The Rat Patrol

Season 2 Episode 7

The Death Do Us Part Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 30, 1967 on ABC

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  • Interesting storyline involving the luck of the Irish and the Star of David!

    Another one of my very likeable episodes of this season, namely due to some great guest stars including Pippa Scott and Barry Robins.
    Our boys are looking for a contact in a teeny weeny desert village. They go driving in, but guess who is watching them and planning an ambush? Well, if I have to tell you, you haven't watched this show at all, have you? Sure enough, as soon as they pass the first tent, Jerry pops up from everywhere which makes me wonder where all the villagers are supposed to be? Well, digression rears its ugly head again. Now, I've mentioned before how the Germans have improved their shooting in this season and they prove it again by nailing Troy in the gut. He falls off the jeep and stumbles away. Tully, who must have skipped eatting his Wheaties for breakfast, drives straight into a tent resulting in him, Moffitt and Hitch being captured. (On a side note, when they pull the tent off of Tully's jeep, Moffitt is sitting in the front passenger son, how do you fire the 50 cal from there? No wonder you got your butts captured!)
    Well Dietrich drives up, all full of himself, and quickly notices there is one Mouskateer missing...hey, he's no fool! Sends his men out looking for Troy who has stumbled into the only one room house in the village. While he stares at the sole other occupant, an Irish teacher named Drucilla Blackner (played by Scott), he locks both the front and back doors (yeah, that'll keep the bad guys away!). Dietrich comes up and knocks on the door...he's such a gentleman, won't dream about kicking it in, and waits very patiently while Drucilla hides Troy away. She finally lets him in and invites him to look under the bed, which he does and finding no one, graciously leaves.
    As the Germans leave with the rest of the Rat Patrol, Drucilla tends to Troy's wound. He thinks she might be their contact and cites off a phrase about the Byzantine citadel. Her response isn't the one he expects, but he wants to thank her anyway. She suggests he leaves as soon as he can. Troy tells her about their contact and how they're supposed to lead the patrol to the German's new supply routes. She obviously wants nothing to do with him or the war and promptly informs Troy he is mistaken about his contact.
    Dietrich arrives at his camp and proudly informs the commanding colonel that he has captured the Rat Patrol. "Aptly named, gentlemen" he responds and adds they have contaminated the desert long enough and will be "exterminated at the earliest opportunity." (Like when, after lunch?) He, like Dietrich, can also count and asks the captain about the fourth man. Dietrich has to admit one got away. The colonel then steps up to Moffitt and asks where his missing comrade is. Moffitt plays dumb and the colonel advises him about how hard things will get if he continues to be evasive. Moffitt, being Moffitt, replies "What's harder than extermination?" Jolly good point, lad!
    At this point, an Arab informer walks in and hands a note to the colonel. He gives it to Dietrich, who after reading it, tells the commander the Germans have been able to abstain from "this sort of thing" in Africa. Big shot wants to know what Dietrich is getting at. He tells him he wants to register his objection. Colonel is getting upset and asks Dietrich if he can afford to? "I can't afford not to!" he shouts. Ewwww, what could the note have said? Well, being a good soldier, Dietrich follows the colonel's orders and returns back to the village.
    Meanwhile, Troy is trying to convince Drucilla to help him find the supply depot. Nothin' doin'. "I'm a neutral. It's your war, not mine!" she says. There's a knock at the door, but it's only Ben Nafi (played by Robins), star pupil of Drucilla's. He gets her to leave and then informs Troy he is their contact by giving him the secret phrase. Before him and Troy can discuss battle plans, Dietrich shows up in camp and walks over to Ben who has left the house. He pulls out a yellow Star of David and places it on Ben Nafi's chest. Now we know what the note contained! (Makes you wonder if there aren't some Jewish relatives in Dietrich's extended family?) Dietrich then takes Ben away.
    Drucilla thinks he is only an Arab boy, but Troy tells her he's also their contact. Now she is really worried.
    She packs up some water and is intent on going back to the German camp to rescue Ben. Troy can't change her mind and starts walking towards the camp by himself. Drucilla runs after him, but he's just as stubborn as she is. She thens gets in the truck and chases after him. "That wound in your side will open up again and you'll start bleeding" she cries. "Well, it's my wound. Not yours!" Troy's always been such a tough cookie. Drucilla finally gets him in the truck and away they go.
    Once at the camp, she and Troy have a good debate over what Ben Nafi is destined to do or not and like always, Troy wins the argument. Troy goes off to plant some explosives in the supply tent and Drucilla is off to the colonel's tent. Troy gets his job done and rejoins with Drucilla in the tent. He has to knock out the colonel, but before leaving, Ben Nafi asks if Troy wants to leave with his men. Seems like they are being held in the back of the supply tent Troy just armed to blow up in a few minutes. Needless to say, Troy has this "oh s--t" look on his face and races back to the tent where he unties his buddies. (Nice chest shots of Tully!) After handing out some grenades, they start blasting their way out of the camp. Not surprisingly, Drucilla gets hit by German fire.
    The ending is pretty predictable, supply tent spectacularly explodes and Troy and Ben Nafi are able to say their last goodbyes to poor Drucilla.
    Other than the sappy ending, good story line with great characters!