The Rat Patrol

Season 2 Episode 2

The David and Goliath Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 18, 1967 on ABC

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  • One of the Best Tully Episodes

    I'll say this from the start, I'm a big Tully fan. When I was first watching this show at 8 years old, I wasn't interested in boys, but now I can spot a good male specimen, and start sighing, from at least a mile away. So this review will be from a female's perspective only, sorry guys.
    Okay, our boys are hiding in the dunes waiting to ambush a courier riding on a motorcycle. As he goes past, Troy and company head out after the bike blasting away with the 50s. Criticism has been dealt to the Germans in this series for not being able to shoot straight, but Troy doesn't win any marksmanship medals here either. I mean the bike is only about 40 feet in front of him and the best he can do after 3 minutes of shooting is to wing the passenger and cause the bike to go tumbling down a small ravine. While they are looking around the wreck for any important documents, the sound of approaching tanks can be heard. Tully, who always has to stay back and watch for Jerry, hears them too and tries to blast away at the Germans with his machine gun, but it jams and he hops up onto the jeep and grabs the 50 cal. Too late, the tank fires and hits the jeep producing a massive fireball and sends Tully (minus helmet and googles) head over heels onto the ground. Troy runs up to him just in time to feel the concussion of the second jeep getting blasted. This sends both of our heroes tumbling down the hill. Moffitt grabs Tully and the four go find someplace to hide (yeah, out in the desert, plenty of places).
    In the meantime, Hauptmann Dietrich figures out the Rat Patrol has found the set of original old maps containing locations of oases the courier was carrying and decides not to chase them down, fearing they'll destroy the papers. Using a bull horn he tells them he'll wait until they get tired and fried by the sun, at which point they can give themselves up. He then leaves.
    Troy and Moffitt realize the same thing as they lay out on the sand. Hitch tells Troy they've "really bought it this time" and Troy has to agree with him. They get up and see if there's anything to salvage from the jeeps. Hitch tends to Tully's wound which looks like third degree burns to his left upper arm, while Moffitt sifts through the papers finding the location of a possible oasis about 10 miles away. He tells Troy the papers must be important and proposes they take the chance of locating the oasis rather than surrender. Troy looks over at Tully, who looks very good wounded (sigh), and agrees.
    They take off on foot with only a little water in a busted canteen. After walking for about 10 miles, they stop for a rest. Tully must be getting delirious. He's holding a piece of rubber inner tube and tells Troy he could "shoot the eyes of a quail at 50 paces with his slingshot." Okay, I would have thought of something more off the wall (just kidding) for him to say, but it makes sense later on. Moffitt tells Troy it's time for some water, but being the upstanding guy he is, he just pretends to take a drink and Hitch follows suit. When Troy gives Tully the canteen, he of course drinks it all up. Hitch must also be getting tired because he leaves the gang's only machine gun there with the canteen as they leave. Our heroes press on and just as everyone is about to give up, they arrive at the water well. Moffitt starts to take a drink but notices a dead animal laying nearby. Shucks, the well has been poisoned. If that wasn't bad enough, a rifle shot comes out of nowhere and sends our boys scrambling for cover in the nearby ruins. Guess who? Yes, it's their nemesis, Dietrich. Tully doesn't take it all that seriously and starts to go back to the well. Troy grabs him so he doesn't get his head blown off (more cute scenes, sigh). Dietrich wants to talk to Troy, so he leaves and meets with the Captain. Very nice snappy dialogue between the two here, and Troy goes back and tells everyone they're probably at the end of the line. But are they? Troy sees a stick by a fire ring that looks like the letter Y and behold, he puts two and two together. "I'm gonna make you a slingshot!" he tells Tully.
    Once constructed, he and Tully take off and see if they can knock out some Germans. As they find a willing victim sitting by a vehicle, Tully tries to get set up for the shot, but there's one problem. He can't hit the German in the head with his helmet in the way (okay, big sighs here because he is looking really fine). No problem though, because Troy figures out he can use Tully's knife to reflect sunlight at the soldier's head. As soon as he turns around, Tully's shot hits dead on. After killing another Jerry, they get the vehicle going and take off to pick up Moffitt and Hitch. Dietrich and his gang try to stop them, but they make good their escape after launching a few well-thrown grenades.
    Overall, this episode is great even without all the Tully moments, but that's what I call icing on the cake!