The Rat Patrol

Season 1 Episode 8

The Fatal Chase Raid

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 31, 1966 on ABC

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  • The Fatal Chase Raid

    Episode 8 is not epecially notable on any level. The Rat Patrol sets up an ambush for a German column that is carrying loads of POWs. Set charges and the jeeps' machineguns make quick work of the German guards, and the freed POWs are sent off to safety in the remaining German trucks.

    Except three of the POWs are left behind, two of them fighting the other one, a despicable Sgt. Gribs. We can't really be sure why those two hate Gribs (and vice versa); is it because he buddied up with German guards (and gained valuable info by doing so) or is it because Gribs got some of his men killed in an earlier battle? We never find out for sure, and their constant quarreling is tedious.

    Gribs knows some valuable info regarding German deployments, but refuses to share the specifics until he gets back to HQ. Unfortunately, the jeeps can't take the load of three extra men (Gribs is played by a rather hefty Gavin MacLeod) and they start breaking down. Ultimately, after a lot of bickering and name-calling, they wind up jeepless and waterless near a German-held oasis.

    After much procrastination and hiding under the sand, the Rats and company decide to attack the Germans, their vehicles and the water. Using the dismounted jeep machine guns and molotov cocktails, they kill the handful of unlucky Jerries at the oasis (I'm not sure what the purpose of the molotovs were, they just burn up some of the However, Gribs is somehow mortally wounded in the attack. Troy shames Gribs into telling what he knows about the German forces with his last breath, and the info is relayed by radio to HQ, Troy making sure the dead man gets credit for the intelligence.

    It's hard to have sympathy for Gribs; we learned to hate him through the whole episode. We're not even sure how he got shot, as he was with Troy and Troy was the only one in the vicinity shooting. But then again, Troy had threatened to shoot Gribs several times earlier!

    Just a very tedious episode that has an irrelevant outcome. Gribs died, and no one cares--not even most viewers.
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