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  • Love this show!

    I tape this show daily and really look forward to watching it. Very informative and well done. Obviously, an effective and very hard working staff on board for this show! Love it!
  • Would like her but too biased

    Would love to listen to her stories but the history lesson is biased Too bad. I think she has potential but I need facts not more slanted information that promotes more dissent that doesn't help Americans to better their lives and futures
  • She makes stuff up!

    I find her disturbing, imbalanced and hard to look at
  • Sounds like a broken record

    In a statement, it's so much more interesting to the viewer if ere is a beginning, middle and POINT!!

  • Biased

    I'm a moderate Democrat and I even see this for what it is. This is one of the most biased shows on TV. I always get a kick out of the fact that Democrats hate Fox News, but think people like Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews are great. Journalism is dead in this country. I don't like Trump, but he is right about the media. The liberal media has ruined Americans trust in reporting. Don't believe me? Go to any state not on the East or West coast and ask people how they feel about any mainstream media outlet, the nonstop protesting, or out of touch condescending Hollywood elites. We may never see another Democrat in the Oval Office again. Thank arrogant TV personalities like Rachel Maddow for this.
  • Intelligent, thoughtful reporting

    Rachel really stands out for its in depth reporting on important, sometimes overlooked, news that impacts policy and politics. So refreshing to see a host that lays the groundwork for an interview and asks the guests if she's gotten anything wrong on background: that's the way to set up an interview! Rachel also knows when guests are just talking to eat up time rather than answering or laying out their positions. I went to a few WH pressers before I just dropped my company's coverage because Obama's first guy, Gibbs, was a huge time chomper - that's may be why I am so sensitive to these bs'ers. Rachel also did the best she could have done with time chomper KellyAss Conway. Now there's an interviewee that needs to be cued up by Rachel before she gets on air. My only beef with Rachel is she was not tough enough on Conway though I am not sure anyone could have done better with a world class liar.
  • Love Rachel

    The only problem with this show, is it is on the same network as the worst morning show in history. I can only hope the network goes in the direction of its nightly shows, (7-11) and of course Joy. If it does not maybe it is time to find a network that is not schizophrenic..
  • the best and most informative cable news program

    I always watch this show every night but I turn the channel every time I see the likes of Trump's cronies on your show to spew their BS. Kelly Ann Conway is the worst. Please just bring people on that report the truth and not give trump's cronies air time. Cable news only cares about rating no matter how outrageous they are. This has been going on for years and it just keeps getting worse. Americans need to believe that what they're hearing is factual. Not the he said she said. I know Rachel does better than anyone else but you only need to look at what's going on in this country to know our media has failed more that anything else. Inform the country and stop letting the crazies spew whatever they want. Trump's authoritarianism is the most alarming thing I've seen in my adult live and I've been around a long time.
  • Superlative!

    Smart, sharp, refreshingly incisive political journalism with impressive historical perspective. RM leads the pack in this genre..
  • Twisted paths to get to the point... LOVE IT!

    I love the way Rachel has to make her points... my husband and I are always trying to guess what the history 'lesson of day' is going to be each night. Her show is not only funny and entertaining but fact based and educational. Love Rachel because she is smart and shows true understanding of the facts. I am a true fan.
  • Not a fan

    I really cant stand watching her show. Its so biased with an agenda. What happened to journalism being unbiased and professional? Keeps us from watching msnbc. shame.

    This is my new favorite show. Rachel weaves a great story and always manages to teach me something that I did not know. My only complaint is that it comes on later than I can keep my eyes open. I have decided to Skip Morning Joe and sleep an hour later. I would much rather watch Rachel and actually learn something.
  • Love Rachel!

    Best show on TV news stations
  • what happened to the social security fund around 2000

    since 2000, was there a time when there was a surplus in the social security fund? If so, I am interested in the facts. Who was the president at that time? What happened to the surplus money?
  • . Navy fights back


    I think I like you calling it a 'boat jail' better that what it is called which is the Brig. :D My husband was in the

    Navy on an air craft carrier and liked to tell me and the kids all the navy terms!
  • a political news show that actually makes sense of the news for me...

    I like watching this show because its insightful and gets to the heart of a story. the reports are well rounded and opinions and facts are well thought out to present the conclusion. They are also very brave to try and make the show actually ENTERTAINING to watch! who else would have a guy in a chicken suit throwing meat down on their hostess extraordinaire while she takes cover under an umbrella. I'm impressed with the way they go to great lengths to illustrate the facts and conclusions behind a story.

    I find they also spend time on the stories that SHOULD be told when other news hosts tend to ignore them. I personally find her ethics and conclusions to be very trustworthy and what I would hope for out of real news journalist.