The Rat Patrol

Season 1 Episode 6

The Do or Die Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 17, 1966 on ABC

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  • The Do or Die Raid

    The 6th episode begins with an unexpected view of the Rats paddling rafts onto an enemy-fortified beach. The Rats crawl up from the beach but Troy sets off an explosive trap and machineguns open fire. The Rats are caught!

    Relax, it's just a training mission. The Rats are tasked with sneaking safe-cracking expert Sgt. Griffen into a German Panzer Group HQ, in order to replace a map that shows The US 1st Armored located at Minfa Oasis with a duplicate map that shows the oasis undefended--all for the benefit of General Seifert, a new German general who is set to take over. The whole idea is to lure the general's Panzer Group into attempting to occupy the valuable oasis, unwary that heavy US antitank units are waiting to ambush them. After studying a scale model of the village, the Rats are ready for the real mission, which must be accomplished before the new German general arrives.

    The Rats paddle onto the real German-held beach (which looks remarkably similar to the practice beach, even down to the mini dragon's Black outfits, blackened faces, they really look like commandos in the night. Troy is very careful this time, poking his knife ahead of him to locate traps. The others follow his trail, though too close for their own health. Troy finds a boobytrap, but instead of marking and going around it, he digs it up (and tosses it to the side!) Somehow, they actually make it off of the beach and into the coastal village.

    In true commando-spirit, Troy and Moffitt kill the German sentries with longbows (a silent weapon, but I'm doubtful that it would cause an instant, silent death--I would yell like all-get-out if I got shot with one!) Soon enough, the Rats have Sgt. Griffen in the building and he gets to work opening the locked cabinet. Unfortunately, Griffen has a heart condition that suddenly flares up, and despite Troy spouting harsh words, he can't remain conscious long enough to open the safe. Just then, German Seifert arrives, hours earlier than expected.

    The Rats hide in a store room while the General Seifert settles in. Griffen has come to, and is in a great amount of pain. Troy has no concern for the man's cardiac arrest and wants to drag him back into the operations room so he can open the locks. The man can't even breath, but Troy motivates by calling him gutless and hauls the almost paralyzed fellow back to the locked cabinet. He manages to pick the lock open (with a bit of prodding from Troy), and the maps are switched.

    The Rats and their ailing partner make it away from the building (but not before Troy drowns a German guard in a barrel of water); as they near the beach, the dying Sgt. Griffen emplores Troy to leave him behind. Troy is happy to do so, but when he sees Griffen fall onto the ground in another unconscious state, he goes back and carries him away. Finally, they make it back to the rafts, and Griffen comes to long enough to ask Troy if his intention was to save him or just carry his body back.

    "What do you think?" Troy says, then adds "shake it!" and the Rats paddle off into the sunrise.

    A good change-of-pace episode, different than the usual driving-around-blowing-things-up type of story. The Rats must use stealth instead, and most of the drama comes from the conflict between Troy and the ailing Griffen. Troy's harshness insured the mission was a success--but surely the Germans are going to wonder about the two guards with arrows in their backs and the one in the water barrel (or at least why the water tastes funny!)

    And no Hauptmann Dietrich in this episode.