at me, talking over guests Rachael. I don't understand anyone wanting to be a guest on her show. I'm waiting for someone to put their hand over her big mouth. I don't understand the producers allowing her obnoxious behavior.
  • Stop Interrupting!!!

    Why does Rachel Ray interrupt all her guests? It is so annoying that I can't stand it. It is always about her!!! I want to get recipes and she talks over her guests so much, that sometimes I miss it. Very annoying, why doesn't someone tell her to shut her mouth?
  • Please stop talking over your guests or stop having guests, it's not a small problem anymore....

    Oh my goodness I try to watch the RR show for some ideas. It's not a good show anymore. I felt bad for getting annoyed about her over talking her guests "ALWAYS" interrupting everyone? I was thinking I was the only one that felt that way, boy am I wrong! LoL now I don't feel so bad about disliking her show. I used to enjoy her short, just cooking shows I never noticed if she interrupted herself. No wonder she has a raspy voice all the time, she can't stop even has to talk over like she knows more than him? Show business has got to her head. Maybe she is a nice person? She had a better show with no guests just cooking and only a 1/2 hour long please. I agree w/ SJNana she must not read the reviews or just does not care about her old viewers or she would listen to all the negative feedback? Her poor husband must have earplugs, her staff that has to run out to bring her a spoon or whatever it is she needs after she YELLS out at them? Oh Boy maybe she is on drugs that make her talk like it's a compulsion. Not sure the reason but seems to me the staff would take these comments into consideration since the end result will be no viewers = no show eventually. I can't believe there's only 62 reviews, most are negative?
  • No more disrespect, Rachel!

    I totally agree with all the reviewers who say they are tired of Rachel's interrupting. She interrupts EVERYBODY, Including the President!!!! How disrespectful!! Rachel, let people have their say/ You invite them to your show for a reason and I'm pretty sure they would like to be able to carry on a conversation without you interrupting them constantly. Give it a try, you'll have more viewers in you're more respectful of your guests AND your viewers.

    It would be nice to know if Rachel actually reads these reviews, probably not since she is still interrupting!
  • Love Rachael Ray however ....

    There are times when her constant interrupting and loud to the point of screaming brings me to the point of turning the channel. Does she realize there are (many) times when'd she doesn't allow her guests to talk without the need to tell a story about herself?
  • Please JUST COOK!!!

    This show has gotten sooooo off the mark, I can't watch anymore. RR, a reasonably good cook cannot stop talking long enough to turn a microwave on!! She interrupts EVERY GUEST, no matter what the topic, this authority on everything just wants to hear herself talk! I have often tuned in to hear how a "celebrity chef" prepares a meal, only to hear her take over and "talk over" every segment. I learned zero from the guest; my time was wasted; and I watched a rude interview in action. Enough is enough! Pull the plug on this show!! RR, stick to cooking in your personal line of cookware. I am no longer a fan!
  • talking

    stop talking and interrupting your guest my god you're driving me nuts stop talking stop talking stop talking
  • keeps interrupting

    I used to like her show. Not anymore. She NEVER EVER lets her guests talk. She keeps interrupting and its so annoying. You are very rude.
  • Interruptions are getting old

    I think if youre going to interview people, you should do it respectfully and actually listen to their speak over them. If you just want to do a cooking show talking about do that and not invite anyone on the show.
  • Love u rachael, dont listen to haters! your awesome!!

    shut up haters, don't watch then! shes the best and I love the show!
  • I'm begging you - STOP INTERUPPTING

    Worst interviewer ever. Talks over everyone and her voice is so straining, it's uncomfortable to listen to. I have limited tv channels and my nbc station replaced kathy and hoda with rachael ray at the 10 am timeslot forcing me to watch this horrible show. I have never yelled "SHUT UP" at my tv until I watched this show. She is absolutely disrespectful to her guests by talking over them, which she does CONSTANTLY. She relates every comment a guest has on how "she does that too" and "oh, I love using that too". I am begging for this show to be cancelled.

    Stick to what you know Rachael and just make meals, leave the interviewing to people who actually understand the show is not about them but about your guest.
  • Rachel, Rachel, Rachel......

    Please, Please, Please,,,,,,stop interrupting your guest when they talk on your show. It is sooooo annoying!

