The Random Years

UPN (ended 2002)


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The Random Years

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Life-long best friends Todd, Alex and Wiseman share a New York apartment together, trying to figure out what to do with their post-college lives...then they meet their new neighbor Casey.

They find themselves in New York City trying to negotiate the daunting realities of post-collegiate life – semi-mature relationships, steady employment and coming up with the rent, for example.

Despite their seemingly similar situations, the members of this foursome take dramatically different approaches to life: Alex (Will Friedle, "Boy Meets World", "Go Fish"), an aspiring music critic who works as a researcher for a New York-based magazine, is responsible, dependable and sweet, though he yearns for the hip, edgy existence that always seems to elude nice guys. Todd (Sean Murray) has no such problem: he's the unmotivated guy who tries the least and gets the most. He has no plans—career or otherwise—and seems totally content, much to the bafflement (and envy) of his friends. Wiseman (Joshua Ackerman) is a dental technician who has never had to make a decision because his mother has made them all for him—including his selection of careers. Now, independent at last, he finds himself making some rather unusual personal choices. Casey (Natalia Cigliuti, "Pacific Palisades", "Odd Man Out") is a smart and mature NYU business school student, who as a recent transplant, is finding life in New York a little tougher than she had expected.

Together they form an oddball kind of family, managing to negotiate the awkwardness of romantic breaks-ups, the frustrations of long-distance dating, the daunting search for the perfect New York apartment (or even a habitable one) and generally find a way to make a living while still having a life.


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