The Rat Patrol

Season 1 Episode 7

The Blind Man's Bluff Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 24, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

On their way to destroy a German fuel dump, the Rat Patrol pauses to move through a minefield. Suddenly, enemy tanks attack, and in the confusion, Sgt. Troy gets left behind as the Rat Patrol scatters. Sgt. Troy attempts to walk to the rendezvous point, but is overwhelmed by exhaustion and collapses in the desert.

Sgt. Troy wakes up to friendly voices. He's blind, but he's told that he's in an American aid station. Doctor Keller explains that he is suffering from temporary sunblindess as Nurse Bauer cares for him and administers eyedrops.

In actuality, Sgt. Troy has been captured by Capt. Dietrich, and the hospital setting is just a ruse to find out where the rest of the Rat Patrol is hiding. Sgt. Troy doesn't realize that Nurse Bauer is an agent for the German Intelligence Corps and he becomes quite friendly with her.

Meanwhile, the Rat Patrol is at the rendezvous point, worried about Sgt. Troy. Sgt. Moffitt is in command and decides to scrub the mission until Sgt. Troy is found.

As Capt. Dietrich quietly stands nearby, Dr. Keller tells Sgt. Troy that headquarters is still looking for the rest of the Rat Patrol, and asks for their location. Sgt. Troy reveals that he has a map hidden in his hat that shows the location of the rendezvous point. Capt. Dietrich now has the information needed to capture the rest of the Rat Patrol, and tells Sgt. Troy the truth about the situation. Sgt. Troy is enraged, but helpless, as he also finds out that Nurse Bauer was patronizing him and giving him eyedrops that extended the length of his temporary blindness.

Capt. Dietrich arranges to have Sgt. Troy taken to a POW camp, gives him a pair of sunglasses, and then leaves to attack the rendezvous point. Sgt. Troy manages to switch the eyedrop solution for plain water while kissing Nurse Bauer in a ruse of his own.

Along the way to the POW camp, Sgt. Troy's vision returns. He pushes the guard out of the back of the truck, shoots the driver, and shoots the motorcycle escort driver. Taking the motorcycle, he races to the rendezvous point, arriving just ahead of Dietrich's forces. The Rat Patrol gets away, and Sgt. Troy leaves the sunglasses behind for Captain Dietrich to find; once again, Capt. Dietrich has been outsmarted by his opponents.