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Bravo (ended 2013)


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  • For the Fashionistas

    Watching a marathon of this show, the first time viewing it, I am enthralled by the clothes and motivated to do my laundry. While I read all of the fashion magazines I can find, it is different seeing the fashion shows on tv, the movement of the fabrics, metting the designers in 3 dimensions- wow! Exciting stuff for me, who considers fashion a hobby, like art. I relate to Zoe and many of the comments she makes about fashion as well.

    What I'm not so thrilled about are her staff. Brad is likeable and I look forward to his show. However, the rest of the crew is just not that interesting. I read that Rachel was against Brad having his own show and I don't understand why, nor do I know that's a fact. But he is a cheerful light among the behind-the-scenes scenes.

    I can definitely relate to her husband and his concerns over money. However, whether this should be in the show or not is debatable. I would prefer not to see this as focus, just like we viewers rarely see the Ghost Hunter's families in my favorite reality show. It sets the show in a less favorable light, in my mind, to learn about Rachel's irresponsibility and I don't want to know about her marriage problems. I want fashion.

    So fashion is what I watch for and fashion gets the 8. Rachel is definitely a talented stylist and has wonderful taste in using fashion as art. No ten from me because of the aspects previously mentioned, although the teamwork aspect is true of the fashion industry, I do not want to see marriage problems. In the shows Work of Art, Project Runway, and other similar programs around dashion and art, we don't see couple issues on screen, and I like to keep it that way. I think shows about couples and their problems are fine, and great for other people who want to watch that. I want to watch fashion.