The Rat Patrol

Season 2 Episode 6

The Darkest Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 16, 1967 on ABC

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  • Tully gets a new toy!

    All in all, this is an average installment of the series. Troy gets to play blind, steals some diamonds from the Germans, and lives to fight another day. Had the episode been produced during season one, it probably wouldn't have ranked even average. However, this is season two, and our actors are learning how to salvage below average shows.
    Troy impersonates a German officer so he can steal some diamonds to prevent the bad guys from using them to buy more weapons. Now, why have Troy do this? I mean, the dude can't speak German. How does he know the Krauts are going to speak English? He convinces them anyway and the reason he is playing blind is the mission's plan is to knock out the power generator to the building containing the safe with the diamonds. When everything is dark, Troy will be able to make his way through the building to the safe and get the diamonds since he has been learning how to navigate in the dark. Clever, huh? Has no one heard of just using a flashlight?
    Okay, things pick up when we go to the rest of the gang getting things ready while hiding out in a warehouse along with the German officer they kidnapped so Troy could take his place. Moffitt checks a wooden barrier tied up to a half track that Hitch has put together. They both agree it'll knock down some doors. He then goes to Tully, who is working on a bazooka and asks how things are going. True to character, Tully replies "Sight's a little bent, but I can hit a barn with it anyway." Moffitt then asks Hitch if he's happy with his toy, a crossbow. Hitch says he won first prize at Camp Minihaha when he was twelve. "That's very reassuring" quips Moffitt. (Interesting, the original script for this episode has no mention of these particular lines, so it may be safe to assume the actors were responsible for providing more interesting dialogue.)
    Their plans go awry when the German officer gets free and uses the half track to break out of the building. Hitch's aim is right on target though, as he shoots the officer in the back with the crossbow and kills him before he can alarm the troops.
    Meanwhile, the German colonel has learned of the incident and since he is already suspicious of Troy, he tries a trick. He goes to Troy's room and tells him of the accident. He then holds up an indentity bracelet claiming it was found on the dead officer and has "Troy's" name on it. Silly Troy, tricks are for kids but he falls for it giving up his plan. The colonel commends him nonetheless but still can't figure out why Troy is pretending to be blind. Well, off to another room where the Germans beat up on Troy's face for awhile, but he ain't talking.
    Now it's almost midnight, and the gang is up on the roof next door waiting for Troy's signal. When it doesn't come, Moffitt decides to go in anyway. Tully picks up his toy and with one shot blasts the generator (the boy looks so fine with his hairdo, sigh). The happy expression on his face seems to say, "Damn! These things are great! What else can I blow up?" Hitch then uses the crossbow to fire a rope attached to a steel stake across the alley into the other building so Moffitt can grab onto it and reach Troy's room through the window. (How does he know Troy will be in that particular room?) Well, he is! He escaped during the blackout and helps Moffitt come through the window."They've caught onto me" Troy tells him. Yeah, ya think?
    Well, they get to the safe, get the diamonds and are almost back across the rope to the other building before the Germans turn the lights back on and realize they're escaping. No problem though, Tully's into his new weapon and fires off a few more rounds after which they make good their escape.
    Once back at the jeeps, Troy asks Moffitt for the diamonds, not that he doesn't trust him ya know, and Moffitt decides to hang the bag on the barrel of the 50 cal and tells Troy "not that you don't trust me...or that I don't trust you."