The Ranch

Thursday 6:00 PM on CTV Premiered Jan 01, 2003 Between Seasons


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The Ranch

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The Ranch was designed as a pilot in the hopes of developing into a full series but was instead released as a 90-minute original movie. Following the stories of several prostitutes at the Diamond Ranch legal brothel in Nevada, The Ranch features human drama, social humor, and intimate adult sequences. Though there's no set main character, the stories of these women vary with their motivations: Shayna (Jennifer Aspen) wants to find a more normal way to pay the bills, Velvet (Nicki Micheaux) is trying to escape a troubled past with a new identity, and Taylor (Samantha Ferris) wants to take care of her daughter so that she doesn't have to resort the kind of lifestyle she herself is living. Showing how women all under similar circumstances can have different backgrounds and goals in mind, the premise of The Ranch offers up more than the average workplace drama due to its unusual and risque setting.