The Rat Patrol

Season 2 Episode 17

The Boomerang Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 08, 1968 on ABC

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  • Not too interesting, but Dietrich gets to fake his own death!

    Characteristic of season two, this episode doesn't take place in the middle of the Sahara, but along the Mediterranean (ie. California) coast. Our gang has been driving up and down the coast, looking for a contact coming off of a submarine, so they can give him a map. (Might be an easier way to do this, but I digress). Lo and behold, he finally arrives paddling a raft and the guys go walk down to signal him. Too bad everyone is looking out to the ocean or they would have spotted Dietrich and his platoon sneaking up on the sand cliff behind them.
    Troy, not wanting to get himself wet, sends Hitch and Tully out into the surf to help pull the contact, Lt. Kemper, in. As they drag the raft over to the jeeps, Troy asks Kemper for his orders and ID. As he looks at Kemper's dog tags, he notices some blood on them and asks, "You cut yourself?" Kemper says he must have cut his neck getting out of the sub. Funny that Troy doesn't ask to see the cut, but I digress again. Just as they start to leave, Kemper finally looks up, sees Dietrich, and yells "Krauts!" He takes his pistol out and fires hitting Dietrich. Troy, Moffitt and Kemper then dive for cover while Hitch and Tully, both looking pretty fine, blast away and kill about 12 Germans. Kemper, feeling pretty full of himself, asks Troy if he knew the Kraut that he just killed. "Yeah. I knew him" Troy answers with a bit of heartache, or just plain jealousy, take your pick. Although, as they leave in the jeeps, both Troy and Moffitt look back at the cliff with sad looks on their faces.
    They then drive to a beach cottage and Troy tells Moffitt (according to the subtitle, Troy calls Moffitt "Private", must have been demoted in rank recently) to go back to the beach and signal the sub they made the pickup. Well, that might be a little hard since it is now past dawn and the sun is out, but I'm digressing again. While Tully and Moffitt leave, the others go into the cottage and discuss the map's information. Kemper notes Troy has marked the Allied positions, but gripes that he failed to indicate their strength and facility type. Hitch pipes in and asks if that really matters as they only focused on documenting the German positions. Kemper, a bit impatient, chews on Hitch and tells him it's just as important to him to know both the Allied and German strengths. Troy then shows Kemper the positions on the map and tells Hitch to go radio headquarters to let them know they've made contact with the lieutenant. (Isn't the submarine supposed to do that after Moffitt signals them? I know, I know! Back to the review!)
    Anyway, we then cut to Moffitt signalling a submarine, with a plain old flashlight, in broad daylight. Tully, who hasn't been around oceans too much, takes a little walk out on the rocks to enjoy the view and notices a body washing up on the beach below him. He hops down and picks up the guy, wearing only shorts and a muscle shirt, and who probably isn't as dead as we think because he manages to lift his right let up so it doesn't scrape along the rocks as Tully carries him over to Moffitt. Moffitt looks at the guy's right shoulder and yells "American! How did he get here?" I guess there must have been some kind of taatoo there that said "Made in America" or something, but it bets me how Moffitt figured out his nationality. They turn him over on his back and see he's been shot in the chest. Tully touches him by the neck, (the dead guy flinches) and notices he doesn't have any dog tags. They then notice a real taatoo on his left forearm, "BK loves SM". Ohhh, our plot thinkens!
    Well, they take the body back to the cottage where Moffitt gets Troy updated. Hitch, still playing with the radio, looks out the basement door and notices a German soldier sneaking up towards the cottage. As he leaves the building, he notices a whole slew of Germans surrounding the place. Inside, Kemper wants to leave, and Troy wonders why he's in a hurry. Moffitt wants to know what Troy's driving at. Now he starts putting everything together...the body washing ashore, the taatoo - BK could stand for Kemper ya know. Moffitt, being Moffitt and always anxious to question Troy's judgement, notes that Kemper did kill Dietrich. Well, Kemper doesn't miss this opportunity! "Yes Sergeant...I saved your butts on that beach!" Troy says he might have to apologize later (yeah, right...not even if there had been a season three) but he's got questions, like the guy being shot in the chest and Kemper having blood on his dog tags, maybe the real Kemper is dead. Shoved in a corner, Kemper challenges Troy and tells him to take him to a radio so he can confirm his identity. "Fish or cut bait Sergeant!" he yells.
    Okay, Troy's had enough. He pulls his gun and tells Kemper he's going to do just that. Tully, who never misses a beat, jumps in behind Kemper and takes his gun. They then go outside. Just as they get to the jeeps, Kemper tries to take a swing at Troy and gets knocked out for trying. Well, Troy thinks his questions have been answered. "But I'm afraid not mine, Sergeant!" yells Captain "I've just come back from the dead" Dietrich. Without another word, everyone goes back inside the cottage. Hitch, seeing everything, makes his way back towards the building, quietly taking out a German here or there.
    Inside, as Dietrich looks over the map, Kemper asks Troy if he was surprised to see the Captain in such good health. "Yeah, a little." (Aw, come on Troy, we know you were more than just a little surprised!) Dietrich proudly tells Troy how they arranged this plot. Troy then tries to burst Dietrich's bubble and says the map won't help him unless he knows the location of the fire control point. Dietrich tells Troy, in so many words, that he's going to get very, very angry if Troy doesn't tell him. Seeing Hitch outside the window, Troy tells Dietrich what he wants to know and everyone goes back outside. At the right time, Hitch starts shooting and is shortly joined by Tully and Moffitt. Dietrich, who has the map, takes off in his VW and heads towards the beach. Troy yells "Moffitt!" (which the subtitle mistakenly reads as "Move it!"...who exactly, is doing the work on these subtitles?) "The map!" and our boys go chasing after the German.
    As Dietrich runs out of beach to drive on, he leaves the rig and starts running. Troy and Moffitt, who are right behind, pull up and Troy jumps out and tackles him. As Moffitt watches from the jeep, Troy and Dietrich beat each other to a pulp out in the surf. Moffitt must figure it would hurt Troy's pride for him to jump in, so he just sits and watches. In just a few moments, a German half track pulls up and starts blasting the boys with mortar fire. Moffitt gets out of the jeep and takes cover with Troy as both of them watch the map floating out into the ocean. Since this is season two, Jerry's aim is much improved and a shot hits the jeep sending it flying doing a complete rotation in the air. Not to worry as the privates are bringing up the rear and pick up the stranded sergeants.
    Back at the cottage, Troy contacts headquarters and is informed the barrage is still scheduled. Hitch asks if he remembers all the map details. Troy says, "Yeah, I've got them up here" and points to his head. Moffitt, being Moffitt, says "I'd prefer the map", which Mr. Subtitler quotes as "Then prepare the men." Okay, just how much did this guy get paid?! Anyway, if you look quickly, Hitch flashes one of his rarely seen smiles in this season and the boys drive off into the sunset, well, actually thick forest.