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ABC (ended 1968)

My Fictional Rat Patrol Episode

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    Title:  The Buried Treasure Raid

    Writer: M. A. D. Buck

    Director: I. P. Freely

    Guest stars:  Nehemiah Persoff (Ahmed Bey), Bruce Gordon (Nick Palermo), Anthony Caruso (Capone), Dick Bakalyan (Luciano), Peter Mamakos (Nitti)

    Summary:  A Tunisian professor and an exiled American gangster kidnap Moffett and force him to guide them to a location reputedly containing a fortune in lost treasure.

    Notes:  This episode marked a reunion of sorts for guest stars Bruce Gordon and Nehemiah Persoff.  Gordon and Persoff played mobsters Frank Nitti and Jake Guzik respectively on The Untouchables.

    Nick Palermo's three henchmen are named after real life gangsters Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and Frank Nitti.

    QuoteAhmed Bey (after Palermo's men slaughter a German patrol):  You said there wasn't going to be any killing.

    Palermo: Looks like I lied, didn't I?

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    Now that is an Episode I would have liked to have seen.
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