The Rat Patrol

Season 1 Episode 11

The Deadly Double Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Nov 21, 1966 on ABC

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  • The Deadly Double Raid

    Our 11th episode begins in a familiar way--yes, the Rats are attacking a German armored column with grenades and jeep machineguns. And yes, a few trucks get wasted, but the overall result is not good in regard to the Rats.

    Moffitt and Tully's jeep stalls out as they make their getaway, and German armor descends upon the two as they are reduced to running across the sand. Moffitt gets hit by a bullet; the arm wound is not too serious, but they surrender right away to the oncoming Germans. Our out-of-luck troopers are taken off, then Troy and Hitch pull up to the abandoned jeep of their captured comrades; Troy starts the jeep, no problem, and off they go!

    Well, we quickly figure out this is all a plan to get Moffitt into the German POW camp. Must be Troy's plan, for sure: "Ok, men, we'll attack the armor column. Moffitt, stall your jeep and take off on foot--if you get shot doing this, hopefully it won't be a serious wound. Just get into the POW camp, that's all that matters!" No problem, Sarge! (This opening sequence just isn't filmed/edited very well--there is a lot about it that doesn't make sense. It's totally without dialogue and narration, somewhat

    Anyway, the whole point of this madness is for Moffitt to find another prisoner, a fellow Brit by the name of Craig. Craig was working behind enemy lines, and was trying to get back with the details of another one of Rommel's offensives before he was captured and taken to the POW camp. Friendly POW Sgt. Marston knows of Craig, but insists that Moffitt get attention for his bullet wound from the POW doctor, Phillips.

    Moffitt quickly finds out that Craig is dead, as the American doctor dresses his wound. Still, Moffitt has hope that Craig shared the vital info with someone before he died. So, during an impromptu round of calisthenics, Moffitt asks that anyone who knows the codeword of the German attack to meet privately with him later. There's nothing like a vigorous workout in the sunbaked sands of the desert to fool the watchful guards into thinking that there is no suspicious activity going on!

    This next morning, no other prisoner steps up with any info, and the disappointed Moffitt laments while removing the bandages that Dr. Phillips redressed after the workout. And Lo! the codeword is written on one of the bandages on Moffitt's arm! Dr. Phillips is the man to talk to, after all. And just in time, because Troy and Moffitt will be attacking in 4 minutes to bust the three of them out, what timing!

    But with 2 minutes to go, Marston informs Moffitt that Phillips isn't the man he wants, it's Marston himself, and he gives the codeword to prove it. Marston claims that Phillips is a German mole, just as Troy and Hitch come barrelling into the POW camp with the jeep's machinegun ablazing. They have no choice but to take both POWs along with Moffitt and Tully until they can figure out which one is lying. The other 18 POWs are left to face the wrath of the surviving camp guards, but that's just how it goes sometimes.

    They get away, with German units in pursuit, but Hitch soon gets the jeep stuck while climbing a sand dune. There's a bit of tension as they try to push the jeep out, accusations are flying back and forth between Marston and Phillips. Also, one of them has apparently sabotaged the jeep while they were driving along. No one is sure who the German spy is, including the viewer. Is it the happy-go-lucky Sgt. Marston or the serious Dr. Phillips? Hey, let's pause the DVD and think about it; modern technology was made for such things!

    There's a bit more fighting between the two POWs, until Troy has pull the "stop that or I'll shoot you" act. They can't get the jeep unstuck (because they're trying to push it uphill--dude, push it downhill!) But Moffitt has a plan: he insists they all should surrender, so Marston takes off running and Phillips jumps onto the machinegun. Moffitt has exposed the spy: obviously the real info carrier would fear falling back into the enemy's hands and take off running instead of surrendering. So Troy plugs Dr. Phillips with his .45 and that's that. A brilliant plan by Moffitt, and Troy acts like he knew it was a bluff all along. Hitch asks about the dying man left on the sand. "His friends'll find him," is Troy's answer. Troy has little compassion for the enemy on this day, even if this one is a doctor, and off they go. Marston is handed off to HQ, and another one of Rommel's offensives is blunted by the actions of our 4 heroes.

    "The Deadly Double" is a mixed blessing. At times, the drama of wondering which one might be the spy is handled well; at other times, the convoluted storyline and sloppy screenplay gets into the way of enjoying the episode. John Doucette is very good as Sgt. Marston. Still, while not a bad episode, it certainly isn't a great one either.