  • Interupting guests

    I think it's rude how she is always interrupting her guests with stories about herself. I want to hear what the guests have to say, not about her life. JS
  • Love/Hate

    I love the concept of the show; however, I hate that the same old guests are constantly there, saying the same old things with a different twist. Yes, I'm tired of Buddy, Greta and Sonny. Aren't there any other people who are qualified to be guests? Just because they're Rachael's personal friends, doesn't mean the viewers love them as much as she does.

    And, yes, as much as I like Rachael, she needs to shut up and let her guests talk! OMG, I can hardly watch anymore because she constantly finishes their sentences or gives her opinion before they are finished talking. ONE PERSON AT A TIME, PLEASE!
  • forgotten seniors

    I love your show and would like to suggest ie Clinton Kelly choosing swim suit episode today that he be realistic and help senior ladies with weight and sagging issues how to chose bathing suits. We are shrinking violets with many issues and younger models for various designers are used but never SENIORS . I think its wonderful the topic varieties on your shows but 99% of the time Nana's and there needs and help are never included . I try never to miss watching and hope you will start to incorporate more SENIOR viewer needs
  • Ray no more!

    I'VE been watching Rachael since she started on Food Tv, but I'm getting annoyed because she's so loud and talks over EVERYONE, then how she gushes over everyone to the point where I want to throw up! You'd think Michelle Obama was THE be all end all in the turned into a waterfall, her shilling for Obamacare, STAY OUT OF POLITICS, to spread that damn propaganda in a place it doesn't to carry on about the school lunch program of really obserd, when that food is disgusting, kids won't eat it, portions so small, and when she cooks things not allowed on school ARE NOT .....

    I HAD ALREADY STOPPED WATCHING HER SHOW, after I watched that disgusting, show with Jane kissed that traitors ass and acted like she was a wonderful humane person, when in reality she was responsible for many deaths of our soldiers during Vietnam, by posing with the N. Vietnamese,

    and blaming our men and our country for unheard of atrocities. She should be serving time in Jail for BYE RACHAEL RAY!!!!
  • cancel please

    Rachel is annoying always talks over her guest for Emmy's who are they kidding the reason why? There is not that many show's during the TAKE HER OFF!
  • why do you need to have a *** on ?

    Why promote a ***?

    I once loved your show.. not anymore..
  • Socialist cook nazi

    I will never buy your merchandise again. How dare support Obama care and talk about your poor relatives who can't afford insurance. Your making millions and you can't buy insurance for your family but you expect me too pay for it with my taxes on an income of 40000? A yeAr. Kiss off Rachel Ray your show is history in my book
  • You Won't Miss me

    I am so disappointed. I have been watching Rachael Ray's cooking shows before she even had this daytime talk show. The question is how many times has she had Mr. Obama, Mrs. Obama The vice president, and now Regis Philbin who I consider to have no talent and I guess can't find a place for him after he retired from daytime TV and her husband is coming on more and more and more. They just don't fit here. I started watching the show for her cooking, then when she added clothing and makeovers and some crafts, especially home organization, doctors etc. Tell me how Regis Philbin fits into this. But the point is, now that she has shown the country that she is a staunch Democrat, left winger, and chooses to use HER SHOW for political agenda's, so be it, it's her show and she can do whatever she wants. I know she won't miss me, but I have better things to do like watch The Chew. They have cooking, crafts, home organization and especially COMEDY. Even my husband loves this show. Well, Regis is on today so I will be not watching this. By the way, I it is a disgrace to this country and the men fighting for this country to have Jane Fonda (a traitor) on this show. My husband was in Vietnam when she went over there and got our POW's beaten. New directors please


    How dare you support Obama care/National Health care!! I am burning your cookbook as I write this and I will NEVER watch your show AGAIN!!
  • Plugging Obamacare

    Why would you plug something that is a disgrace to our country? Because ABC made you? You just lost me and my family as viewers and many, many more. Hope ABC and your shows ratings go down to zero. Good luck with your next two year renewal because you sure will need it.
  • You've got to be kidding..

    Bad enough having Michelle Obama on your show, but plugging for Obamacare has everyone I know talking badly about your show. I think you just lost a LOT of viewers.
  • obama care

    you lost me and my wife as viewers promoting a socialist health care that will fail america is digusting i hope you and you will lose alot more viewers you are a trader to america
  • What were you thinking??? Obamacare!!!!

    You have most certainly lost my household as viewers of your show!!! We don't need you or any other celeb trying to push Obamacare down our throats!!! Will not buy any product you endorse!!!
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